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Resume of John Foster Jr.
20+ years of strong administration experience with 16 y...
Encode/IBM premier Business partner- Atlanta, GA Nov1, 2013- Jun.31, 2014
• Hired full time as Principle Architect, assign...
• Monitoring tools I used were Keynote, Wily, Introscope, Splunk, Centivia, Java 6
based monitoring agents, BSM and IBM mo...
• Responsibilities were to perform installation deployments of WebSphere at client
locations around the country, and confi...
• Responsible for providing WebSphere administration and support to business units.
• Provided high level of systems suppo...
• Involved in Lotus Project Manager development, including: creating forms, views,
and agents, and responsible for...
• Worked directly with IBM deployment managers in handling custom programming
needs for installation and sales
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social - Psychology, Business Management
Park University, Las Vegas, NV cum Laude
Associate Art...
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  1. 1. Resume of John Foster Jr. 678.906.5760 Jfoster44@yahoo.com Summary 20+ years of strong administration experience with 16 years in WebSphere administration. Over 17 years of expertise in Systems administration and project management with 15+ years in Solaris, Oracle, Linux administration, Db2. Admin experience in WebSphere Portal, MQ, Express, ESB and ,Network Deployment Manager, IHS servers, WCM and Community Edition in multiple large environments. Cloud Architect for PaaS, IaaS and SaaS; Knowledge of cloud security. Infosys Corp- Jacksonville, FL. 21 Aug. 2014 – present • Hired as Principle Consultant/Manager to CSX for major projects involving migrating applications off jboss to new WebSphere, Watson based technologies. I lead a team of 6– 15 engineers in the development and implementation of new processes and control involving dev/ops systems. • First project involved installation and deployment of IBM Data Power appliance, I was involved in configuration and creation of data sources and promotion of new regions for service. Also involved in Splunk implementation, for monitoring BI. • My second project involved leading our WebSphere migration efforts in migrating WebSphere 7 applications into WebSphere MQ server applications; my specific roll involved monitoring, troubleshooting and correcting issues that affect project outcomes. I used IBM support assistant, Wily and other tools. I met with developers on issues involving using Java, XML, SOAP and HTTP protocols in applications delivery of data. My roll involved supporting and performing production deployments as scheduled in 24x7 dev/op environment. • Third project involved Installation and deployment of IIDR (IBM image data capture and replication technology) • Fourth project involved moving Jboss applications into mainframe SOA for applications upgrades and mobile use. • Fifth Project was IBM Mobile technology, I was involved in applications moving from WebSphere into mobile using Work light technology. I did deployments and met with teams to accomplish smooth SOA process. Collaborated with upper management and project managers to insure timelines were met. My team was nominated for CSX top technology award for excellence in infrastructure. • SunTrust Bank project- I was brought in as part of Infosys SWAT response team to P1 production issue incident involving SunTrust mobility layer (“Kony” application) a WebSphere and Oracle based platform had went into 404. This affected approximately 1million users. My role was to identify issues; and take steps necessary to fix environment based on best practices. I took charge and began back ward engineering to fix issues with expediency. It took approximately 73 days to complete and stabilize the environment; the bank is now considering rolling out application to additional 6 million users. 1
  2. 2. Encode/IBM premier Business partner- Atlanta, GA Nov1, 2013- Jun.31, 2014 • Hired full time as Principle Architect, assigned to ISSW (IBM), to work with a major IBM clients. First deployment-Task with stabilizing infrastructure of large complex mixed Web Sphere cell servers 6.1 thru 8.5. I was also responsible for leading a 5 person Web Sphere admins; with varying degrees of was skill level and knowledge. • I organized admins to environments and begin training on deployment and documentations. Created schedules and assignments. Fixed major issues affecting deployments. • Kept environment from failures that were impending do to “http server and cluster issues” and deployment schedules. • I trained new Sr. management on ODR and Intelligent management concepts. • Created backup plans for WebSphere 8.5 servers and trained admins on support tools ISA and BSM. Made suggestions to change current SDLC practices. Kept company web site from 404 because of actions I took to organize environments. My actions saved IBM 26 million dollars in customer ownership. • Received IBM Eagle award for excellence in technical Infrastructure planning 2014. • Environments consisted of .Net, Windows servers 2008sp2, Web logic, 10.1, SQL db, Linux /AIX and Solaris, Pure Systems, WebSphere versions MQ v7 and 8, HTTP,IIS, Portal v6 and 7, WAS 5.6 through 8.5., WebSphere Commerce v7 and 8.5. Agile dev./Ops, Eclipse, python and struts. IBM Migration factory- Atlanta, GA Feb 5th – Sept 13th , 2013 • Hired as Technical Solutions, SOA Architect. I was responsible for presenting detailed technical delivery solutions of IBM products including POWER, PureSystems, WebSphere and other infrastructure next generation tools. I architected cloud solutions for fortune 500 and 1000 client companies. I designed migrations from windows to Linux and AIX to Linux and Windows to UNIX solutions as well. • I also designed migrations involving Oracle software Web logic; these migrations involved moving Oracle into WebSphere 8.5 platform. I created detailed infrastructure designs and project plans for client teams to implement migration of software and databases. T- Mobile USA- Dec 19, 2011 – Jan. 2013 • Systems Engineer/Architect, Responsible for the following activities: WebSphere Commerce 6.1 and WebSphere 7.0 App Servers, Oracle Web logic 11g servers. • Successfully designed end - to - end Disaster Recovery plan between two data centers. • Directly supported 5, tier 1, T-Mobile business applications. I collaborated with multiple teams, on successful application changes. Experience with TIBCO and RSP. • Made changes on “eBill:” application involving LDAP configurations for new call access to RSP. • Also start and stop servers, trouble shoot complex systems, decipher logs, use monitoring tools to capture incidents and correct. • Also did trouble shooting for mobile android devices and RCL security devices I worked with deployment teams on updates. 2
  3. 3. • Monitoring tools I used were Keynote, Wily, Introscope, Splunk, Centivia, Java 6 based monitoring agents, BSM and IBM monitoring tools ITCAM and ISA. Performed several productions and staging deployments in multiple environments. I performed installs as needed on Web logic and WebSphere servers. 4 applications were Web logic 11g. Familiar with Oracle 11g Database, SQL, WebSphere ecommerce, Citrix, Big IP Java 6 Web logic 11g . Macy’s Systems and Technology- July 08 – Oct.2011 Sr. Systems Analyst WebSphere/ESB/MCOM/BCOM project delivery-Infrastructure • In supporting WebSphere 7.0 0.11 Ecommerce projects I did installations, migration, trouble shooting, tuning and analyses. Worked with app teams on deployment. For MCOM/BCOM. • Lead administrator /tech lead on MST HADR project. Helped design, map and configure project for implementation. This led to successful tests in fail –over to new databases in a different states.DB2 version 9.7, AIX 6.1, WebSphere ND, I worked with a group of 17 people plus. Performed in both non prod and production environments. • These environments consisted of both Linux and AIX servers in multi cell configuration • Also did architectural design and built Macys middleware environments which consist of over 16 environments. Used jython scripts to create automation. • Hired as Sr Systems Analyst Infrastructure responsible for major project implementations. Design and create installations, implementation of WebSphere 6.1 and 7.0 for all projects. • Winner of 2009 Chairman’s Award and Innovation Award for infrastructure technology changes. Since my arrival at Macys. Macy’s .com sales are up 43% and the site stability is currently 98.16 % up from 81.89 % when I arrived. • Created scripts to automate reading of data source settings on WAS MQ during HADR • Trained by IBM in WebSphere MQ/ ESB, WPC, performed installs and upgrades to multiple environments. Completed tuning analysis, troubleshooting and correct as required. Created scripts custom operation and automation. • Made configuration changes. Install IHS servers. Integrate changes with other teams and provide leadership and direction on technical portions of the projects. Experience in ITCAM, Sitecope, SPLUNK and ISA monitoring systems. • WebSphere 7.0 training from IBM, Winner of 2009 Chairman’s Award and Innovation award for Infrastructure improvements. Sales have increased 68% over last years. Organized 17 different environments and was lead engineer on upgrade from 5.1 to 6.1 brought projects from 2 year delay to on time delivery. • Directed development teams on deployments. Worked in jboss 4.2 server environments did Linux installations for WebSphere MQ/ ESB and WASCE, portal 6.0 , Jboss bus connections involving both Macys and Bloomingdales.com, 3nd level direct support for MCOM and BCOM • (Subject Matter Expert) SME for Macys to third party vendors using J2EE application for implementation of solutions and all new technology for infrastructure. The Trizetto Group,Inc. July 2007 – March 2008 Sr. Consultant II/Architect 3
  4. 4. • Responsibilities were to perform installation deployments of WebSphere at client locations around the country, and configure middleware installations. • Created graphs and flowcharts, designed WebSphere infrastructure and installed current technology to enhance customers’ billing operations using Networxs and Facets applications. • As a WAS SME, responsible for troubleshooting environments as required, deploying applications and supporting customers over the phone. • Tasked to create the first WebSphere training and certification program for in-house and customer certifications. The training program was successful as the first class resulted in 9 students being certified in WAS and Networxs applications. • Designed clusters based on environment and fixed problems related to customer issues working directly with project managers giving them technical expertise in front of the client. • Performed WebSphere installs and upgrades and managed migrations. • Advised clients regarding WebSphere environments for future projects etc. and built Clusters for production systems. (HAC) • Platforms: UNIX, Linux, AIX, Solaris, Windows 2003 and 2005 servers, WebSphere ND/XD, Clusters, 5.1.11,,,, , WINSCP, Sharepoint, SOA, Oracle, MSSQL, JDBC, XML, Wiley, ITCAM monitoring ,WPS ADMIN and Sybase 12.0, JAVA 1.5.0, VPN, Modeler, Pricer apps and EAR file installation. WebMD,Inc., September 2006 –July 2007 A SAGE Healthcare Company WebSphere Portal Administrator • Responsible for all WebSphere/Portal administration to production, QA , staging and development environments. • Troubleshooting and repairing problems. • Worked directly with business units to discuss use of portal technology and guide them in new technology. • Installed applications and deployed EAR, WAR and JAR files. • Worked with developers on staging and new development technologies. My team won 2nd Place in the industry Prestigious "Best In industry Software". I helped design application and created infrastructure to support the portal web site housing the application. • Installed WCM on portal for development and production servers. • Performed migration from 5.1 to WAS 6.0.1 • Monitoring of all systems. Designed backup and recovery plan using NetVault plug- in for WebSphere . • Platforms: Linux Red Hat ES 4.0/3.0, AIX 5.3, Windows 2003 server, XP, Domino 8.0, WebSphere 5.1/6.0, Portal and 6.0, Domino 7, Sometime server, WCM, SAMBA, Tivoli, VMware, db2 8.2, JAVA 1.4.2, 1.5.0, Putty, SOA, WINSCP3, Hummingbird, NetVault, CISCO VPN, HACMP. Regions Bank, June 2006 – September 2006 Programmer Analyst III/ Sr. WebSphere Administrator 4
  5. 5. • Responsible for providing WebSphere administration and support to business units. • Provided high level of systems support. Performed complex analyses on WAS MQ layers to help insure viability and system readiness. • Installed applications and deployed JAR/WAR/EAR files as required. Performed tuning and upgrades of WebSphere services • Provided team leadership to other administrators. • WebSphere MQ was used to access mainframe applications, troubleshooting of files and corrected directory access levels, made changes to infrastructure. • Provided status reports to management as required. Perform on-call duties in 24x7 support environment. Helped set security WAS standards. Created schedules. Helped design infrastructure. • Platforms: AIX 5.2/5.3, Windows 2003 servers, IBMHTTP ,DB2 8i, Windows XP, MicroSoft suites, Lotus Notes 6.5, Gomez, VPN, WINSCP3, SOA, Internet Explorer, VMware, WebSphere, WebSphere Portal, MQ, CBR , JDK 1.4.1, JRE 1.3.1, HACMP, Big Brother monitoring, Tivoli and ebmons X desktop. SunGard EXP November 2005 – May 2006 WebSphere/Weblogic Administrator/Architect • Provided administration and systems implementation support; did daily monitoring for all production servers. Design infrastructure for workflow applications. • Installed JAR/WAR/EAR files for upgrade applications in PowerImage, trouble shoot systems and provide analysis to developers • Provided leadership in development and systems production teams. Communicated with management daily on production needs etc. • Researched new technology for J2EE application tools and create implementation schedules. • Created spreadsheet to track performance of production servers used by management to make infrastructure changes and corrections • Platforms: Oracle 9i,10G,WebSphere 5.0/5.1, Weblogic 9.0, UNIX, AIX, LINUX, IIS, PowerImage AG, Wiley ,Sitecope, Solaris, Internet, Intranet, CMS, Visio and Microsoft suites IBM Learning Services January 2005 – April 2005 WebSphere Administrator • Installed and configured: Linux 3.0, Redhat Linux 7.0, SUSE 9.0, Domino administration and security, WebSphere and portals creation versions 5.0-5.1, Db2, and Domino • Provided expertise in project management to programming teams, • Installed EAR and WAR files thru AAT and supported developers • Scheduled same-time collaboration and VNC remote control • Development skills and applications,DB2 installation • Tuned servers as required thru Admin console • Developed database applications in Domino and Oracle 8.0 • Involved in HR workflow tracking 4.5 applications • WebSphere portal installation, content management and ecommerce store setup • Installed WebSphere 5.0 and 5.1 under AIX and WIN 2000 servers, IIS, IBM http 5
  6. 6. servers • Involved in Lotus Project Manager development, including: creating forms, views, and agents, and responsible for scripting and formatting • Created scripts to store data in backend databases for 6.0.1 applications to track customer feedback thru web browsers and migrations from 6.0.1 to 6.5.2 to over 800 users. Installed 6.5.2 servers on Linux and AIX Lotus Domino Consultant April 2001 – October 2004 Nova Information Systems • Performed on Notes Programming and systems administration for network • Made changes to in-house databases • Created new applications as required • Tuned servers and installed patches for WebSphere server 4.0 • Performed upgrades from R4.5 to R5.5 IBM Global Operations October 2000 – March 2001 E-Business Center Administrator/Developer • Responsible as administrator to setup servers for specific projects • Supported project teams and provided Lotus Notes programming and systems administration • Installed and setup UNIX/AIX, Solaris, Linux, and WebSphere MQ servers using web technology • Installed Domino and Oracle 8.0, used Team Studio Delta for programming collaboration • Created custom web views and forms for intranet IBM/3 • Provided lead project management and internal support of team rooms through all IBM development projects • Used standard CDP and SDLC practices and managed assigned projects to completion • Utilized C++ coding to create file flatteners for server; • Used Java for Apache servers and notes, including .nsf handling, lookup, and display ability IBM/Lotus Corp, August 2000 – October 2000 Global Operations Applications Center Software Engineer • Member of the Project Office team responsible for redesigning all views, forms, fields, fonts and agents • Responsible for all coding; which included, Lotus Script, Java editing, agents, http, and Dblookups. • Designed workflow forms, navigators and calendars. • Provided DB2 Integration programming support on NYSE and NYDOL websites • Created SQL statements and DbLookups • Designed web views using Java and Lotus Script to retrieve data from main 6
  7. 7. databases • Worked directly with IBM deployment managers in handling custom programming needs for installation and sales • Played an integral role in bringing delayed project up to date, also installed Solaris server, setup initial databases for users. Created scripts and installed patches. • Platforms: Domino R5.0.6,R4.67, Oracle 8i, HTTP, XML, JAVA 2.01, ODBC, SQL, JDBC, CGI, API, Netscape5.0, Windows 2000, LSX, TCP/IP, Visio 4.2, Internet Explorer 4.0, w3.ibm.com, and NT 4.04, SOCKS, and Dreamweaver, Cold fusion, Team Studio, C++, COM/DCOM environment technologies. • Equipment: RS 6000sp, WebSphere server, Z90, and IBM laptop 600e, IntelliStations M Pro PSInet Consulting Solutions November 1999 – August 2000 Sr. Consultant • Saved company $250,000 within the first 60 days of employment • Responsible for Project Management, systems design and development, supervision of four junior programmers, and provided senior level programming when needed • Communicated and met with customers on current project standings, changes and deliverables • Developed infrastructure design based on clients specific needs using SDLC on projects • Used C++ to build R&D modules on data movement with internet browsers for backend tests • Supported major projects that serviced the following clients: Synthetics International, State of Alabama, Nova Information Systems and State of Georgia Dept. Of Education, Governors Black/box, Genesis project. All Projects involved Lotus Notes/Domino scripting, programming and Internet, extranet technologies • Created lesson Plans and conducted specific training as required by client • Supported help desk functions as required • Platforms: Lotus Domino, WebSphere,DECS.LEI,ODBC,API,CGI,vR4.6.3, vR5.0.2/4,NT.4.0, SQL, Oracle 8.8i,Microsoft Suites, Microsoft Outlook, Netscape 4.0, Internet Explorer, C++,COM/DCOM, Net Fusion, LSX,ASP, JAVA, HTTP, SMTP, TCP/IP, Windows 98,Windows 2000,OverQuota 4.6.1 & 5.0 and Access MDE. • Equipment: Dell 3300 series servers, IBM Netfinity, AS 400, IBM laptop 770 models. Lotus Notes Consultant and Project Manager Prior to Jan. 1997 Provided Lotus Notes Administration and Development support for the following clients: BellSouth IT, AT&T (IT Div.), South Trust Bank DP Div., Bank Of America, Dean Witter, DISC, City of Sacramento Division of Technology, State of California Department of Corrections and Paroles, US Department of Justice and the United States Air Force. Project manager for large scale projects involving systems design and installation, SDLC, RUP. Microsoft projects expert. Education: Masters Degree in Public Administration, emphasis in Information Management Systems and Administrative organizational management Golden Gate University, San Francisco, CA - cum Laude 7
  8. 8. Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social - Psychology, Business Management Park University, Las Vegas, NV cum Laude Associate Arts Degree, Organizational Management and Behavior Park University, Las Vegas, NV cum Laude Industry related training: Lotus Instructor 1995, New Horizons Learning Centers, Birmingham, AL Microsoft Certified Instructor 1995, New Horizons Learning Centers, Birmingham, AL. Completed Lotus Notes certification - March 1996, Atlanta, GA - New Horizons and sylvan testing. Facets, WebSphere 6.1 training. TriZetto, Denver, Co.2008 Completed Over Quota Internals and Administration Training, Relavis Corp. March 2000 Certified WebSphere 6.1, IBM, Networks Instructor Jan 2008 Trizetto, Greenwich Village, Denver, CO. successfully completed WebSphere 7.0, System Admin Training from IBM, Macys Systems and Technology. Atlanta, GA. May 2012. SCE4+ IBM Cloud, Soft Layer Architect Infrastructure cloud training, Sept.2013. System Z training basic Linux capabilities, April 2013. Mobile Cloud training, Mobile first July 2013, WebSphere 8.5 Basic introduction and Installation Sept 2013, Social Media and Big Data Applications June 2013; Social media and big data analytics training. June 2013. Image and video analytics for big data 2013 Data Mining Basics (IBM) Analytics Education Series 40 hrs July 2013 Data Visualization 2: Strategies 1 hour June 2013 8