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John de titta independent filmmaker

  1. John De Titta Independent Filmmaker, Director, Producer, and Writer
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  3. John DeTitta has great knowledge and understanding of film and music industry. He is a great entrepreneur.
  4. John Eric DeTitta is truly a technology innovator who has formed patented charitable giving apps that allowed organizations to gather funds in the best possible way so as to fulfill their funding objectives.
  5. John DeTitta is a wonderful innovator who has put forward award-winning work and his partnership was with Ms. Monet on EP was a big hit. He wrote lyrics and composed music too.
  6. John Eric DeTitta is familiar with the process of production and he managed various steps while looking for a suitable production house for his screenplay. His learning capacity has helped him learn a number of things regarding the film industry.
  7. The screenplay that he wrote intrigued some of the most recognized producers. After it, he stepped away from the screenplay and left what would soon become a $200,000,000 movie project and winner of several academy awards.
  8. John Eric DeTitta is also involved in the formation of web series and films. He is a multitalented and versatile professional having wide-ranging experience of various fields.
  9. T H A N K F O R C O M I N G To know more about him visit his official site