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Bio Ch1 Sec1 and 2

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Chapter 1 Lecture slides for Mr. Masons Biology I,Hon. class.

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Bio Ch1 Sec1 and 2

  1. 1. Biology : The Science of Life section 1 The World of Biology section 2 Themes in Biology
  2. 2. Biology and You Biology - “the study of life” the natural world bacteria to elephants food to exercise environment bioethics - biology in context of society
  3. 3. Characteristics of Life Life has changed since it first appeared on the planet, Today, biologist identify a living thing through observation of shared characteristics.
  4. 4. Organization Self-directed Organization cell - basic unit of structure and function (organelles and biomolecules) unicellular or multicellular
  5. 5. levels of organization cells tissues organs organ system organism population --> community --> ecosystem --> biome -->biosphere
  6. 6. Response to Stimuli stimulus-response stimulus - causal event in environment response - reaction to causal event
  7. 7. Homeostasis responses in an organism which maintain stable internal conditions in a changing environment light, temperature, water
  8. 8. Growth and Development growth - increase in size growth - increase in the number of cells through cell division development - series of changes during growth due to cell specialization
  9. 9. Reproduction making more of ones own kind - species asexual sexual Inherited set of instructions in the nucleic acids DNA or RNA
  10. 10. Evolution species change over time mutation variations in a population differential survival due to “fitness”
  11. 11. Metabolism Energy required for each characteristic metabolism - sum of chemical reactions to transform energy to a usable form photosynthesis - respiration provide material for growth and repair