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Maxillary permenent lateral incisor

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Maxillary permenent lateral incisor

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION  There are four lateral incisors in both arches  The Maxillary lateral incisor is a tooth that is located mesially from both side of maxillary central incisors .  Distally from both side of maxillary canines.  It supplements central incisors in function they are similar anatomically .  Functions are shearing or cutting food ,helps in speech and support for lips.
  4. 4. CHRONOLOGY •First evidence of calcification •Enamel completed •Eruption •Root completed : 10-12 months : 4-5 years : 8-9 years : 11 years
  5. 5. DIMENSIONS Cervico incisal Length of crown Length of the root Mesiodistal diameter of crown Mesiodistal diameter of crown at cervix Labio or Buccolingual diameter of crown Labio or Buccolingual diameter of crown at cervix Curvature of cervical line -Mesial Curvature of cervical line –Distal : 9.0 mm : 13.0 mm : 6.5 mm : 5.0mm : 6.0 mm : 5.0 mm : 3.0 mm : 2.0 mm
  6. 6. ASPECTS
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  8. 8. LINGUAL ASPECT (PALATAL) Marginal ridges and Cingulum are more prominent Fossa will be rounded at the mesiomarginal ridge which is straight and longer whereas distal marginal ridge will be slightly curved and small. Root is narrower
  9. 9. MESIAL ASPECT The crown is shorter and root is relatively long. The curvature of the cervical line is marked in the direction of the incisal ridge Labial outline of the root from this aspect is straight Cingulum often appears more convex in outline Root appears as a tapered cone with bluntly rounded apical end Line drawn through centre of the root tends to bisect the incisal ridge of the crown
  10. 10. DISTAL ASPECT Width of the crown distally appears thicker than it does on the mesial aspect from marginal ridge to labial face Curvature of the cervical line is usually a millimeter or so less in depth than on the mesial side A developmental groove present distally on this crown extending on the root The distal contact area is located farther from the incisal margin as compared to the mesial contact area
  11. 11. INCISAL ASPECT oIt sometimes resembles central incisor or canine oIt is more or less ovoid in form oCingulum may be large ,as is the incisal ridge oLabiolingual dimensioon may be greater than usual in comparison with mesiodistal dimension oExhibit more convexity labially and lingually from incisal aspect than maxillary central incisor oThe mesiolabial and distolabial line angles are much more rounded and the lobes of labial surface are less clearly demarcated in the lateral incisors is,because of the high degree of convexity of the labial surface
  12. 12. TRAITS ARCH TRAITS MAXILLARY LATERAL INCISOR MANDIBULAR LATERAL INCISOR 1. Rectangular , broader crown 2. Mesial and distal out line is convex 3. Mesioincisal and distoincisal angle is rounded 4. Prominent marginal ridge 5. Fossa will be deep and ‘V’ shaped 1. Long and narrower mesiodistally 2. Long Mesial and distal out line is straight 3. Mesioincisal and distoincisal angle is straight and sharp 4. Less prominent marginal ridge 5. No fossa 6. Less prominent cingulum 6. More prominent cingulum
  13. 13. TYPE TRAITS CENTRAL INCISOR LATERAL INCISOR Mesiodistally Mesioincisal angle Distoincisal angle Mesial profile Distal profile Mesial contact Wide Sharp (90 degrees) Slightly rounded Straight Round Incisal third Distal contact Junction of incisal and middle thirds Relatively flat Narrow Slightly rounded Distinctly rounded Slightly rounded Highly rounded Junction of incisal and middle third Middle third CROWN 1. LABIAL ASPECT Labial surface Rounded 2. LINGUAL ASPECT Marginal ridges and cingulum Lingual fossa Moderately pronounced More prominent Moderately deep Deep
  14. 14. CROWN CENTRAL INCISOR LATERAL INCISOR CEJ Contact area Moderately curved Incisal third Cingulum Moderately convex Less curved Junction of incisal and middle third Convex Triangular Slightly convex Visible labially Prominent Ovoid Highly convex Slightly visible to absent Rounded 3. MESIAL ASPECT 4. INCISAL ASPECT Outline Labial surface Lobes Mesio and Distolabial angles