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Inanimate Alice by Connor

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A digital story created by Connor in year 5 after viewing episodes of Inanimate Alice. The work is uploaded as it was handed in with any errors left uncorrected.

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Inanimate Alice by Connor

  1. 1. Episode 5 Afghanistan
  2. 2. My name is Alice I am 16 years old.
  3. 3. We moved to Afghanistan.
  4. 4. This is our house.
  5. 5. My house. My room bathroom kitchen Lounge room Mum and dads room
  6. 6. I like to play my ba-xi Click here.
  7. 7. game
  8. 8. My dad got shot I woke up to his screaming.
  9. 9. Then I here something behind me.
  10. 10. A man jumps out and grabs me.
  11. 11. He throughs me into a truck.
  12. 12. I here Brad in my head.
  13. 13. he says call mum.
  14. 14. So I do.
  15. 15. Mum. Yes Alice. Call the cops I have been kidnapped. o.m.g. I will do it right now!!!!!
  16. 16. Hello is this the police. Yes what is your business. My daughter has been kidnapped. We will be right there.
  17. 17. Then the van stops.
  18. 18. I here voices they say get out. Then I realise it is the police they open the back of the truck and I see my mum is with them.
  19. 19. I am so happy I jump out and hug my mum and she hugs me. The police take the two men away. Me and my mum we go home some police take us home.
  20. 20. When we get home dads dead body is gone a man steps out of the shadows with a gun.
  21. 21. When he sees the police he puts the gun down it turns out he was just a army man looking for shelter.
  22. 22. Then we hear a noise.
  23. 23. Made by Connor Pictures from Google images. Game made at sploder Hope you enjoyed. I hade a lot of fun making this video. Thisiscoolstudios