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Getting More From Facebook Ads

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Buying Facebook page likes? Only hitting the "Boost Post" button? Then you're doing Facebook ads wrong. I cover:
- Setting up your business account
- Assuring proper attribution
- Tying Facebook ads to Google Analytics
- Targeting options
- Ad types/buys
- Testing (A/B, MVT and multi-armed bandit)
- Reporting

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Getting More From Facebook Ads

  1. 1. Getting More From Facebook Ads $ Jason Lauritzen, Social Media Program Manager: Houston Methodist @jasonlauritzen
  2. 2. @jasonlauritzen TRACK RECORD + QUALIFICATIONS Social Media Website Assists 12,949 Conversions 7,104 In Direct ROI Over $1 Million Certifications In ⟶ Social Media Campaigns Launched Over 350
  3. 3. 3 3@jasonlauritzen FACEBOOK ADS ARE POWERFUL BUT … If you’re only clicking this or buying page likes, that’s a BIG FAIL.
  4. 4. 4@jasonlauritzen
  5. 5. 5 SIGNS OF CRUSHING IT WITH FACEBOOK ADS:  Positive ROI  Advertising Efficiency  Getting Credit for Marketing Assists  Actionable Insights @jasonlauritzen
  6. 6. @jasonlauritzen FUNDAMENTALS
  7. 7. @jasonlauritzen 1  Keeps everything (analytics, pages, advertising accounts, etc.) in one location  Provides access to features sooner than a personal Ads Manager account  Ensures that if “the social media person” leaves, your advertising history doesn’t go with them  Allows you to collaborate with vendors/partners Sign up for a Facebook Business Manager Account
  8. 8. @jasonlauritzen 2 Familiarize Yourself With Facebook's Ad Policies  Learn what’s OK/not OK from a copy, image and targeting standpoint  Learn how to file an appeal if your ad is rejected  Understand industry-specific content restrictions
  9. 9. @jasonlauritzen 3  Not familiar with a topic, or even know what’s possible? Take quick, 5-to-15-minute courses on:  Targeting  Ad types  And More … Take Additional Courses on Facebook blueprint
  10. 10. @jasonlauritzen 4 Install and Customize Facebook Pixel  The pixel is critical to building custom and lookalike audiences, as well as tracking website events  Select “Use Advanced Matching” to pull in additional customer data like email address or phone numbers  Work with marketing and web/development teams to set up URL-specific events, e.g., “thank you” pages, as well as custom events, e.g. button clicks, page timers, etc.
  11. 11. @jasonlauritzen 5  Access at Settings ⟶ Ad Account Settings ⟶ Attribution  Max click window is 28 days  Max view window is 28 days  However, this is set to 1 day by default, so keep that in mind if you think ad views should count toward attribution
  12. 12. @jasonlauritzen AD TYPES
  13. 13. @jasonlauritzen
  14. 14. @jasonlauritzen  Suggested app  Generate app installs  Boosted post/content  Get more reach and engagement  Discreet video views  Optimize video content for cheaper delivery  Link clicks  Generate affordable website traffic  Tie ad bidding and optimization to clicks, conversions  Canvas  Generate landing page-like mobile experiences  Event responses  Generate registrations/RSVPs for your events  Lead generation  Get opt-ins, email subscribers, etc.  Collection  Showcase a gallery/catalog of products  Offer redemption  Online or offline promo/discount codes
  15. 15. 15 15 AND LAST AND DEFINITELY LEAST … @jasonlauritzen Page likes. Seriously, like never use these – ever.
  16. 16. @jasonlauritzen TARGETING
  17. 17. @jasonlauritzen
  18. 18. @jasonlauritzen Core Audiences * 72 Hilarious Posters of Real Design Feedback from Clients
  19. 19. @jasonlauritzen Custom + Lookalike Audiences
  20. 20. @jasonlauritzen
  21. 21. @jasonlauritzen  Ads Manager ⟶ Assets ⟶ Audiences ⟶ Create Audience ⟶ Custom Audience
  22. 22. @jasonlauritzen  Ads Manager ⟶ Assets ⟶ Audiences ⟶ Create Audience ⟶ Lookalike Audience  Keep audience size small as the larger you make the lookalike this less it resembles the custom audience you’re trying to mirror  Audience Overlap shows you if you’re diluting targeting pools by showing your messaging to the same prospects
  23. 23. @jasonlauritzen FACEBOOK CAMPAIGN STRUCTURE
  24. 24. @jasonlauritzen  House ad sets  Based on advertising objective  House ads  Define targeting, budget, schedule, bidding and placement for ads  End product for users  The final creative (copy, imagery/video, CTA, etc.)
  25. 25. @jasonlauritzen  You can have unlimited campaigns  Campaigns can have unlimited ad sets  Each ad set can have up to 6 ads
  26. 26. @jasonlauritzen AD CAMPAIGN PREQUESITES
  27. 27. 27@jasonlauritzen
  28. 28. @jasonlauritzen 1  This is No. 1 because it must be done first and is the most important  Get your stakeholder(s) to commit to a trackable, relevant KPI  There really should only be one KPI, but you can have multiple supporting metrics  For example, leads is a KPI, whereas click-through rate (CTR) would be a metric
  29. 29. @jasonlauritzen 2  Standardize how you build UTM-coded Google Analytics links for social  Keep all your campaign names in one place so team members/vendors that work in different areas (PPC, display, etc.) don’t create multiple campaigns for the same thing  This allows easy slicing and dicing of data later to see which campaigns are most efficient
  30. 30. @jasonlauritzen 3 Must always be “facebook.com” Always have set as “social” Should be consistent with UTM sheet Good area for variants and copy keywords Good area for ad type and image description
  31. 31. @jasonlauritzen 4  You can run ads with more than 20% text  However, my tests have shown 95% less reach and 104% higher CPM  Facebook delivers videos without sound by default, so it’s worth the effort to generate subtitles
  32. 32. @jasonlauritzen 5Create Ad Rules Apply rules at account, campaign, ad set or ad level Turn off ads, adjust budget, adjust bid or send notification only Conditions/metrics and values that trigger rule(s) Lifetime, previous day and last 3,7,14 and 30 days
  33. 33. @jasonlauritzen AD ORDER WALKTHROUGH
  34. 34. @jasonlauritzen 1  3 objectives categories: awareness, consideration and conversion  Choose a campaign name similar to your UTM campaign name
  35. 35. @jasonlauritzen 2 Where you include and exclude custom and lookalike audiences Filter location by everyone, living in, recently in or traveling Include and exclude by geography (country, state, city, DMA, zip and specific address) Powerful area as you can search for interests and behaviors Include and exclude people connected to your page, app or have responded to events Save a built audience (useful for personas/cohorts) Instruct Facebook to use lookalike-similar audiences
  36. 36. @jasonlauritzen 3 Do you want mobile, desktop or both? Deliver ads outside Facebook to mobile apps, resulting in an additional 6-10% more impressions Include and exclude devices, operating systems, as well as exclude troublesome categories (like gambling) and upload custom website block lists
  37. 37. @jasonlauritzen 4 Budget can be daily or lifetime (you’ll use lifetime more) How you’ll be charged (clicks, CPM, engagement, etc.) Use automatic (unless you feel like gambling) Optimize for people most likely to click, engage, etc. Run 24/7 or daypart Select “Advanced Options” to see all these fields
  38. 38. @jasonlauritzen 5  Name your ad set something that is self-identifiable  Set lifetime budget to one day and play with dollar amounts to achieve desirable market saturation
  39. 39. @jasonlauritzen 6  Select image or video format  More often than not, you’ll be using single images  Select up to 6 images via built-in stock images or by manual upload  Preferred image size is 1,200 x 628 pixels
  40. 40. @jasonlauritzen 7 UTM-coded link goes here Headlines 30 characters or less work best Keep to 2 short sentences or less Select your CTA (none, learn more, shop now, etc.) Only visible on desktop, but worth customizing if you are using a lot of desktop-exclusive ad units Helpful for shortening URLs, e.g., removing subdomains
  41. 41. @jasonlauritzen 8  Preview the ad in all the placements you’ve selected, as well as cycle through all the images you want to try  This area dynamically updates so you can see your changes (such as copy or imagery) in real time
  42. 42. @jasonlauritzen 9 By default, Facebook gives every ad in an ad set the same URL, which makes tracking messy and inaccurate Once you click “Edit” for an ad, scroll to the website URL and paste in the appropriate UTM-coded link and then click “Confirm and Close” to save your changes
  43. 43. @jasonlauritzen TESTING
  44. 44. @jasonlauritzen As MarketingExperiments notes*, “This isn’t Mad Libs.” A good test identifies a real (or potential) problem and proposes a solution, making sure to tie results to a firm KPI. * A/B Testing: Example Of A Good Hypothesis
  45. 45. @jasonlauritzen* The Difference Between A/B Testing, Multivariate and Split URL Testing A/B Testing  50/50 split on traffic or budget to determine which ad or landing page is winner  Useful for high traffic sites and pages that aren’t time sensitive, e.g. Black Friday sale Multivariate Testing (MVT)  Equal splits on traffic or budget to determine which ad or landing page is winner  May result in more conversions, but harder to pin precise conversion driver
  46. 46. @jasonlauritzen  Make sure your sample size is large enough by using an A/B testing calculator  Keep in mind influencing factors like holidays, day of week, etc.  Don’t peek and call your test early  If the calculator says to wait, then wait, as a regression to the mean is common
  47. 47. 47 47 DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF – TEST NOTICEABLE CHANGES. Don’t do silly things like test which color button converts best. You do that and you’re going to get this reaction. @jasonlauritzen
  48. 48. @jasonlauritzen* A more efficient way to do A/B tests (explained with memes) Multi-Armed Bandit Testing  Focuses on maximizing returns in short time window  Minimizes regret as you can run more tests more frequently, leading to greater returns  Can produce quicker learnings (often misrepresented as “earning without learning”) but rarely statistically significant
  49. 49. 49@jasonlauritzen
  50. 50. @jasonlauritzen  Determined at objectives level (leads, CTR, etc.)  You max out at three tests, e.g., A/B/C  Can only test three variables:  Target audience  Delivery optimization  Ad placements, e.g., Newsfeed vs. Audience Network
  51. 51. @jasonlauritzen  Keep this focused on the objective, e.g., leads or link clicks  Use the ad sets to house targeting, placement, copy and/or image changes  Use the ads within the ad sets to test either copy or image effectiveness  Facebook will automatically bandit test ads against one another
  52. 52. @jasonlauritzen
  53. 53. @jasonlauritzen  Asthma-specific copy  A-1 targeting: ages 21-64 in relevant zips + $50k+ incomes  A-2 targeting: Previous criteria + website retargeting, lookalike + opt-ins  Depth of treatment copy  A-1 targeting: ages 21-64 in relevant zips + $50k+ incomes  A-2 targeting: Previous criteria + website retargeting, lookalike + opt-ins
  54. 54. @jasonlauritzen Ad Set Micro Conversions Appointments Cost Per Action Conversion Rate A-1 33 0 $45.45 0.90% A-2 8 0 $124.99 0.41% B-1 39 0 $38.46 1.11% B-2 35 16 $19.61 2.86%
  55. 55. @jasonlauritzen REPORTING
  56. 56. 56 56 “HOW’D THE CAMPAIGN DO?” If you’re only tracking vanity metrics – things like Facebook likes, engagement, etc. – then you’re going to get familiar with this kind of body language. @jasonlauritzen
  57. 57. @jasonlauritzen
  58. 58. @jasonlauritzen Accessed at Acquisition ⟶ Campaigns ⟶ All Campaigns Sort by a secondary dimension we UTM coded for like Ad Content to see which image converts best
  59. 59. @jasonlauritzen For the previous campaign we were looking at, I wonder if mobile or tablet converted more? Ah, mobile is the winner! But which mobile device brand converted best? I’m going to guess Apple … Samsung devices not only converted the most, they had best conversion rate (per sessions volume). Might want to bid exclusively or more on Samsung phones for future campaigns.
  60. 60. @jasonlauritzen  When looking at campaigns in Google Analytics, we’re talking about last-click or last-touch attribution  Someone came from Facebook and convert after they clicked the ad  But shouldn’t we get credit for assisting in the decision-making process? I’ll let Nic Cage answer … * Image from Hedges & Company
  61. 61. @jasonlauritzen Accessed at Conversions ⟶ Multi-Channel Funnels ⟶ Assisted Conversions  Max out the attribution/lookback window to 90 days  This means Google Analytics cookies the initial visit and gives your campaign credit for any goal firing within a 90-day window Change your primary dimension to Other ⟶ Acquisition ⟶ Campaign ⟶ Enter UTM campaign name
  62. 62. @jasonlauritzen You can do this, but it has limitations: 1. Report readers need access to Facebook ad account 2. It’s a raw data dump, i.e., it’s not pretty 3. It doesn’t provider stakeholders/business owners with context 4. It can’t pull in your website analytics for additional context OR
  63. 63. @jasonlauritzen  Sort and filter by campaign name, type, creative and other criteria  Pick the KPIs that matter most to your business (and add others, if needed) and fill in via your data sources, e.g., Facebook, Google Analytics, etc.
  64. 64. 64@jasonlauritzen
  65. 65. @jasonlauritzen AND/ORRevenue Spend = ROI (%) Revenue - Spend = ROI (Net) Spend # Leads = Cost Per Lead Spend # Engagements = Cost Per Engagement OVER TIME OVER TIME
  66. 66. @jasonlauritzen* Image from Getting Lean and Agile: Case Study of Quiz Run Passion isn’t enough. There are plenty of passionate people who continually fail. Goals aren’t enough, as, by their nature, they’re shortsighted. Construct systems that work for you and you can pivot with relative ease.
  67. 67. @jasonlauritzen WORKSHOP RESOURCES