mba mba nbs engineering miims economics ktu uoc finance jasir mis ppt nbfc btech financial services financial mba\ scope of be in managerial decision making definition euro market. fixed flexible exchange rate systems bretton woods’s system convertibility. introduction to international mon loerms import export india’s forex scenario: bop crisis outline of exchange rate and types evolution of exchange control statutory basis of foreign exchange exchange market meaning of the term “foreign exchange” corporate governance financial engineering corporate communication management parents indian financial system types & characteristics of system sebi secondary primary india an introduction to the financial market in india - multiple approaches of mis formal is and informal law of requisite variety informationoverload information technology naipunnyabusinessschool incoterms' incoterms international commercial terms education financial engineering - definition - meaning - pro communication barriers communication types communication process critical thinking vs creative thinking and mind m creativity personality and types ethics and values soft skills and personality traits at different st personality and job spot and forward exchange rate exchange rate mechanism (erm) & exchange rate and methods of international trade settlement all about letter of credit non resident accounts asian development bank & the european bank for rec african development bank (afdb) & inter american d international monitory fund financial institutions in international trade - wo derivatives - options and swap derivative - forward and future contract derivative - types with example euro market currency convertibility lorems or lerms lease financing terminology the advantages of leas 1. venture capital 2. seed capital 3. bridge finan hire purchase factoring and securitisation innovative sources of long term finance conventional sources of long term finance securities marketable cash cash management and marketable securities manageme receivable management or accounts receivable mana inventory and inventory management key inventory t definition meaning concept importance factors affe capital structure capital rationing equilibrium central problems of an economy or basic economic p factors of production relevance of business economics comparing business economics and economics role of business economics scope of economics what is business economics introduction to managerial economics international financial institution- international bid bond etc. futures and options. guarantees in trade: performa swaps exchange arithmetic. -- deriving the actual exchan spot- forward rate e.c.g.c. and other formalities. uniform custom pra export methods -- and post ship finance sanction of lc limit. -- export finance: financing trade and exchange control formalities c.i.p. financing of imports by opening of letter o f.o.b. risk bearing documents. incoterms: c.i.f. transport documents financial documents documents involved in international trade: statuto mechanism with illustration documentary collection. - documentary credits (let documentary credit clean advance significance for the economy and bank. -- methods finance function: financial institutions in intern currency students sources of long term finance working capital management — factors determining w equity and retained earnings —weighted average cos preference shares capital structure decisions — cost of capital — co investment decision — capital budgeting techniques capital rationing — risk adjusted techniques of ca irr npv accounting rate of return pay back method discounted pay back method capital budgeting techniques investment decision wealth maximization — finance function — role of f financial management — objectives — profit maximiz ca governance executive letter internet discussion types exam cmat kmat catholic kat reasoning logical theory tringle friends lover love hardwork power dreams leadership leadership development tree apple kids story bank indian banking banking service industry financial innovation sebi and rbi nse bse financial market micro finance source of finance resource mgt and cost benefit analysis business decision business cycle .
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