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  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae: Janita (Jenni) Boulton Bachelor of Teaching and Learning, Diploma in the Education of the Hearing Impaired, Diploma in the Education of Students with Visual Impairment, Trained Teachers Certificate. jjkboulton@gmail.com SMS 0273752210 Career Profile: April 2012 – Resource Teacher of the Deaf, KDEC. Responsibilities: Working alongside mainstream teachers to develop and deliver adapted curriculum to students with hearing impairments. Quotation from Shirley Kay Waitakere Syndicate Team Leader: “Jenni motivates her students to do their best. Her teaching goals are based on what the students already know and carefully selected to scaffold further learning. Jenni communicates knowledgeably, empathetically and in a professional manner with students, parents, teachers and para-professionals. She establishes valued relationships with school personnel, colleagues and parents. They readily communicate their regard and appreciation of Jenni’s support.” February 2012 -March 2012 Day to day reliever at BLENNZ KDEC, Oasis and west Auckland mainstream schools. January 2002 – February 2012 Scale A, Teacher, Arohanui Special School. Responsibilities: Implementing individual education programmes working within a multi-disciplinary team. Quotation from reference Suzanne Cook-Mitchell, senior teacher:
  2. 2. Jenni demonstrates dedication and imagination in her work with special needs students. She is competent in planning and delivery of an adapted curriculum appropriate to her students’ developmental levels…She provides a warm positive classroom atmosphere… (and) has good communication skills…” February 2008 – May 2009 Tutor, Kip McGrath, Henderson (Saturday mornings). Responsibilities: Tutoring numeracy and literacy skills for Y2-Y9 students. 1996 – 2001 Scale A, Teacher, Waitakere Primary School, Y0-3. Responsibilities: Staffroom requisition 1997 – 2000. Purchase, storage and maintenance of Social Studies resources 1999- 2001. Member of the art curriculum team 2000- 2001. Quotation from farewell letter Heather Atkinson, Principal: Thank you for all your hard work this year. The year has proved a challenging one for you with some challenging children. You have met the challenge and created a learning environment in which the children enjoy the learning experiences and relate positively to one another. Your caring, compassionate role model has been powerful example to your children with very noticeable changes in the behaviour of the more active boys. Thanks also for taking over the leadership of the social studies which you worked on very quietly and efficiently behind the scenes. Quotation from farewell letter Liz Bowen, colleague: … thank you for making this year so enjoyable and successful as we have worked alongside one another. Firstly, for the leadership role you have taken in planning our music programmes and then taking the lead role in implementing them…Nothing is ever too much trouble.
  3. 3. 1995 Scale A, Senior Teacher, Oaklynn Special School Responsibilities: Providing support and supervision for staff working in two classes (satellite and base school) for students with severe and multiple disabilities. Ensuring the parents and caregivers were regularly informed of their children’s progress. Overseeing the IEP process and the development and implementation of class programmes. Facilitating team meetings to promote collaborative decision making and sharing of information. Ensuring the organisation of timetables, schedules, environments and class management systems. Co-ordinating and liaising with visiting professionals and volunteers. Supporting staff in achieving individual professional goals 1994 Course Member, Education of Students with Visual Impairment. Auckland college of Education 1993 G1 Senior Teacher, Model Services, Homai College Responsibilities Designing, maintaining and monitoring student records. Facilitating regular team meetings. Familiarising senior management with programmes for the students. 1990 – 1993 Interpreter for the Deaf St Saviours Church, Blockhouse Bay (Community work). Quotation form reference, Mary Welham, St. Saviours: “…it has been a delight to see her working at a very difficult job. She is very interested in working with and helping the deaf who seem to relate to her very well. Jenni is a communicator who cares. I have found her reliable, likeable and with stickability…”
  4. 4. 1990 – 1992 Scale A, Teacher, Physical Disabled Unit Henderson South Primary School Responsibilities: Implementing and monitoring individual education programmes for each child in the reception (Y0-3) class. Ensuring the support staff’s time is used effectively to support children’s individual education goals. Quotation from farewell letter, Dawn Burling, principal: “You have maintained a very professional commitment to your duties in the unit” 1989-1990 Teacher, Deaf/Blind Unit Homai College for the Blind Responsibilities: In charge of the unit art programmes. Developing and implementing art integration programmes at Homai Primary. Quotation from reference, Bruce Gibbs, Principal:You have made a wonderful contribution to the College in a comparatively short time…” 1989 Sign Language Teacher Aorere College, Mangere (one night a week for one term) 1988 Course member, Education of the Hearing Impaired Auckland College of Education 1987 Acting Senior Teacher, Special Care Class Oaklynn Special School, New Lynn Responsibilities: Bus control, Art supplies. Volunteer helper programme. Junior syndicate at the base school
  5. 5. 1986 Teacher, Special Care Class Oaklynn Special School New Lynn Responsibilities: Bus control Art supplies. Volunteer helper programme. 1985 Teacher, Special Care Class Oaklynn Special School Responsibilities: Bus control. Art supplies. Sept 84 – Jan 85 In-charge supervisor Ramsay House IHC Western Branch (part time position) Responsibilities: Supervision of staff. Supervision of community service workers. Care and support of young children with intellectual or multiple disabilities in respite care. 1982-1984 Distributor of Lifestream International Ltd. Responsibilities: Ensuring quality control of the product. Organising distribution of product throughout the North Island. Bookkeeping. Preparing accounts for taxation. 1980 – 1981 Teacher, Standard One Class Kingsford Primary School, Mangere East 1979 Teacher, Standard Two Class Devonport Primary School, Devonport 1976-1978 Student Teacher Auckland Teacher’s College majoring in Social Studies and Music 1975 Law Clerk Hunt, Hunt and Chamberlain (Barristers and Solicitors), Auckland.
  6. 6. Quotation from reference, Kerry Goldstone, Solicitor: “… she would be eminently suitable for any occupation in which she decided to become engaged. She is …. Of pleasant disposition, eager to help, learn and get ahead, and possesses a quick and receptive mind. If she is accepted for teaching we shall be very sad to lose her.” Educational Background: AUT: currently working towards Masters of Arts in Applied Language Studies, 2014 - Auckland University: New Start Programme, Top Student Award, 2013. Te Wananga o Aotearoa: Maori (Te Waharoa) Level 2, Certificate in Mauri Ora, 2012 University of Canterbury: Bachelor of Teaching and Learning (upgrade) 2011, Studies in Teaching and Learning Theory, 2011, Investigating Issues in Curriculum, 2007 Palmerston North College of Education: School Administration in N.Z 1993 Massey University: Medieval Europe, 2000. Language and Communication, 1992 Auckland College of Education: IT and Learning, 1999. Advanced Diploma in Teaching, 1994. Diploma in Education of Students with Visual Impairment, 1994. Diploma in the Education of the Hearing Impaired 1988. Preliminary Art Teaching, 1986. Preliminary Art Experience, 1986.Effective Teaching of People with Special Needs, 1986 Auckland University: Education and Society, 1988. Developmental Psychology, 1987 Massey University: Medieval Europe, 2000. Language and Communication, 1992 Royal NZ Foundation for the Blind: Braille Proficiency Certificate, 1994. Orientation and Mobility Certificate, 1994 Department of Education: Trained Teacher’s Certificate, 1980
  7. 7. Royal Schools of Music: Theory of Music Grade III and IV, 1976. Theory of Music Grade II, 1975. Theory of Music Grade I, 1974 Edgewater College: Accredited University Entrance: English, Mathematics, Geography, Chemistry, History, 1974. School Certificate: English, Mathematics, Geography, Science, Latin, 1973, Latin Certificate, 1971 Recent Courses, Conferences and Seminars: Deaf Education NZSL for Educators, KDEC, in school classes 2x term, 2014 How Deaf Children learn, Renwick video conference at KDEC, evening lectures 11th and 12th July, 2013 CI technology and assessment, Hearing House Greenlane, half day 7th June, 2-13 NZSL: Level 3, KDEC, after school classes, Term 1 – 2, 2013 Current Level of Functioning: Training the Trainers, Anton Centre KDEC, Cheryl Dickenson 12th April, 2013 Administering the PPVT/EVT2 assessments, Anton Centre KDEC, Pearson representative, 3rd April, 2013 Goal setting and implementation, (half day), Anton Centre KDEC, Cheryl Dickenson 26 October 2012 KDEC Annual Conference: Embracing Change, (1 day), Ellerslie Event Centre 21 September 2012 Ling Thing: Speech Articulation, (half day), Anton Centre KDEC, Jayne Simpson 17 August 2012
  8. 8. Auditory Verbal Training, (half day), Valley Road School, Cheryl Dickenson 2 August 2012 Auditory Verbal Training, (half day), Anton Centre KDEC, Cheryl Dickenson 20 July 2012 Auditory Verbal Training, (half day), Anton Centre KDEC, Cheryl Dickenson 22 June, 2012 Audiometry, Anton Centre KDEC, (half day), Jim Casey 19 June 2012 Literacy Koru Project Conference: Sharing Practice and Building Capacity; Developing Schools for the Future, (2 days), West Auckland Cluster 2008 Literacy Training: Learning Intentions, Success Criteria and Feedback, (after school), 2005 Literacy Leadership in New Zealand Schools – “Using the New Literacy Handbook”, (1 day), West Auckland Education Centre 2003 Literacy across curriculum, (1 day), Gaye Byers 2001 The Essentials of a Writing Programme, (1 day), Gaye Byers 2001 Numeracy Developing a Maths Programme for New Entrants, Kohia Teachers Centre, University of Auckland (1 day) 2011 Number Strategy Workshop, (evening), Kip McGrath Henderson 2008 Mathematics and Statistics, (after school workshop), Arohanui Special School 2006 Count Me In Too Workshop, (1 day), Hillsborough Primary 2001
  9. 9. Count Me In Too Workshops, (2 Saturday mornings), Henderson Valley 2001 ICT Ipad training and Google docs tutorial, KDEC: Deirdre Ward, 20th June 2014 Introduction to Google docs, KDEC: Phil Thompson 21st February 2014 Word, (1 day), Waitakere College 2001 Powerpoint, (afternoon workshop), Green Bay High School 2001 Arts Art Workshop: 10 Emerging Contemporary NZ Artists and how they can be used with children, Auckland Primary Art Association, The Visual Arts Dept., University of Auckland (1 day), 2011 Arts Professional Development Programme (after school workshops), Team Solutions, 2004 Quality Art Programmes: Nurturing Creativity in Art's (after school workshops), Stephanie Sheldon, 2004 Assessment 21st Century Assessment that measures 21st Century Skills, (Afternoon seminar), Wendy Dorset 2004 Assessment workshop, (teacher only day), Yvonne Duncan 2000 First Aid Workplace Comprehensive First Aid Refresher First Aid, A1 First Aid, January 2013
  10. 10. Special Education Collaboration for Success and IEP Moderation and Task (feedback), KDEC: Shirley Kay, 27th June 2014 Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Idea Services, (2 days) 2012 Communicating with Learners who Experience Profound Intellectual and Associated Disabilities Using Intensive Interaction, Mark Barber PhD (1 day) 2009 Perceptual Motor Programme Inservice Course, Gill Connell (1 day) 2009 The Picture Exchange Communication System Basic Training, Pyramid Educational Consultants (2 days) 2008 Why does Johnny do that? Strategies to overcome behaviour issues in the classroom (after school workshops) 2005 – April 2006 Perceptual Motor Programming: Moving to Learn – making the connection between physical activity and brain development (1 day), Gill Connell 2005 Reinforcement, or how to get people to do the things you want them to! Angela Arnold Saritepe, Ph.D., BCBA (after school workshop) 2005 Working with Difficult Students, Frances E. Steinberg, Ph. D. (1 day) 2001 NZ Sign Language, Taina Whatarau, (night classes at Waitakere College, Term 2) 2001 Health and Safety
  11. 11. Health and Safety Representatives Course Stage Three, NZ Council of Trade Unions (2 day course), 2007 Health and Safety Representatives Course Stage Two, NZ Council of Trade Unions (2 day course), 2006 Health and Safety Representatives Course Stage One, NZ Council of Trade Unions (2 day course), 2005 Language and Culture 2014 Language, Culture and Communication,AUT(one paper) 2014 Te Reo, KDEC, Carl Ross (one lesson per week) Term One and Two Achievements: 2014 Presenter at Mainstream Teachers of the Deaf Course, 1 day at KDEC. 2013 Top Student, Auckland University New Start General programme. 2010 Coedited School’s yearbook. 2008 Member of the Circus Committee (an end of the year whole school production held at the Waitakere Trust Stadium). 2004 Management unit for literacy Leadership: supported colleagues, collected assessment data and presented an Introduction to Literacy Workshop for Students in Special Schools. 2001 Developed an efficient retrieval system of social studies resources for Waitakere Primary School.
  12. 12. _______________________________________________________________________________ ______________