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James Walsh - Drink Digital -30/11/17 - Productivity Tools

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A mixed bag of productivity tools that I find save me time over the long run.

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James Walsh - Drink Digital -30/11/17 - Productivity Tools

  1. 1. Some productivity stuff that stops me going mad every single day.
  2. 2. REMEMBER Don’t mistake haste for productivity. Be thorough, consider your choices and…
  3. 3. Don’t cut corners! It will come back around to bite you in the bum later.
  4. 4. So, if I can’t cut corners what can I do? “Marginal Gains” You may remember this concept from a previous DRINK://, but basically – it amounts to finding opportunities to save a small amount of time, often.
  5. 5. A list of stuff that helps me achieve marginal gains for little or no money. There’s going to be some stuff here for: Designers, Developers, Project Managers, People who uses Google Mail/Apps, People who have passwords. Some of it is old stuff, some of it new stuff.
  6. 6. But, before I start…
  7. 7. I’m an Apple user
  8. 8. No, I’m not sorry
  9. 9. But, there will be Windows stuff
  10. 10. So, let’s get cracking.
  11. 11. Sip – Super handy system wide colour picker
  12. 12. Sip System-wide colour picker. Accessible via keyboard shortcuts ‣ Pick a colour anywhere and copy it to clipboard instantly. ‣ Shortcuts to send colour to Photoshop/Illustrator primary or secondary colour. ‣ Pick colours in pretty much any format you want them. ‣ Save colour palettes for later use. (handy if you need to jump back to a project later) ‣ Saves me minutes everyday, probably hours in a month ‣ Full version is awesome, but the free one has loads of features too. sipapp.io // $9.99 one off or a free version with less stuff
  13. 13. Instant Eyedropper Windows alternative to Sip: Accessible via system tray ‣ Pick a colour anywhere and copy it to clipboard instantly. ‣ Supports multiple formats instant-eyedropper.com // Free
  14. 14. Kiwi for Gmail – Desktop Google Email + Apps
  15. 15. Kiwi for Gmail Turn Google Mail/Calendar/Sheets/Docs/Slides/Drive into a robust desktop app. ‣ Stop hunting for browser tabs, or ditch your slow SMTP mail apps. ‣ Multi-account support, switch between them instantly ‣ Stay logged into all accounts. Notifications for all accounts. ‣ Quick do not disturb toggle for when you need to ignore email. ‣ Compose in separate window. (Stay focused on what you’re writing!) ‣ Boomerang, plugin support. (Schedule emails and reminders) ‣ Account selection on Mail-to links, system wide compose email shortcuts. +
  16. 16. Kiwi for Gmail Turn Google Mail/Calendar/Sheets/Docs/Slides/Drive into a robust desktop app. ‣ Separate windows for all G-Apps ‣ Zip and attach folders by dragging them to a compose window or via context menu ‣ Open google docs straight from Finder / Explorer into own window. ‣ The list goes on ‣ Must’ve saved me hours this year alone. kiwiforgmail.com // Free version, but the full version is 50% off right now! = $4.99 (free version allows one account limited to Mail/Calendar) +
  17. 17. Noun Project – Drag and drop vector icons
  18. 18. NounProject Millions of vector icons at your fingertips. ‣ Don’t reinvent the wheel drawing basic icons from scratch ‣ No more spending hours trawling through loads of websites looking for free icons ‣ Just pay one monthly fee and never worry about attribution/cost again ‣ Simple MacOS desktop app Plugins for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop ‣ Choose colour and filetype (PNG, PDF, SVG) ‣ Pair this up with something like Fontello to make your own icon fonts. thenounproject.com // Free version is rubbish. Honestly, if you need a lot of icons just pony up $9.99 per month – your time is worth it. +
  19. 19. Multiselect for trello – Better card management
  20. 20. Multiselect for Trello Bulk actions on trello cards (WHY ISN’T THIS ALREADY IN TRELLO?!) ‣ Bulk select whole lists, or cherry pick cards. ‣ Add/remove members and labels to cards in a fraction of the time ‣ Seriously speeds up taking a brief or spec into a real project ‣ This will save you hours of time starting projects ‣ Probably put days back on your lifespan. ‣ Also consider Ultimello, which allows for list sorting by all sorts of criteria. It’s a chrome plugin. Check the extension store for both. Multiselect is cheaper than a fancy beer (£3.19) just buy it. Ultimello is FREE! +
  21. 21. TinkerCSS – CSS Style Injector
  22. 22. Tinker CSS Simple CSS injection directly in chrome’s inspect tools. ‣ Quickly prototype CSS changes/additions directly in the browser ‣ Don’t waste time hunting for each rule individually ‣ Just write your own and focus on what you’re doing, not where the rule is ‣ Cloud saves to google account so you can go later and find the code you left there. ‣ You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. ‣ Shout out to Boom alumnus Jan Baykara who built this back in 2015 It’s a free chrome extension. Check the extension store for TinkerCSS. +
  23. 23. Dashlane - Password manager
  24. 24. Dashlane Elegant, secure password management that will save you oodles of stress and time. Not to mention avoid potentially major catastrophes. ‣ Import your existing passwords from your browser (No excuses!) ‣ Can automatically change a lot of passwords to common sites for you. ‣ One master password + two factor authentication is all you’ll ever need ‣ Logs you into websites automatically ‣ Available for whole teams & businesses. ‣ Massively reduce the risk of you or your clients being hacked/socially engineered. ‣ Automatically save receipts (useful for faster accounting!) +
  25. 25. Dashlane Elegant, secure password management that will save you oodles of stress and time. Not to mention avoid potentially major catastrophes. ‣ Gives you a security score out of 100%. ‣ Store multiple passwords per website. ‣ Logs you into websites automatically. ‣ Must’ve saved me hours of time looking up passwords / resetting them. ‣ Pro accounts sync across all devices and browsers / Free accounts work on one + dashlane.com // Free for 1 machine or £3.33per month, billed annually (£4 per user for business accounts – same terms)
  26. 26. REMEMBER You don’t need a huge overhaul of how you work to be more productive. Always be looking out for cheap, simple tools that can shave seconds off your days. You don’t need to work through lunch, or always work late. Find tools that help you work smarter.