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Introduction to PowerApps and Flow

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  3. Connect across your data from the cloud to on-premises Create business apps with easy visual tools and powerful cloud services Share securely with your team across devices mobile tablet desktop SaaS apps enterprise services business systems An enterprise software service for innovators everywhere to connect, create and share business apps
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  2. Connecting data sources and creating solutions is only part of the story, though. What’s required for an app development solution to be truly effective is for users to have the ability to easily deploy and share their useful solutions across all the places, teams, and devices that will find value in them. Seen from another perspective, that all users are able to browse and discover new ideas and solutions, easily install and use them across their devices, and even modify them to make an exact fit for themselves. And all this with the security and oversight your business demands.
  3. PowerApps is available in the Microsoft app store and can be downloaded and installed on any Windows 10 or above workstation. The application is free so you don't need to pay anything for it so you can get started creating your own which applications very quickly.
  4. To get started creating your PowerApp applications will need to become familiar with some basic building blocks, such as screens visuals and data sources. By combining the three basic components you're actually be able to create your own Cajuns in context. An application may consist of one or more screens to present berries visual controls to the end user to form an application. All application is required data of some sort, PowerApps allows you to access data through data sources. As we explore some of the possible data sources that are available to us your see that PowerApps allows you to create which applications by aggregating content from many data sources.
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