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  1. Coastal and marine planning – An integrated approach James Green Development and Marine Planning Orkney Islands Council Orkney Local Development Plan Main Issues Report Consultation Event 24 July 2015
  2. Content  Brief overview of coastal and marine planning  Marine planning in Orkney  The coastal and marine environment - a main issue
  3. What are we planning for?  Land and sea are critical to everyday life in Orkney – transport, jobs, recreation and energy  To protect the environment on which we depend  To support sustainable development opportunities  To striking a balance between new socio-economic opportunities and safeguarding existing resources and activities  To coordinate marine and land based development
  4. What is marine spatial planning? ‘Marine spatial planning is a public process of analysing and allocating the spatial and temporal distribution of human activities in marine areas to achieve ecological, economic, and social objectives that usually have been specified through a political process’ (UNESCO).
  5. Marine Planning in Scotland ‘A public authority must take any authorisation or enforcement decision in accordance with the appropriate marine plans, unless relevant considerations indicate otherwise’. Regional Marine Plans National Marine Plan Marine (Scotland) Act 2010
  6. Pilot Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters Marine Spatial Plan
  7. How is the Plan being delivered? Working Group • Marine Scotland • Orkney Islands Council • Highland Council Advisory Group • Scottish Natural Heritage • Scottish Environment Protection Agency • Historic Scotland • Highlands and Islands Enterprise • Orkney Harbour Authority • Scrabster Harbour Trust • Royal Yachting Association Stakeholders e.g. • Local communities • Commercial fisheries • Marine renewables • Aquaculture • Environmental interests • Recreational interests
  8. Why develop a marine spatial plan? • Support sustainable development • Strategic vision and spatial strategy • Promote efficient use of space • Stakeholder knowledge and buy-in • Engage local communities • Build consensus and find common ground • Provide greater certainty for developers • Reduce risk in the licensing process • Introduce monitoring and adaption
  9. The plan area The plan area
  10. The plan making process Marine Scotland started process Orkney Islands and Highland councils join project Planning Issues and Options consultation Draft Plan and further consultation Final Plan and Lessons Learned 2008 - 2011 2012 2013 2014/15 Early 2016
  11. General Policies Sustainable development Geodiversity Supporting sustainable social and economic benefits Water environment Safeguarding the marine environment Coastal processes and flooding The well-being, quality of life and amenity of coastal communities Historic environment Climate change Integrating coastal and marine development Nature conservation designations Noise Protected species Waste and marine litter Wider biodiversity Invasive non-native species Landscape and seascape
  12. Sectoral Policies Commercial fisheries Aquaculture Oil and gas Renewable energy generation Recreation, sport, leisure and tourism Marine transport Ports and harbours Pipelines, electricity and telecommunications infrastructure Marine aggregates Defence
  13. The PFOW marine spatial plan is non statutory and, if approved by Scottish Ministers, will be: • A material consideration in the determination of marine licensing, works licenses and Section 36 applications • Can be adopted as Planning Policy Advice – Material consideration in land use planning decisions Pilot Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters Marine Spatial Plan The status of the plan
  14.  Respond to the current consultation by 6th September:  Take a look at the Plan website:  Get in touch: James Green, OIC Development and Marine Planning, Pilot Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters Marine Spatial Plan – Further Information
  15. Orkney Regional Marine Plan  Scottish Government intend to formally delegate statutory regional marine planning powers to an Orkney Marine Planning Partnership in 2016  The first task will be establish appropriate governance arrangements  It is intended that the pilot marine spatial plan will establish a useful basis for the Regional Marine Plan
  16. Orkney Local Development Plan Main Issue – Coastal and Marine Environment  Ensuring an integrated and consistent approach to terrestrial and marine planning policy  Supporting projects that have land based and marine components  Steering coastal development to appropriate locations  Coastal erosion and coastal inundation
  17. Ensuring an integrated and consistent approach to land use and marine planning policy  Planning authority taking a lead role in land use and marine plan making process to assist integration  Aligning both processes – consultation, review etc  Reduce duplication and stakeholder fatigue Main Issues Report - Preferred option:  Adopt the Marine Spatial Plan as Planning Policy Advice
  18. • Land allocations to the support growth of marine sectors • Coordinate development and infrastructure • Engage businesses and end users • Identifies environmental constraints / sensitivities • Developer contributions and funding Supporting projects that have land based and marine components
  19. Steering coastal development to appropriate locations Preferred option:  Steer developments that require a coastal location to areas of developed coast in land allocations within settlements  Unless there is a demonstrable need for a coastal location in the countryside  Adequate protection of the coast in existing plan policies Alternative option:  Identify a coastal zone and areas suitable for further development, areas of significant constraint and areas unsuitable for development
  20. Coastal erosion and coastal inundation Preferred approach:  Policy to support the use of SEPA flood maps to identify areas at risk of coastal inundation and flooding to guide the location of future development;  Establish a policy presumption in favour of flood alleviation measures identified in the Flood Risk Management Plan  Develop a policy to address coastal erosion impacts on property, infrastructure and archaeology
  21. Thank You James Green Development and Marine Planning Orkney Islands Council 01856 873535 ext 2804