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  1. 1. 7041 Douglas Ave Kalamazoo, Ml 49009 269.2fi.A218 jimboblock@yahoo.com OBJECTIVE Seeking a position where I can utilize my skills in a career opportunity for growth. SKILLS/TRAINING r 18 years Management and Supervisory experience in a Manufacturing Environment. | 23 plus years Machine Mechanic experience in lndustrial Processing Machinery. . Electrical & Mechanicaltroubleshooting of lndustrial eguipment. . Experience with 480 3phase, VF drives, P[C's, proximity switches and motors up to 500hp, r Experience on all metal fabricating machinery. (lathes, mills, grinders) . Fabrications of parts and tooling within + or - .0001 r OSHA Compliance . SSOP (Standardized SterilizationOperation Procedures) r PMC (Citrix Based Program for Parts Movement And Tracking) . HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) r GMP {Good Manufacturing Practice} WORK HISTORY PRO SERVICES MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN 1O3lL5 -O2lL6l Hired to be Maintenance Technieian in charge of 2 new Gage Celt Machines for Kaiser Aluminum. COCA COLA REFRESHMENTS MAINTENCE MECHANIC lae/nlza8-a3/$l r Maintain and repair all machinery in the Drink box dept. . Machinery include but not limited to: o Tera Pak Aseptic Fillers, Film Wrappers and Cardboard Packers o Fanuc and Hartness Robots o KHS and Douglas Film Wrappers O Blending room (valves, pumps and APVt) GRAND RAPIDS FOAM TECHNOLOGY GRAND RAPIDS, MI MAINTENANCE MECHAITIIC la3/fi-02113} r Maintain and repair all machinery in a high volume Foam injection Molding Plant Troubleshoot and preventative maintenance and all molds, production turnstiles and Fanuc Robots. JRS RETTENMAIER USA, PORTAGE, MI MAINTENANCE I PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR