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National Development 5.15.15

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National Development 5.15.15

  1. 1. PDQ chosen as 2014 HOT CONCEPTS Award recipient July 2014 “Ones to Watch” PDQ named the Number 1 Fastest-Growing Small Chain in America in 2014 PDQ HONORS NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT
  2. 2. PDQ is a 3,309 sf, FAST casual service restaurant with drive-thru. PDQ specializes in fresh hand- breaded chicken tenders, made-to-order sandwiches and salads, fresh-cut fries, hand-spun milkshakes and warm HOSPITALITY! SITE PROFILE • Site Size: 0.8 -1.2 Acres 175’ x 240’ • Minimum Parking: 45 • Traffic Count: 50,000 + < 45 MPH • Hard Corner, Signal, Easy access, High visibility DEMOGRAPHICS • 5 MINUTE DRIVE TIME, Population: 45,000 • 10 MINUTE DRIVE TIME, Population: 150,000 • 1 Mile Population: 12,500 • 3 Mile Population: 80,000 • 1 Mile Daytime Population: 10,000 • 3 Mile Daytime Population: 60,000 • Median Household Income: $50,000 VOLUME DRIVERS • Major Retailers • Schools • Major Employment Centers • Daily Needs PDQ will consider non-traditional locations in high-volume venues. In the fall of 2014, PDQ opened its first concession stand at Tampa’s Amalie Arena, home of the Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey Team, and host to over 150 events per year. PDQ REAL ESTATE OVERVIEW May 2015 SANITARY* 4” WASTE LINE TO PAD 1500 GALLON MINIMUM GREASE TRAP (ADDITIONAL CAPACITY POTENTIALLY REQUIRED BY AUTHORITY HAVING JURISDICTION) POTABLE WATER 1.5” TO 2.0” LINE TO PAD ALSO AVAILABILITY FOR IRRIGATION TIE-IN IF RECLAIMED WASTE IS NOT AVAILABLE FIRE LINE WATER FLOW TEST FOR PIPE (PROBABLY 6”) AND HYDRANT = MIN. 1,000 GPM WITH 20PSI RESIDUAL 4” LINE TO PAD ELECTRICAL SERVICE 120/280V, 3 PHASE, 600 AMPS TO PAD MOUNTED TRANSFORMER TELECOM CABLE TV, DATA AND PHONE TO PROPERTY LINE CONNECTION-(2) 2” CONDUITS GAS SERVICE TO PAD (DEMAND VARIES BY REGION) STORM NOT DEFINED AS UTILITY, UNLESS PART OF MASTER RETENTION SYSTEM MENU BOARDS (2) 2” CONDUITS TO 3 PANEL BOARD; (2) 1.5” CONDUITS TO PASSENGER SIDE MENU BOARD *IF SANITARY LOCATION VARIES FROM TYPICAL, CIVIL TO NOTIFY ARCHITECT FOR COORDINATION. MINIMUM UTILITY REQUIREMENTS 05.12.2015 SITE COORDINATION DRAWINGS PDQ - 3,309 PROTOTYPE 3,309 GROSS SQUARE FEET
  3. 3. CURRENT: 40 open with 15 more by year end FOUNDED BY: Bob Basham Co-founder Former Outback Steakhouse Co-founder Nick Reader Co-founder CEO of MVP Holdings HOME OFFICE 4343 Anchor Plaza Pkwy., Suite 1 • Tampa, FL 33634 • 1.844.328.1737 Current Market Future Market SITE SUBMISSION INQUIRY Send submissions to John DeNapoli at: realestate@eatPDQ.com Please include: • 1, 2 3 mile demographics • Traffic counts • Aerial map and trade area map with competition PDQ currently has 40 units in operation (as of May 2015.) We are opening an additional 15 locations in 2015. PDQ currently operates in Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Alabama, Texas and Nevada with plans to develop Long Island (NY), Philadelphia (PA), New Jersey, California, Washington and Oklahoma in 2016.