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Dorothy Anderson

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My son had to do a biography on Dorothy Anderson. He said they drew names out of a hat to determine who they were going to do a report on. This was his 1st powerpoint he had to do in 5th grade.

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Dorothy Anderson

  1. 1. My Biography report on Dorothy Anderson (1901 -1963) By: Jacob Ryan Cabrera
  2. 2. Dorothy Anderson1. Dorothy was born on May 15, 1901 in Asheville, N.C.2. Dorothy was an only child. Her father died whenshe was 13 and her mother died when she was 19.3. She attended John Hopkins School of Medicine.4. Dorothy became a Medical Researcher.5. Dorothy died of lung cancer in NYC on March3, 1963. She used to smoke a lot.
  3. 3. Timeline1901 Dorothy Anderson was born.1914 Her father died when she was 13 years old.1920 Her mother died when she was 19 years old.1922 She attended Mount Holyoke College.1926 She then goes to John Hopkins University.1940 Dorothy develops a test for cystic fibrosis.1963 She died of lung cancer.2002 National Women’s Hall of Fame.
  4. 4. AccomplishmentsDorothy Anderson was successful in developing tests for cystic fibrosis. She received awards from: *Mead Johnson Award *Borden Award* Elizabeth Blackwell Citation for Women in Medicine•Outstanding Performance at Mount Holyoke College • Distinguished service medal at the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center
  5. 5. QualitiesShe was independent . She never gave up.She was very smart. She studied hard.She followed her She dedicated all herdream. life to medicine.
  6. 6. Interesting Fact:During World War II, Dorothy Anderson showed other doctors how to do open–heart surgery for the soldiers.
  7. 7. Bibliography Citations http://www.answers.com/topic/dorothy- andersonhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/D orothy_Hansine_Andersen
  8. 8. By: Jacob Ryan Cabrera THINGS I LIKE: •Play outside •Chocolate•Help my dad build stuff •Play with my DS •Legos