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Grade 3 Unit 6

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Grade 3 Unit 6

  1. 1. Isaac School District No.5 ELAS Thematic Unit Overview Grade 3 – Unit 6 2012-2013 Unit 6: Amazing Adventures with Dragons, Gods, and GiantsDURATION: Six WeeksIn this unit, students read fantasies, adventure poetry, mythology, and informational texts about ancient Greece and ancient Rome.Beginning with fantasy stories and poems about dragons, students learn to summarize and illustrate chapters, seeing how they arebuilding blocks to the ending, They record themselves reading fluently an assigned chapter (i.e., with a video camera or tape recorder).They combine the recording with their illustrated chapter summaries to create a multimedia presentation. They will also hear a variety ofmyths, both Greek and Roman, and read a book based on Homer’s The Odyssey. Finally, students will research an Olympic sport andcompare it to an Olympic sport in the days of ancient Greece.Essential Questions: Vocabulary:How is literature affected by culture? fantasy mythologyEssential Learning: narrative poem summaryMythological stories provide moral lessonsthat teach people how to get along, andknow right from wrong.The ancient civilizations of Greece andRome contributed much to world literature. Distributed Resources Aligned to Unit 6: The BFG (Dahl) My Father’s Dragon (Gannett) D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths (Parin d’Aulaire)Underlined vocabulary indicates a Tier II word. 1