How to use Google AdWords to drive traffic to your business

Intuit Inc.
6. Mar 2017

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How to use Google AdWords to drive traffic to your business

  1. Hannah Thilthorpe, Account Director, twogether Jon Busby, Digital Director, twogether How to use Google AdWords to Drive traffic to your business WiFi: QBConnect No password required#QBConnect
  2. Twogether is the only B2B agency within Google’s Partner Accelerator Scheme, meaning that we’re the only agency in EMEA who can bring Google’s new technologies to market. Why are we talking about Google AdWords?
  3. 3 So you’ve built your website but you’re not seeing any leads. Potential failure factors: • Difficult for customers to find what they want • You haven’t included contact details • What you offer isn’t clear Where’s all my leads?
  4. 4 #1 factor is that they probably didn’t find you in the first place If you build it, they may not come….
  5. 5 How do I drive traffic?
  6. 6 Search engine results page What is Google AdWords?
  7. 7 Organic search results What is NOT Google AdWords
  8. 8 Impression = how many times the ad is served on a page CPC (Cost per Click) = Total spend/Total clicks CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions) = Total Spend/Total Impressions x 1000 CTR (Click Through Rate) = Total Clicks/Total Impressions CPA (Cost per Acquisition) = Total Spend/Conversion CR (Conversion Rate) = Total Conversion/Total Clicks x 100 ROI (Return On Investment) = Revenue-Cost/Investment Cost x 100 A bit of terminology
  9. 9 • Deliver quality traffic • Take the guesswork out of your advertising • Allows you to control your marketing budget • You can select when and where your ads get shown • Full performance visibility and ability to improve • Reach people on any device What can AdWords do for my business? ?
  10. 10 Find new customers In a nutshell… Grow sales
  11. 11 Minimum £6 per day “I’ve heard it’s really expensive” Can be expensive depending on what you’re bidding on You only pay for results i.e. clicks to your site No visit, no fee £
  12. Getting started
  13. 13 To get your Google account set up you need: 1. A business email address 2. A business website address 3. To sign up, visit this link First things first
  14. 14 What are you looking to advertise?
  15. What are your AdWords goals?
  16. 16 Think about what you want to achieve Buy on your website Visit website Take an action on your website (for example, fill out a form) Call your business See your ad Visit your business
  17. Decide on your budget
  18. 18 • Only spend what you’re comfortable with • Once you’ve reached that threshold your ads stop appearing • Review and revise based on the ROI Decide your budget
  19. Choose who sees your ads
  20. 20 Choose who sees your ads - location
  21. 21 • Select which ad network you want to appear on • Google Search network is this: Choose who sees your ads
  22. 22 • Select which ad network you want to appear on • Google Display Network is this: Choose who sees your ads Display network ads Regular blog or article content
  23. 23 Top tip • Google’s default setting is Search Network with Display Select, deselect this! Choose who sees your ads ü
  24. 24 Why deselect this? Ross Kaplan-Winn Google Search Network Google Display Network Your ads appear in Google search results based on the keywords you’re targeting Your ads appear within articles that Google decides are relevant based on your keywords Your ads appear in front of people who are actively searching on your keywords Your ads appear when people may just be reading related content rather than actively searching You do pay more for your ad to show here, but the quality of the traffic to your website is way higher You pay less per click which is good for clicks, but quality of traffic is lower This network has a higher conversion rate This network has a lower conversion rate
  25. 25 Keywords top tips Between 5 and 20 keywords (or phrases) Each phrase should be 2-3 words You can edit these phrases anytime 5-20 2-3
  26. 26 Golden rule: 30 30 80 Writing your ad copy
  27. Once you’ve got them, convert them
  28. 28 Pay attention to your landing pages • Clean and uncluttered • Less is more • Clear signposting and navigation • Relevant to the ad they relate to • Personable but to the point messaging Conversion
  29. 29 If your site doesn’t look great on mobile don’t spend your budget on mobile ads! A word about mobile
  30. 30 Even the big brands get it wrong sometimes!
  31. 31 Even the big brands get it wrong sometimes!
  32. Performance monitoring
  33. 33 Monitor and optimise
  34. Common mistakes
  35. 35 Mistake #1: Not Using Negative Keywords • Education • Research Common mistakes
  36. 36 Mistake #2: Not Trusting what the Data tells you Common mistakes
  37. 37 Mistake #3: Not Testing the Optimal Ad Position Common mistakes
  38. 38 Mistake #4: Not Knowing What the Competition is Doing Common mistakes
  39. Quiz time
  40. 40 What does SERP stand for? When you set up your first campaign, which Google Network should you DESELECT? What is the best number of words in each of your keyword phrases? What is the golden rule for writing your ad copy? What does CTR monitor? Quiz questions (all multiple choice and run via audience’s mobile devices directly to the presentation screen)
  41. Thank you
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