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Intergen Convergence 2017 - Customer Engagement

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Intergen Convergence 2017 - Customer Engagement

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Intergen Convergence 2017 - Customer Engagement

  1. 1. Keep pace with multitudes of new platforms and cloud services? Keep pace with new entrants to market? Keep pace with the expectat ions of our own staff? Keep pace with customer demands and market expectation s? Keep our data and IP safe whilst keeping pace? UX! The Silver Bullet?
  2. 2. CLICK TO EDIT MASTER TITLE STYLE Is UX all you have left to differentiate your brand? THE FINAL FRONTIER
  3. 3. WHAT IS UX?
  4. 4. Effortless problem solving
  5. 5. Technology is not the real disruptor. Not being customer-centric is the biggest threat to any business. (Alberto Brea) WHAT’S AT STAKE?
  7. 7. UX has changed who your competition is…
  8. 8. ”You can’t sell something no one wants (thank you marketers) You can’t sell something that breaks (thank you QA) You can’t sell something that functions poorly (thanks devs) Nor that costs too much or gets to market too late (thanks PMs) Now, do you really think you can sell something that no one understands how to use?” DO IT FOR THE SAKE OF SANITY… - David Rollert
  9. 9. How much will it cost me? Ask yourself 3 questions: 1. How many development hours and dev re-work did I spend on my last project? 2. How many improvements in efficiency do I need? 3. How much more revenue will I earn through increased user engagement and satisfaction? 1 + 2 + 3 = your UX budget
  10. 10. Good brands launch good products Great brands build fantastic products based on user behaviour HOW OFTEN SHOULD I DO IT?
  11. 11. We shouldn’t look to find a silver bullet… …we should strive to make one over time
  12. 12. What should I do tomorrow? Where is design happening in your current process and who is doing it Evaluate your team based on their actual activities and capabilities, not their titles Change the way you look at your budget spend Get into a UX mindset