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26_07_Growth Mindset to Growth Hacking_ Tools to Win Your First Customers_Kristina McMenamin_EIA Porto 2022.pptx

  1. Krissie McMenamin European Innovation Academy Growth Mindset to Growth Hacking: Tools to WinYour First Customers
  2. Who is afraid of failure?
  3. Who thinks failure is bad?
  4. Most of us are taught from a young age that it’s not ok to fail.
  5. Think of a time you failed or made a mistake.
  6. What did you learn?
  7. Share! What was your failure and what did you learn from it?
  8. FAILURE FAILURE FAILURE A whole lotta learning
  9. Who will be brave and share with the entire group?
  10. Who felt fear?
  11. THIS is having a growth mindset. Facing fears, learning from failures, accepting new challenges…
  12. And this is your brain.
  13. These are neurons.
  14. Experience increases connectivity among neurons.They grow new connections and strengthen existing ones!
  15. This is called brain plasticity.
  16. Intelligence is not fixed.
  17. You’re smart! You worked hard!
  18. Choose KPIs that drive your business’s growth Because it’s essential to growing your business. Why are we talking about growth mindset?
  19. Remember Gilles’ slide: How to build a startup? CUSTOMER PROBLEM SOLUTION MVP TEST ITERATE GROW PMF This process requires a growth mindset!
  20. Will you take smart risks in order to grow? Or stay comfortable and small?
  21. Will you repeat the same investor pitch 90 times? Or change it as you receive feedback?
  22. When your teammate critiques you, will you react angrily? Or listen and think about using the criticism to learn and grow?
  23. Will you react with excuses when a customer gives you bad feedback? Or listen and learn from them?
  24. Will you look for customers in one place and give up when you don’t find them? Or will you try hundreds of ways to grow your customer base?
  25. Will you get 500 easy signups for your business? Or work your butt off to get 500 true target customers?
  26. Will you promote your business on FB and Insta? Or scrape together 20 micro- influencers to all talk about your new product the same week?
  27. This is growth hacking.
  28. “Growth hacking is all about using innovative techniques to dramatically increase your traffic, conversion rate and user base with minimal expenditure—and thus grow your company quickly.” “a process of rapid experimentation across marketing channels with constant attention on product design and user engagement.” “It's a mindset, not a set of cut-and-dried cheat codes.”
  29. Today, there are thousands of growth hacking tools. None of them existed when these companies launched.
  30. Growth hacking starts with your customers What do you know about them? What excites them? What do they nerd out to? Where do they spend time online? Where do they spend time offline? What do they read? What influencers do they follow? What do they think is funny? What are they scared of? Where are they already finding your product /service? Who do they trust? What do they value?
  31. And continues with interesting ways, channels, messages, to reach them Valuable content •Guest blogging •Ebooks and white papers •Email capture tools •List builders •Podcasting •Webinars •Contests & giveaways •Blogger reviews •Relevant groups, subreddits •Quora •Influencer marketing •Email marketing •Account- based marketing •SEO for niche keywords •Product- Hunt •Invite-only signup system •Gamifi- cation •Referral incentives •Affiliate marketing •Guerilla tactics •Communit y building •Tech hacks •Funny videos
  32. There is no magic growth hacking pill!
  33. FAILURE FAILURE FAILURE Only testing, more testing, and a whole lotta learning
  34. Share: What growth hacking ideas do you have for your target customer?
  35. What’s your biggest tool to win new customers?
  36. A growth mindset!
  37. What are you scared of today?
  38. Game (the ef) on! I’m scared, but…
  39. Connect with me! LinkedIn: Kristina McMenamin Instagram: @krissmac Email:

Hinweis der Redaktion

  1. These are images that popped up when I searched for failure online. This guy.
  2. This kid
  3. These are the words that came up associated with the word fail.
  4. Failure is that way success is the other way. They have nothing to do with each other, right?
  5. Go back to your example of a mistake you made and now think about what you learned?
  6. Learning – people look happy!
  7. Focused!
  8. So much wonder in yearning
  9. Buddy up – share with your partner. Go ahead and share: what was your failure and what did you learn from it?
  10. What if we talked about the whole lotta learning between failure and success?
  11. Coming across a lion on a safari.
  12. Standing on
  13. When we face our fears, when we do things that feel uncomfortable, when we fail and learn from it, our brain grows and changes too. This is called brain plasticity.
  14. Many people get sucked into likes and followers, but if those people aren’t purchasing from you, why are they important?
  15. There are you who are already feeling you are behind? Who are frustrated by the pace of your teams. Who are like: why don’t we have the answer yet.
  16. What growth hacking ideas can you come up with right now? Take a minute to share with the person next to you.