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COMM 202 Tutorial 5

  1. COMM 202 Career Fundamentals T21 & T31 Ingrid Bakke COVER LETTER & NETWORKING
  2. AGENDA 1. TA Feedback Debrief 2. Cover Letter Peer Review 3. TA Feedback 4. Action Items
  3. Tutorial: Cover Letter & Networking Due: Cover Letter Draft submitted on Turnitin before tutorial Tutorial: Informational Interview Due: Resume & CL on March 12th at 11:59PM on Turnitin and COOL Networking Event March 13th (6-8PM) CPA Hall Lecture: Interview prep Due: - Have your info interview date & time confirmed - - Networking reflection due March 21st @11:59PM on Turnitin WEEK 9 WEEK 10 WEEK 11
  4. 1. TA Feedback Debrief
  5. 5 Thanks for Your Feedback! Including dank Office memes, play rockin’ tunes, keep the energy and enthusiasm up Taking too fast Moving forward I will… START CONTINUE STOP Moving through concepts slower
  6. 2. Cover Letter Peer Review
  7. 1. Write your name on ALL documents – make sure your documents are attached 2. Trade to the person on your left when a new section starts 3. Get out your marking utensils! INSTRUCTIONS
  8. CL formatting • Left aligned (NOT justified) • No indents on paragraphs • Bullet points vs. paragraphs • 2-3 relevant skills • Consistent font size (minimum size 10) • Appropriate font • Margin sizes • Spacing between paragraphs • White space • One page • ** Headers of cover letter & resume must match, it’s all about branding**
  9. Addressing the Cover Letter Date Contact Name Title Company Address 1 City, Province Postal Code Re: Position Title (reference number if given) Dear [First name Last name], or Dear Hiring Manager/Committee, *Make sure you tailor your cover letters!*
  10. Addressing Examples Unknown person Specific person Use sex and marital status only if known
  11. Signing Off the Right Way Sincerely, / Regards, / Best, (Written signature if you want) Your name BCom Candidate 20XX Sauder School of Business Enclosed or Attached*: Resume * Enclosed: physical copy * Attached: electronic copy
  12. Cover Letter Content Opening -How is the hook? -Interest/passion for the position? -skills/experience matching the job posting? -is primary or secondary research integrated -Name drop? Body -Skills to match the position? - STARL format? -Are there examples – specific & concise? -Transferrable skills? -Do results show strengths or success? Closing -Are skills reiterated? -Is sincere interest expressed? -Thank you & call to action -Tie back to intro Proofread No grammar mistakes, typos, spelling errors - proofread then proofread again
  13. Let’s Look at the Opening - How is the hook? - Interest/passion for the position? - Skills/experience matching the job posting? - Is primary or secondary research integrated - Name drop? (when applicable) - Branding: CAN-WANT-FIT EXAMPLE “A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” is something that I know is true. The teachers that I have had – from sports coach, to camp counselor, to university professor – have shaped me into the person I am today. I will always be thankful for their guidance and for the way they have modeled true leadership. The COMM202 TA position is appealing on a number of fronts including the opportunity to help my fellow students and perhaps emulate some of the traits exhibited by those who have helped me.
  14. Other Opening Examples
  15. Skills Matching (Body Paragraphs) Think about the link: Why should the employer care - Skills to match the position? - STARL format? - Are there examples – specific & concise? - Transferrable skills? - Do results show strengths or success? EXAMPLE
  16. Other Skills Matching Paragraph Examples
  17. Closing – Making a Good Final Impression -Are skills reiterated? -Is sincere interest expressed? -Graciously thanks employer for consideration -Call to action (aka request for a meeting) -Tie back to hook/intro, wrap it up in a nice bow EXAMPLE
  18. What counts as an error? Spelling & Grammar InconsistencyIncorrect order of Information Improper Formatting Incorrect Information Missing Information *Each error on your resume will be penalized 5% up until the third error, which will result in an automatic 40% off the entire assignment
  19. 3. Networking
  20. Networking Can Happen Anywhere Chance Encounter
  21. Networking Can Happen Anywhere Chance EncounterFacilitated Events
  22. Why Do We Network? • Get your foot in the door (faster) • Gain insight about a company, industry, or career path • Practice your interview and networking skills • Find a potential mentor • Show them who you are beyond your resume and cover letter
  23. Networking Feels
  24. Let’s talk about networking events (i.e. COMM 202 Networking Event)
  25. Researching Delegates 1. Check out the delegate info on the course blog 2. Look at the LinkedIn profiles of delegates you’d like to speak to • Note any interesting topics • Hone in on similar experiences or shared groups • Think about questions to ask 3. During the event, be interested and self aware!
  26. What Does it Mean to be “Self Aware”??? • Having conscious knowledge of one’s own character and feelings • Treat the delegates the way you would want to be treated • Put yourself in the shoes of a delegate – how would you feel if a student came up to you holding your LinkedIn profile picture?
  27. Dress Code For the COMM 202 Networking Event, dress in business casual This means less formal than business formal, but still professional!
  28. Business Casual Dress Code • Professional dresses or skirts, dress pants, chinos, or khakis (but no jeans or athletic pants for example) • Sweaters, blouses, collared shirts with or without ties • Patterns and colours are acceptable as business casual (no hoodies, T-shirts, tank tops, tops with slogans) • Clothing should be crisp and not wrinkled • Footwear should still be professional for an office setting such as loafers, dress shoes or booths, heels, or flats (no flip flops or running shoes)
  29. Possible Conversation Topics “Lurking around the food station is a really good trick. People will ask you what things are, and you can offer advice on what’s tasty.” Compliment them Talk about food “People love talking about themselves and people love compliments. Be genuine though!” Smile “Just stand on your own and soak in the environment and smile at people. You will be a beacon of light for the other people who don’t know who to talk to.” Open up the circle “You might be getting bored with the first 2 people so make sure you make room for other people to join the circle party!”
  30. Ending a Conversation Thank them for their time Ask to connect after the event Be polite & gracious Leave with a handshake
  31. Following Up After great conversations, send a personalized email or LinkedIn request (or maybe an informational interview request? ☺) Hi Rachel, It was so great to get the chance to speak with you at last night’s networking event. I was really inspired by what you said about “building your personal brand”, and I am looking forward to putting your advice into practice. I would love to continue our conversation about your experience at KPMG. I understand that you are very busy, but it would be great to meet for about 20 minutes. Would you be available to meet on Monday or Tuesday next week? Coffee is on me! Thank you, Sally EXAMPLE
  32. Networking Reflection Assignment • Your paper needs to include: • Your goals in attending the event • What is your purpose in going? What do you want to know about Sauder? • Define SMART goals beforehand – How will you define the success of your evening? • How did you prepare for the event (research potential delegates) • What was it about these people that motivated you wanting to talk to them? • A brief summary of who you spoke with and what you learned in the conversations • A reflection on the lessons you have learned about the networking process • Next steps you will take to continue building a relationship with your new contact (if you plan to) Due March 21st @ 11:59PM on Turnitin
  33. So How Do You Feel About Networking Now?
  34. Action Items 1. Sign up for office hours 2. Resume and Cover Letter due March 12th @ 11:59pm on Turnitin and COOL 3. Cover Letter & Resume Toolkit on MyBcom site + checklist on blog 4. Networking Event : March 13th 6-8pm in CPA Hall 5. Networking Reflection due March 21st @ 11:59pm on Turnitin 6. Tutorial Next Week!
  35. How You Can Get in Touch With Me! Email: Tutorials: Teel free to approach me before or after Office hours: Available throughout the term as assignments come up
  36. Thanks & See You Next Week!!!

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  1. Ask students to trade documents after every section is done Allocate ~ 3 minutes/section
  2. Show copies on doc cam
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