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Cosmo Teck, Mumbai, Auto Electrical Parts

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Exporters and Wholesalers of Alternator, Stator, Auto Starter, Armature, Cylinder Liner, Piston, Piston Ring, Engine Bearing, Oil Filters, Diesel Filters, Air Filters, Hydraulic Bottle Jack, Brake Drum, Slack Adjuster, Landing Gear, Auto Air Compressor, Auto Cabin Cylinder

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Cosmo Teck, Mumbai, Auto Electrical Parts

  1. 1. We are one of the largest manufacturers, exporters and wholesalers of premiumquality Automotive Components and Spare Parts. Products offered by us areacclaimed across the globe for their flexibility in use, long life, high &performance.
  2. 2. - About Us -Cosmo Teck is a global leader in manufacturing, exporting and wholesaling arange of precisely engineered Automotive Components and Spare Parts. Weoffer a wide range of products in order to meet the requirements of clientsacross the globe. These products are Auto Engine Parts, Automotive Filters,Auto Valve Systems, Brake Chamber, Auto Lights & Mirror, Trailer Parts,Truck Parts & Components, Automotive Bearings, Brake Parts & Clutch, FuelInjection Parts, Auto Parts Accessories and many more.Based in Mumbai, Maharashtra (India), we started as an industry in 1996 andsince then we have never seen back. We have successfully crafted a niche forourselves and set a benchmark in the industry. Our vision and aim is to offermaximum satisfaction to our clients and in order to meet this, we always try tocome up with innovative ideas.Supported by an able team of experienced and well versed professionals, we areable to manufacture products those are acclaimed in the market for theirperformance, speed and quality. The efforts and ability of our employees havehelped us in gaining a number of clients in national and international markets.Major market for our products includes Middle-East, Indian Subcontinent, SouthEast Asia, European and African Countries.Our efficient workforce is always supported by our state-of-the-artinfrastructure and the facilities available in it. In our manufacturing unit, wehave installations of latest machines and other technical equipments those arereally efficient in manufacturing automotive components. Machinery availablewith us is repaired at regular intervals for efficient functioning and are alsoupgraded in accordance to the developments that take place in the industry.
  3. 3. Auto Electrical Parts:Backed by our efficient workforce and expertise, we offer top quality Auto Electrical Partsto our esteemed clients. Offered for all kinds of truck and passenger cars, these parts aremade using high quality iron. Our range of electrical parts is known for their smoothfunctioning and efficiency. We also include Alternator, Stator, Auto Starter and Armature. Alternator Stator Auto Starter Armature
  4. 4. Auto Engine Parts:We are involved in offering extensive range of Auto Engine Parts to our esteemed clients.Manufactured using high quality raw material, these parts are used in all kinds of Truckand Passenger Car. Depending upon the specific requirement of our clients, we also offerpersonalized services to our clients. Cylinder Liner Piston Piston Ring Engine Bearing
  5. 5. Automotive Filters:Leveraging to our efficient workforce and expertise, we offer extensive variety ofAutomotive Filters to our clients. These filters are fabricated using superior quality rawmaterial procured from reliable vendors. Furthermore, we also offer personalized servicesto our clients at reasonable prices. Oil Filters Diesel Filters Air Filters
  6. 6. Trailer Parts:We are the renowned manufacturers of premium quality Trailer Parts. Our comprehensiverange is made using fine quality raw material which is sourced from the trusted vendors.All the products are tested by our team of experts to ensure the quality. Brake Drum Hydraulic Bottle Jack Landing Gear Slack Adjuster
  7. 7. Truck Parts & Components:We are engaged in offering extensive variety of Truck Parts and Components to our valuableand esteemed clients. Sourced from trusted vendors, these components are manufacturedusing high quality raw material. We also offer customization services to our clients atreasonable prices. Auto Air Compressor Auto Cabin Pump Auto Cabin Cylinder Center Bearing
  8. 8. Brake Parts & Clutch:We are the leading manufacturer and suppliers of Brake Parts and Clutch which is offeredin a comprehensive range. Our entire line of products is made using premium quality rawmaterial which is procured from the trusted vendors. Brake Lining Brake Pad Brake Shoe Clutch Cover
  9. 9. Suspension Parts:We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of top quality Suspension Parts, which arehighly appreciated for superior quality, durability and smooth functionality. Theseproducts can be used for all kind of vehicles including America, European, Japanese andKorean. Parabolic Spring Drag Link Shock Absorber Tie Rod End
  10. 10. Auto Lights & Mirror:We are one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Auto Lights & Mirror. Theseproducts are widely used in all types of vehicles, such as Japanese, American, European andKorean. We use the finest quality raw materials and latest advanced technologies tomanufacture these products. Our available range of products includes Auto Light, HeadLamp and Tail Lamp. Auto Light Head Lamp Tail Lamp
  11. 11. Automotive Bearings:We are the top company engaged in manufacturing and supplying of Automotive Bearings.These products are ideal for various types of automobile vehicles. They are manufacturedwith the latest scientific technologies using top quality raw materials. Some of ourproducts include Ball Bearing, Tapper Roller Bearing and Cylindrical Roller Bearing. Ball Bearing Tapper Roller Bearing Cylindrical Roller Bearing
  12. 12. Fuel Injection Parts:We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of premium quality Fuel Injection Parts.These products are highly appreciated for high efficiency, smooth performance anddurability. They are ideal for all types of diesel vehicles and commonly used in variousapplications in automobile industries. Plunger Element Nozzle Delivery Valve
  13. 13. Other Products: Auto Air Brake Valve Trailer Control Valve Spring Brake Chamber Air Brake Chamber
  14. 14. Other Products: Door Handle Oil Seal Leaf Springs
  15. 15. - Company Factsheet -Year of Establishment 1996Nature of Business Manufacturer Exporter WholesalerTotal Number of Upto 10 PeopleEmployeesMajor Markets Australia/NZ Indian Subcontinent Caribbean East/Middle Africa South/West Africa East Europe East Asia Central America North Europe Middle East South America South/West Europe South East Asia North America
  16. 16. - Contact Us -Contact Details:Cosmo TeckMr. Asif Fakih / Mr. Sajid FakihA. S. - 29, Nootan Nagar Society, Gurunanak Road, Bandra WestMumbai, Maharashtra - 400 050, IndiaWebsite: www.cosmoteck.in