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Alka Creations, Jaipur, Marble Pots

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Manufacturing and Exporting of unique marble artifacts and figures in exclusive designs and finest gold artistic work showcasing the adroit craftsmanship of Indian artisans such as Marble Pots, Marble Pots With Lid, Marble Vase, Marble Candle Stand, Marble Elephant, Marble Clock, Marble Photo Frame, Marble Plate, Marble Mobile Stand With Clocks, Paper Napkin Holder, Handcrafted Gift Boxes, Hand Carved Decorative Pots.

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Alka Creations, Jaipur, Marble Pots

  1. 1. www.alkacreations.co.inAlka CreationsJaipur, Rajasthan, IndiaWe are a well renowned name in manufacturing, supplying and exporting ofUnique Marble Artifacts and Figures in exclusive designs and finest gold artisticwork showcasing the adroit craftsmanship of Indian artisans.CorporateBrochure
  2. 2. - Profile -www.alkacreations.co.inAlka CreationsWe are the prestigious manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the finest gold artwork on Marble etc. We use Makrana marble, which is the best among themarbles to create our masterpieces. At Alka Creations, aesthetic imaginationassumes real forms. Our elite range of products are in tune with theinternational trends with a focusing on intricate details, contemporary designsand scheduled deliveries. Located in Jaipur, the city known for handicrafts andartifacts such as marble pots, marble candle stand etc. We have built a strongand skilled craftsmen team for real classic art work.It has been our endeavor toimbibe innovative ideas for designer marble artifacts and figures in traditional &exclusive designs, which adds exceptional values to our marvellous products. Weendeavor strive to deliver excellent services, strive for continuous improvementand increase our presence in the global market. Our products can be custommade also, according to the buyers requirements and specifications. In pursuitof excellence, we are moving at steady pace to display one the most beautifularts of India.
  3. 3. www.alkacreations.co.inAlka CreationsMarble Artifacts:Providing you the best range of Marble Artifacts such as Fancy Flower Cutting Sheet, MarbleWall Hangings, Marble Pooja Thali, Marble Elephant, Marble Photo Frame and Marble Bowlwith effective & timely delivery.Fancy Flower CuttingSheetMarble Wall HangingsMarble Pooja Thali Marble Elephant
  4. 4. www.alkacreations.co.inAlka CreationsMarble Pots and Vases:Pioneers in the industry, we offer Marble Pots and Vases such as Six Inch Vase, Two PeackokDesign Vase, Vase, Vase with Peackok Design, Meenakari Work Vase, Gold Work Vase andmany more items from India.Six Inch Vase Six Inch VaseTwo Peackok Design Vase Vase
  5. 5. www.alkacreations.co.inAlka CreationsMarble Clocks and Stands:Creating a niche of Marble Clocks and Stands such as Marble Mobile Stand With Clocks,Marble Clock and Marble Candle Stand at its best, with utmost quality.Marble Mobile Stand WithClocksMarble ClockMarble Candle Stand
  6. 6. www.alkacreations.co.inAlka CreationsDecorative Marble Plates:Supplier & Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include Decorative Marble Platessuch as Marble Plate, Plate with Salasar God, Plate with Gold Work, Radha-Krishna MarblePlate, 9 Inch Marble Plate, Gold Work Marble Plate and many more items.Marble Plate Plate with Salasar GodPlate with Gold Work Radha-Krishna MarblePlate
  7. 7. www.alkacreations.co.inAlka CreationsMarble Ganesh:Leading Supplier and Manufacturer of Marble Ganesh such as Ganesh with Turban, GaneshStatue, Marble Ganesh 5 Inch and Marble Ganesh and Chauki from Jaipur.Ganesh with Turban Ganesh StatueMarble Ganesh 5 Inch Marble Ganesh
  8. 8. www.alkacreations.co.inAlka CreationsMarble Tray:Offering you a complete choice of products which include Marble Tray such as Portrait onPlate, Dry Fruits Box and Dry Fruits Box with Tray.Portrait on Plate Dry Fruits BoxDry Fruits Box with Tray
  9. 9. www.alkacreations.co.inAlka CreationsMarble Chowki:Prominent & Leading Supplier and Manufacturer from Jaipur, we offer Marble Chowki suchas Chowki and Chowki for Pooja.Marble Chowki Marble ChowkiChowki Chowki for Pooja
  10. 10. www.alkacreations.co.inAlka CreationsMarble Pen Holder:Our range of products include Marble Pen Holder such as Full Fine Gold Work Pen Holder,Full Gold Work Pen Holder, Marble Pen Holder with Gold Work and Pen Holder.Full Fine Gold Work PenHolderFull Gold Work PenHolderMarble Pen Holder withGold WorkMarble Pen Holder withGold Work
  11. 11. www.alkacreations.co.inAlka CreationsLota Vase:Our product range includes a wide range of Lota Vase such as Radha-Krishna Lota Vase,Marble Lota Vase and Lota Pot with Taj Mahal.Radha-Krishna Lota Vase Marble Lota VaseMarble Lota Vase Lota Pot with Taj Mahal
  12. 12. www.alkacreations.co.inAlka CreationsMarble Lanterns:Prominent & Leading Supplier and Manufacturer from Jaipur, we offer Marble Lanterns suchas Jalidaar Lanterns, Lanterns and Marble Jalidar Lanterns.Jalidaar Lanterns LanternsMarble Jalidar Lanterns
  13. 13. www.alkacreations.co.inAlka CreationsOther Products:Marble Jewellery Box Marble Handcraft GiftBoxesPaper Napkin Holder Hand Carved DecorativePots
  14. 14. www.alkacreations.co.inAlka CreationsOther Products:Marble Jar Burney Shape Jar Burney ShapeClock with Meenakari Marble Elephants
  15. 15. - Company Factsheet -www.alkacreations.co.inAlka CreationsYear of Establishment 2005Nature of Business SupplierManufacturerExporterTotal Number ofEmployees26 to 50 People
  16. 16. - Contact Us -www.alkacreations.co.inAlka CreationsContact Details:Alka CreationsMr. Vipin Ajmera4 B-3, Govind Marg, Behind big boss studio, Adarsh NagarJaipur - 302 004, Rajasthan, IndiaWebsite: www.alkacreations.co.in