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EMERGENCY MEDICAL EQUIPMENT By Spencer India Technologies Pvt Ltd

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(www.indiamart.com/spencer-delhi) As Spencer, we are known for importing, exporting and trading an extensive range of Emergency care medical equipment and devices uniting the most advanced aspects of scientific and engineering research
Spencer philosophy finds its roots in the cultural and industrial experience, developed through decades of activity in the rescue field; experience which is correlated with skills that mutually improve each other, taking reliability one from the other and giving birth to a series of innovative and winning ideas.

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EMERGENCY MEDICAL EQUIPMENT By Spencer India Technologies Pvt Ltd

  1. 1. The leading European producer of ambulance equipment, Spencer has been inventing solutions for emergency services since 1989. Functionality, safety, long span and performance are the keys of a range of more than 1700 products. Now this range is closer to you. India is one of the fastest growing market for EMS, and over the past few years, India professionals have become very discerning and very demanding in terms of affordable and reliable devices. Spencer India is the answer to this request. Spencer in the answer to emergency. The world’s biggest EMS catalogue NOW IN INDIA LOCAL CONSULTANCY LOCAL WAREHOUSE LOCAL SUPPORT SERVICES www.spencer.it
  2. 2. TRANSPORT Cross Carrera Pro Ella Top Sepreated Alto Incubator Trolley Military Stretcher Scoop Stretcher Folding Stretcher Air Borne Stretcher Transfer Sheet Mattress Basket Strecher Niel Robertson Recovery Stretcher Ambulance Wheel Chair Folding Wheel Chair Evacuation Chair Eva Transport Chair IMMOBILIZATION B-BAK Spine Board Tango Spine Board Porta LOC Spine Board Patient Straps Rescue System Fixo Splint Contour Head Immobilizer Super Blue Head Immobilizer Peadiartic Immobilizer Ankle Immobilizer Belt And Buckles Cervical Collar Flexible Collar Extrication Splint Vaccum Splint Air Splint Anti Shock Trouser Vacuum Mattress Spine Splint Traction System
  3. 3. VENTILATORS /RESUSCIATIONS & VACUUM AD/DC Suction Electronic Suction Foot Suction Ambujet Suction Hand Suction Electronic Ventilator DIAGNOSTIC Pneumatic Ventilator Emergency Bag Ambu Bag with Face Mask CPR Mask CPR Board Aluminum Case Wall Mount Bp Apparatus Stethoscope Hand Held BP Buck Hammer Thermometer Pen Light Hostler SAFETY & PROTECTION Waist Pouch Trauma Simulation Kit Life Buoy CPR Manikin Infant CPR Manikin Force Entry Kit Bag with Rope Burn Kit Fire Blanket First Aid Kit EMT Shear Needle Holder Obstetrics Kits Snake Bite Kit Magil Forcep Young Forcep Collin Forcep Oxygen Cylinder Flow Meter Nasal Airway Guedel Airway Monitox ALS Emergency Kit Code Blue Bag EMS Backpack Intubation Kit Pharma Roll Medicine Pouch Mouth Opener
  4. 4. Spencer India Technologies Pvt Ltd Visit our website spencer.it Follow us SPENCER INDIA TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTDSPENCER INDIA TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTDSPENCER INDIA TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD C-348, NEAR RAMPHAL CHOWK, SECTOR 7C-348, NEAR RAMPHAL CHOWK, SECTOR 7C-348, NEAR RAMPHAL CHOWK, SECTOR 7 Phone: +91-11-42644137Phone: +91-11-42644137Phone: +91-11-42644137 Mobile: +91-9811432544Mobile: +91-9811432544Mobile: +91-9811432544 110075 | DWARKA | NEW DELHI |110075 | DWARKA | NEW DELHI |110075 | DWARKA | NEW DELHI | INDIAINDIAINDIA Email: marketing@spencer-india.comEmail: marketing@spencer-india.comEmail: marketing@spencer-india.com