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Master Advanced Sourcing Techniques With Indeed Resume

  1. #indeedinteractive Master Advanced " Sourcing Techniques with Indeed Resume Kyu-Heong Kim
 Product Manager" Indeed
  2. #indeedinteractive 2011 2 million 2012 9 million 2013 22 million 2014 38 million 2015 59 million Today 65 million Searchable Indeed Resumes Job seekers trust Indeed with their resumes
  3. #indeedinteractive + 9MM 6MM 3MM 0 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2011 And employers have caught on" Employer contacts by month
  4. #indeedinteractive Searches using refinement" Refinements No refinements 85% But advanced usage is low
  5. #indeedinteractive 85% Refinements No refinements Searches using refinement" 96% Advanced operators No advanced operators Searches using advanced operators But advanced usage is low
  6. #indeedinteractive Regular searches 13% Advanced searches 22%Job seeker response rate to advanced searches Everyone should be using advanced operators
  7. Demo
  8. #indeedinteractive Lightning round How to maximize your response rate
  9. #indeedinteractive + How long should your message be?
  10. #indeedinteractive The “sweet spot” is 20 to 40 words Message word count + Responserate 10-20 20-30 70-80 90-100 >=100 0-10 30-40 40-50 50-60 60-70 80-90
  11. #indeedinteractive + Should you tailor your message to mobile or desktop?
  12. #indeedinteractive Mobile Desktop Other Candidates are more likely to respond from desktop, but you can’t ignore mobile
  13. #indeedinteractive + Should you include a link to your job posting?
  14. #indeedinteractive Candidates are more likely to respond if you include a link to the job description Without posted job With posted job Responserate
  15. #indeedinteractive + To bulk or not to bulk
  16. #indeedinteractive Use bulk messaging at your own risk! Single contact Bulk contacts
  17. #indeedinteractive +When is the best day of the week to contact candidates?
  18. #indeedinteractive Any day is the best day + Thurs Sun Mon Tues Wed Fri Sat
  19. #indeedinteractive + What about the best time of day?
  20. #indeedinteractive 7-9am is best, and avoid late night binges + 10am 12am 2am 4am 6am 2pm 8pm 8am 12pm 4pm 6pm 10pm
  21. #indeedinteractive " For more advanced search techniques, visit:"