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Productized consulting for designers by Jane Portman

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Trapped in the sad world of hourly billing, spec work, and scope creep? Productized consulting is the perfect way to level up your design practice—you can finally set your own rules for client work, eliminate proposals, and obtain monthly revenue.

In this talk, you'll learn how (and why) productized consulting works, and what exact steps you should follow to set up your first product.

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Productized consulting for designers by Jane Portman

  1. 1. Productized Consulting for Designers by Jane Portman at UI Breakfast
  2. 2. Step #1 Understand the Benefits
  3. 3. Why are clients scared to hire designers? Don’t know the price Afraid that the scope will spin out of control Not sure whether you know what you’re doing Not sure how to proceed
  4. 4. What can you do? Set up a fixed price Set up a fixed scope Describe the benefits and provide social proof Describe the process & the deliverables
  5. 5. What problems does productized consulting solve for you? Makes you easy to hire Eliminates proposals and allows to set your own rules Helps transition to value-based pricing Helps sell recurring services
  6. 6. Free crash course on productized consulting by Brian Casel http://productizecourse.com/
  7. 7. Is Productized Consulting Really a Good Fit for Your Business? (by Jason Pelker) http://item-9.com/productized-consulting-good-fit-business/ Is Productized Consulting really a good fit for your business? (by Kai Davis) http://doubleyouraudience.com/productized-consulting/
  8. 8. Step #2 Define Your Offering
  9. 9. Define your audience Remember your top 3 favorite clients Niche down on a certain business type
  10. 10. Define your scope Remember your top 3 favorite projects Niche down on the format Think of common things and processes What has the top value for the client?
  11. 11. Three levels of involvement Strategic guidance Review & report Hands-on work
  12. 12. Define the process Discovery Execution Delivery
  13. 13. Define the price Think of your delivery time and double it Create pricing tiers (packages) Charge more
  14. 14. Step #3 Write Your Sales Page
  15. 15. Portfolio doesn’t sell your services. Long-form sales copy does!
  16. 16. Follow the structure Pain, dream, fix, objections, call to action
  17. 17. Desribe your fix well What exactly you do and why The process and the client’s role in it Common client questions
  18. 18. Protect yourself What you won’t do and what problems you can’t fix Common pitfalls caused by clients Reserve the right to determine the scope
  19. 19. Anchor your price Anchor to alternative services Use tiered pricing
  20. 20. Overcome objections Provide testimonials Provide a money-back guarantee
  21. 21. Types of calls to action “Make a payment here and I’ll get back to you” “Email me at (this address) and I’ll get back to you” Fill in a form/questionnaire
  22. 22. Capture leads with a freebie “Not ready for an expensive XXX yet? Try solving the problem yourself by using my free course (cheatsheet)”
  23. 23. The Brain Audit by Sean d’Souza (book) http://amzn.com/B00COQFUNU Dissecting Great Sales Copy For Productized Consulting by Patrick McKenzie https://training.kalzumeus.com/newsletters/archive/dissecting_sales_ copy
  24. 24. Step #4 Market Your Services
  25. 25. Basic marketing Put your new service front-and-center on your website Tell everyone you know Point your clients to the service sales page
  26. 26. Advanced marketing Start an email list and feed it with good content Create a free course Do outreach
  27. 27. Turn Readers Into Buyers (article by Brian Casel on creating free email courses ) http://casjam.com/email-course-guide/
  28. 28. Step #5 Deliver and Polish
  29. 29. Do a test run (or a few) Offer your new gig at 50% off Practice your process Get a shiny testimonial Refine your sales page
  30. 30. Common mistakes Compromise on the audience, scope, or price Deviate from the process
  31. 31. Recommendations Practice saying “no” Avoid strict deadlines Be generous and exceed expectations
  32. 32. Step #6 Plan a Product Line
  33. 33. Ideal product line A free course A book (under $100) A more expensive course (under $300) Productized consulting High-touch custom gigs
  34. 34. Ideal productized consulting line A strategy call (under $500) An entry-point gig ($500-1500) An “all-inclusive” advanced offering (under $5000) A recurring monthly service ($500-1500)
  35. 35. Best practices for a monthly service Limit the contract to 6 months Set a grand goal Do a roadmapping session in the first month Don’t book yourself solid
  36. 36. My own consulting products Correlation: monthly creative direction for software companies (discontinued) Custom UI Audit: the actionable screen-by-screen teardown of your web app
  37. 37. My full consulting line for SaaS companies Walkthrough Strategy Call Custom UI Audit Wireframing Session Visual Style Guide
  38. 38. The UI Audit My book based on productized consulting: http://uibreakfast.com/audit Use code INVISION30 to get 30% off any book package
  39. 39. Good luck in productized consulting! Thank you my friends!