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Webinar: Embracing REST APIs through APPSeCONNECT

  1. VP Products at InSync Tech-Fin Solutions Ltd. Most Valuable Professional at Microsoft Software Innovator at Intel | Author Presented By Abhishek Sur / abhi2434@abhi2434 Koushik Dey / koushikdey
  2. Points to Discuss • What is REST API ? ​ • Why REST ? ​ • Different areas of REST API.​ • Introduction to APPSeCONNECT REST Connector​ • Features of REST Connector​ • Connecting REST App through APPSeCONNECT.​
  3. What is a REST API
  4. REST API Is • A simple web-based API that exposes data from Cloud. • It uses most of the basic features of HTTP protocol to expose information • REST is representational, hence all API operations and endpoints are human readable and easily identifiable. • In REST we put the Nowns in URL and Verbs as methods. For instance GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE are some common verbs while you can think of Products or Customers are Nowns. • REST standardizes authentication mechanism.
  5. Benefits of REST API​ • Easy to understand and easy to consume.​ • Flexibility in supporting wide variety of data formats like JSON, XML etc. ​ • Wide variety of Applications available to consume REST. Eg. PostMan, Swagger, RestClient, REST-assured etc. ​ • Standardized Error Messages​ • Standardized API metadata​ • Easily Documentable, using RAML or SWAGGER.
  6. Different Areas of REST API​ Navigation Methods Headers Error Codes AuthenticationEventing
  7. Navigation • Standard way of defining filters and navigation properties.​ • URL represents a resource.​ https://restclient.appseconnectapi.com/Customers​ https://restclient.appseconnectapi.com/Customers?filter=department[eq]sales&limit=20&offset=40​ https://restclient.appseconnectapi.com/customer/10/details​ • Pagination and Limiting are standard parameters.
  8. Methods • Http methods are used as Verb for REST API. • Easy to understand as english verbs are used for CRUD operations. • Verbs can be used directly from any web interfaces.
  9. Headers • Standard headers for Resource meta data. • 2 types of headers • Request headers • Response headers
  10. Authentication • Authentication is standardized using separate Authorization header. • Different authentication mechanisms supported : • OAuth • Basic • Bearer
  11. Eventing • REST API also support push-based API system using Webhook callbacks.
  12. Introducing Rest Connector
  13. Benefits • Ready and time tested solution to consume any REST API. • Configure and Execute yourself, thereby reducing dependency on the software vendors. • No coding knowledge is needed for doing the configuration. • Read API documentation and configure connections. • Put valid credentials and execute.
  14. List of Features Authentication Filters Agents Workflows Logging and Resync​
  15. Authentications supported OAuth Basic Auth NOAuth
  16. Filters Action Filter can be defined to get the data from the Source Application. Error Filter can be defined to uniquely identify the records which have failed during the sync process and resync them.
  17. Agents supported On premise Agent which will be installed in the client system itself and the control of the credentials is also at your end. Cloud Agent of APPSeCONNECT where the customer does not have to worry about managing the resources for sync process execution.
  18. Sync Configuration Management​ • Process Logs will help in identifying any sync pitfalls.​ • Resync Bucket is provided to view all transactional data which has been synced​ • Failed data can also be retried later either automatically or manually. ​ • Each transactions are grouped into a Snapshot to show exact steps performed during one single transaction.​
  19. Demonstration
  20. References • https://community.appseconnect.com/characteristics-of-rest-apis/ • https://community.appseconnect.com/building-a-connector-for-rest-api/ • https://restfulapi.net/ • https://www.restapitutorial.com/
  21. Q&A
  22. Thank You! /insync /Appseconnect /appseconnect//InSyncSolutions FOR INTEGRATION RELATED DISCUSSION, REACH OUT TO US AT sales@appseconnect.com