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Webinar: B2B Ecommerce Mobile App - The Key to Successful B2B Strategy

  1. Soumitra Chakraborty Team Lead (B2BeCONNECT) Presented by /soumitrachakraborty
  2. B2B eCommerce 101
  3. B2BeCommerce 101 • B2B e-commerce, short for business-to-business electronic commerce, is the sale of goods or services between businesses via an online sales portal. • Contact Persons place orders on behalf of the Company(Buyer) • Sales Reps place orders on behalf of the Company(Seller) for the Company(Buyer) • Pricing structure is a bit different in B2B compared to B2C. e.g. Bulk Discounts • Payment mode, use of Credit Limit, Pay on Accounts etc.
  4. Do you really need a Mobile App in B2B?
  5. Do you really need a mobile app in B2B? • B2B ecommerce in your pocket • Ease of Sending Important Notifications • Mobile Apps Offer Better Personalization than websites • Higher Customer Engagement • A native mobile app is always faster than mobile websites • Quickly place orders without a PC or Laptop • Your Competitors Using mobile apps 86% Users spend of their time on Mobile Apps
  6. B2BeCONNECT B2BeCONNECT is an integrated B2B ecommerce Solution that converts your ecommerce platform into a full fledged B2B ecommerce store that can connect to any business application in the world.
  7. B2BeCONNECT • Multi-User Company Account • Complex Pricing • Bulk Discounts • Quick Order Forms • Credit Limits • Request For Quote (RFQ) • Customer-Specific Catalogue • Purchase Approvals • Customer Group Allocation • Sales Reps
  8. B2BeCONNECT Mobile App And Many More can connect to any ecommerce and provide the native B2B ecommerce experience Magento WooCommerce Shopify BigCommerce Prestashop
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  10. Demo
  11. Coming Up! Quote Management Better User Interface and Experience More B2B configuration options
  12. Thank You Questions? REQUEST A DEMO sales@appseconnect.comA P R O D U C T B Y I N S Y N C