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Idiro Analytics - Social Network Analysis for Online Gaming

  1. 1. Social network analysisSocial network analysis for Online gamingfor Online gaming Using social network analysis in online gaming
  2. 2. Confidential. Copyright © Idiro Analytics, all rights reserved. How Idiro can help gaming companiesHow Idiro can help gaming companies Idiro are specialists in social network analysis (SNA) and advanced analytics. SNA can be used to detect social communities and to predict the future behaviour of individuals within these communities. Using Idiro’s advanced SNA data mining and predictive modelling tools, online gaming companies can: 1. Increase revenue per player by increasing sales of virtual goods 2. Reduce player defection 3. Identify cross-sell / up-sell opportunities
  3. 3. Confidential. Copyright © Idiro Analytics, all rights reserved. Marketing challenges facing online gamingMarketing challenges facing online gaming companies?companies? Idiro can help. Our advanced Idiro SNA Plus platform has been specifically designed to help companies analyse, understand and benefit from the data they have on their customers.
  4. 4. Confidential. Copyright © Idiro Analytics, all rights reserved. What can Idiro do?What can Idiro do? Idiro can apply social network analysis algorithms to your in-game social data. With this, we can:  Predict defection: With our advanced SNA capabilities we can predict which of your gamers are most likely to reduce or stop gaming, so that you can target them with retention offers  Segmentation: We can create a community segmentation of the customer base enabling you to create more targeted marketing campaigns  Cross-sell & Up-sell: We can identify which of your gamers are most susceptible to purchase value-added services, e.g. expansion packs.  Acquisition: In order to increase game uptake, we can stimulate new gamers to become more deeply involved through social activity. Also increase the conversion of non paying gamers to paying gamers.  Key gamers identification: We can identify game players with high levels of influence to spread messages/ game information throughout their community or to other consumers (viral marketing).
  5. 5. Confidential. Copyright © Idiro Analytics, all rights reserved. How Idiro use SNA in online gamingHow Idiro use SNA in online gaming Defect Pressure Defector Defector Defector Models addressing Acquisition & Retention Every week players will leave an online gaming company’s platform. Using SNA, Idiro can identify those subscribers who are most at risk to be influenced by their friends to defect from the game. Those identified can be offered retention incentives appropriate to the game. Some players have more influence than others. If a player with high influence leaves, they are more likely to influence friends to follow their lead. Idiro can identify players with “high churn influence”. Those identified should be targeted with loyalty offers. Fig. 1 Gaming Social Community Fig. 1 Gaming Social Community. Represents in-game links, such as 1 to 1 messaging; group chat; transferring of assets/ help; neighbours etc. Illustrates influence of others when friends/ links/ neighbours churn/ disengage with the game. Remaining players are under influence to follow suit.
  6. 6. Confidential. Copyright © Idiro Analytics, all rights reserved. Understanding gamers relationships is keyUnderstanding gamers relationships is key Research has shown the following: 1. The majority of gamers play games with personal (real world) friends. 2. The number one factor influencing game selection is through word of mouth from a friend/ colleague/ relative. This can help gaming companies as enables them to: a)Protect your influential players who can cause mass defection if they switch to your competitor(s) b)Identify players to whom you can sell new products & services
  7. 7. Confidential. Copyright © Idiro Analytics, all rights reserved. Social gamers relationshipsSocial gamers relationships Source: ISG PopCap social gaming research, 2010  Top 5 categories that social gamers play social games with.  62% of social gamers play games with personal (real world) friends.  Top 5 factors influencing social game selection.  60% of gamers believe the number one factor influencing game selection/ play is recommendations from personal (real world) friends.
  8. 8. Turning gaming data into knowledgeTurning gaming data into knowledge We take large amounts of structured and disparate sourced data e.g 1. Clean it 2. Build data marts & analytical models 3. Interrogate & deliver business intelligence Using your data we can help you better understand your business and predict what will happen in the future. (a) Player usage data (b)Player community (c) Billing info (if available) (d)Player Communication data
  9. 9. Confidential. Copyright © Idiro Analytics, all rights reserved. Example of Idiro’s approach to communityExample of Idiro’s approach to community segmentationsegmentation Player social community & mapping Idiro can analyse data on all aspects of the player, including location, gender, age to login/ logout, minutes played, in game activity, purchases etc. to build up an overall picture and deeper understanding of a players gaming experience & behaviour. Player segmentation can be interesting. As players come from varying different socio-economic backgrounds, their wants & needs from the game can be vastly different. Accurately segmenting gaming communities by individual player activity and community metrics/ attributes enables gaming companies to offer marketing and retention campaigns targeted at specific player segments. Fig. 4 Age Group UUA for January 2012 Fig. 4 Age Group UUA Jan 2012 Graph illustrates each age group category and their UUA for the month of January.
  10. 10. Confidential. Copyright © Idiro Analytics, all rights reserved. Idiro added services - general analyticsIdiro added services - general analytics  Using advanced analytics, Idiro can provide game enhancement/timing suggestions. We can identify specific “glitches” or times throughout a game, where significant disengagement/ defection exists, so that game designers/ developers can use this analysis to improve the functionality of the game design. It could be that players are confused; the level is too difficult; the need to purchase is presented too quickly; which can result in players disengaging.  We can identify “gold farmers” and their networks/ communities. And provide identification of bots too.  We can provide Funnel Analysis, tracking a player from the moment they register, all game activity up until their first purchase. There is not always a financial outlay at game start, players have less impetus to keep playing. Understanding their actions through the game to their first purchase is key to lowering defection or disengagement for future customers. Fig. 5 Gold farming in China Chinese workers slaying monsters to earn gold for western consumers, work 10-hour shifts to help players gain levels, and wealth in online role playing games.
  11. 11. Confidential. Copyright © Idiro Analytics, all rights reserved. ROI case study: European companyROI case study: European company 400% increased uptake in acquisition campaign Annual ROI over €7.5M from use of Idiro SNA Plus Business Goal: To acquire new customer’s, using existing customer’s social connections. Process: Idiro provided an acquisition target list, directly actionable within the acquisition campaign. Result: 400% increased uptake in acquisition campaign.
  12. 12. Confidential. Copyright © Idiro Analytics, all rights reserved. To conclude…To conclude…  Advanced analytics (including Social Network Analysis) can deliver real and significant value to gaming companies.  Our expert understanding and experience of data collection, analysis, modelling & segmentation can change your vast amounts of data into actionable insightful competitive advantage.  We can increase ROI and revenue generation with more appropriate targeted marketing campaigns, increasing purchasing and player satisfaction.  A customer says ……. “When searching for a partner in SNA we required a unique combination of analytical skills and ability to take the concept into full operational deployment. After reviewing people operating in this space, we felt that only Idiro offered that unique combination, and over the past year they have proven time and again our faith in them in both aspects.” Mr. John Belchamber, Head of CRM Capability, Telefónica O2 UK.
  13. 13. THANK YOUTHANK YOU Using social network analysis in online gaming Save time, resources & money Talk to Idiro the experts who speak your language