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  1. 1. When taking out any type of finance deal, you will almost definitely be offered payment protection insurance of some kind. This is an insurancepolicy which acts as a safeguard if you fail to miss your repayments through no fault of your own such as losing your job or suffering from an accident/illness. Many people have this sold tothem without understanding the potential positive and negative/aspects by seemingly pushy salesmen at the time they take out their loan.ppi
  2. 2. The banks make a big chunk of their profits from PPI and reportsshow that they have overcharged the UK customers around £1 4billion which has lead to the charity Citizens Advice issuing a supercomplaint The claims process can at times be lengthy depending onthe issuer of the policy and you should be aware that it only coversppi the costs incurred from your loan
  3. 3. An expert gave advice along the lines of making sure you are awareof what the policy offers and what alternatives are available thatcould suit the same purpose Often consumers are sold theseproducts without gaining any understanding of what they are takingout
  4. 4. Whereas, if they were better informed they would be able to see thepossible merits of the policy If you choose your policy unwisely youcould find it doesnt offer the value you were expecting
  5. 5. PPI can be a benefit to some as accidents do happen, as long asyou research your PPI and fully understand it, you will not have anyunexpected surprises An alternative to PPI is to save around threeto six months worth of wages in a high interest saving account whichcan easily be accessed
  6. 6. This would cover you (short term) for accidental illness or job lossThis may not be as easy for everyone
  7. 7. For long term cover you may want to consider income protectioncover as, if you make a claim, it will payout until your retirement dateif terms and conditions of the policy are met You should ensure youare aware of all the details of any you take out including the monthlypayment and interest rates applicable
  8. 8. This applies to both and and will ensure you get the most out ofyour cover
  9. 9. ppi

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