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Diversity Your Teams with Entelo

  1. 1. Entelo Diversity Increased productivity, market share, and innovation – all things that a diverse workforce brings to today’s top-performing companies. DATA SHEET | Entelo Diversity Entelo Diversity enables companies to easily find candidates from a broad range of backgrounds. I’m particularly excited this tool will help companies find veterans, bringing their leadership, mission-focused, and team-based skills to the best companies. The Honorable Tommy Sowers, former Assistant Secretary at the Department of Veterans Affairs Entelo is a recruiting platform that helps organizations find, qualify, and engage with in-demand talent. To learn more, visit us at www.entelo.com. Numerous studies show that having diversity leads to greater employee engagement and lower employee turnover. However, traditional recruiting techniques to find diverse candidates are time-consuming and often require manual work to uncover hires from underrepresented groups. Entelo’s proprietary algorithm delivers the information to you right within our platform: • Find candidates from underrepresented groups based on gender, ethnicity, and veteran status • Craft targeted emails – with a higher probability of being opened – using information from a candidate’s comprehensive profile • Demonstrate good faith efforts and comply with regulations (federal contractors, etc.) Entelo Diversity allows companies of all sizes to reap the benefits of building strong, diverse teams. Additionally, since this information is layered on top of a candidate’s skills and qualifications, the solution provides a level of objectivity as it relates to your hiring practices. Entelo Diversity is part of the broader Entelo platform that brings you the data, intelligence, and productivity to help you source faster and better.


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