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2015 Earned Brand China
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Social Media Trends 2014

  1. 1. Social Media Trends 2014
  2. 2. First - 2013
  3. 3. Social Media usage has surged University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research @cedricspeak
  4. 4. @cedricspeak
  5. 5. @cedricspeak
  6. 6. THE STATE OF SOCIAL MEDIA TODAY 60% 52% 52% believe that roles & responsibilities around social are well defined believe top execs are informed, engaged & aligned with social strategy believe the social strategy includes a roadmap for the next 1+ years 48% 65% 34% 67% @cedricspeak believe they have a long term vision for how social media will improve customer relationships believe that risk management is understood by the business believe that there are clear metrics linking social activities with business outcomes of companies surveyed were active in social with no real link to business goals.
  7. 7. Updates to Platforms • The past year has been filled with updates and new changes to some of the most used social media platforms. • Facebook made extensive changes to their analytics, advertising and newsfeed algorithm… and to their privacy settings • While Instagram introduced the ability to upload videos to give Vine a run for their money. • Many of the changes we’ve seen this year will go on to shape the way campaigns and content are made in social well into 2014 @cedricspeak
  8. 8. 2014
  9. 9. Greater Social Platform Diversity The Rise of Microvideos Increased Use of Image-Based Content Paid Social Media goes mainstream Social ROI Rise of mobile Omni-Channel Marketing @cedricspeak
  10. 10. Greater Social Platform Diversity
  11. 11. What has happened?  New social platforms have emerged in 2013 that have made for surprising marketing efforts  Existing popular networks have also made significant updates that have huge potential  Global brands are starting to experiment with new platforms and ad formats other than Facebook to increase their digital footprint @cedricspeak
  12. 12. Smaller platforms becoming mainstream @cedricspeak
  13. 13. Even B2B marketers are diversifying @cedricspeak
  14. 14. Why is it important?  They provide marketers with new content creation options that can be used to further engage and build audiences  It builds brand equity by making it easier for consumer to see and interact with the brand  Makes a brand stand out from clutter @cedricspeak
  15. 15. @cedricspeak
  16. 16. The Rise of Micro-Videos
  17. 17. @cedricspeak
  18. 18. How did it happen?  Twitter started the wave when they launch Vine, but Instagram’s update to support videos sealed the deal for micro-videos  The short clips are easily digestible for the short attention spans of customers these days and has become quick, easy and very simple to create and share @cedricspeak
  19. 19. Micro-videostars are the new influencers  Early adopters of Vine and Instagram videos have become stars in their own niche, becoming a new breed of influencers who are truly creative, not just popular  Brands who have seized the opportunities have also started including these platforms in their marketing efforts  Brands will have to really understand their customers and collaborate with artists and not just within their own companies for content @cedricspeak
  20. 20. What are brands doing on Vine? SEPHORA: https://vine.co/v/bY2nHIBJbWT @cedricspeak https://vine.co/v/huFAvU5zLUK FCUK: PUMA: https://vine.co/v/bltq3WEpjlT SAMSUNG MOBILE: https://vine.co/v/hB05eTwLhUB
  21. 21. What are brands doing on Instagram? KATE SPADE: http://instagram.com/p/ayieibgeAs/# CHARITY:WATER: http://instagram.com/p/aye_2mGhNa/ @cedricspeak LULULEMON: http://instagram.com/p/er9sQXSm-4/ GAP: http://instagram.com/p/ayuEy-j9uL/#
  22. 22. Image-Based Content Will Rule
  23. 23. New use of images on social platforms  Instagram rolled out its first ever ad on it’s platform to its US users @cedricspeak  Twitter introduces image and video previews in streams
  24. 24. Twitter now looks like this  Tweets used to be line after line of texts  Users will now see images directly in their stream  In a sea of text, an attractive image is going to make your brand stand out more than the others  Promoted Tweets that come with photos also get an added boost with this new update @cedricspeak
  25. 25. What does this mean to the marketer?  Creating good image content is now becoming more important than ever with platforms other than Facebook adding new opportunities for marketers  But users now have the advantage of providing feedback to the platforms on the content that they are seeing from brands  Good image content can make the difference between a user hiding your post and blocking your content from their stream, or Like-ing and following you @cedricspeak
  26. 26. Snapchat marketing will gain popularity  Snapchat is the hot mobile app that sends out messages (text, photo or short video), called “snaps”.  These snaps auto-destruct after a short moment of time, between 1 to 10 seconds depending on how the snap was set up.  The fact that snaps are deleted from the server answers a lot of privacy concerns that have plagued other platforms @cedricspeak
  27. 27. ASOS sent followers surprise discounts @cedricspeak
  28. 28. 16Handles also sent instant discounts @cedricspeak
  29. 29. Increased Importance of Social ROI
  30. 30. Why should you monitor social ROI?  Marketers will increasingly need to know what metrics to measure in order to close the gap between social efforts and actual revenue  Social media serves three key marketing objectives and these are why investment in social media will become a necessity for all businesses in 2014 @cedricspeak
  31. 31. Where social stands in the sales funnel • Social media sparks conversations with potential customers much earlier than traditional media @cedricspeak Netbase, Social Savvy e-Book, 2013
  32. 32. Business Outcome Increase sales and develop a youthful positioning Social Media Outcome Clarks as a trendy brand with traffic to website and increase footfall to stores @cedricspeak
  33. 33. Content Strategy Content Strategy involved trendy images showing a youthful and trendy side to Clarks. The tactical activity involves driving store footfalls What was Measured Followers, Direct sales from tactical activities on social media, Engagement and participation rates, Brand health metrics, Customer service cost savings @cedricspeak
  34. 34. Business Outcome Increase sales & drive market-share for Travellershield during critical preSummer period Social Media Outcome Increase online sales, customer service and decrease cost of marketing @cedricspeak
  35. 35. Content Strategy The social media effort is clearly aimed at increasing online sales through direct customer value. Social is also a key driver of cost savings – (Marketing, customer savings, Recruitment) What was Measured Direct sales from social media tactical activities, savings in marketing and customer service costs, website traffic increase @cedricspeak
  36. 36. Paid Social Goes Mainstream
  37. 37. Paid Media now accounts for over 16% of all online spends. Not limited to social campaigns @cedricspeak
  38. 38. Here’s the first ad on Instagram @cedricspeak
  39. 39. This ad proved more cost effective than other forms of media in terms of response and reach @cedricspeak
  40. 40. Rise of Mobile
  41. 41. @cedricspeak
  42. 42. @cedricspeak
  43. 43. Use of Omni-Channel Marketing
  44. 44. What is this omni-channel marketing? @cedricspeak
  45. 45. What powered this shift? • @cedricspeak The lines between offline and online shopping experiences have been blurring
  46. 46. What powered this shift? • @cedricspeak Roughly 3 in 4 consumers research online after seeing an offline ad
  47. 47. What does this mean for marketers? • Marketers need to diversify their approach to awareness with the use of new and multiple platforms • Another reason to step away from FB solely and branch out to new platforms @cedricspeak
  48. 48. Summary •Social Media becomes mainstream •Newer platforms to be taken note of •Integrate from the Start – Not an add on •Measure, Measure, Measure – Analytics as a practice