elderly geriatric medical journal imj health infertility diabetes mellitus communicable diseases spiritual health metropolitan city knowledge hypertension cfr quality of life morocco banana wastewaters na-alginate uhmwpe antimicrobial polymer. oligohexamethylene guanidine hydrochloride oligoguanidine risk factors melasma anemia in pregnancy antenatal cases (ancs) acute illness medical students socio-demographic profile asha survillance modified mini screen (mms) spiritual health assessment scale (shas) psycho-wellness bronchial asthma pulmonary function tests defaulters tuberculosis post-operative wound infection primigravida multigravida anxiety malocclusion dental carries periodontitis pregnancy outcomes rabies training program. learning environment residents perception nephrology specialists niti wires. stabilization stage retention stage orthodontic arch wires inter-molar width changes membrane separation and purification. enzyme hydrolysis ginkgo peptide dental surgeons. health providers maxillofacial surgeries corona virus covid 19 beta-titanium wires. copper niti niti commercial arch wires mandible hypertension. haematological parameters anthropometric parameters pre-diabetes África. resource – limited setting social consequence covid-19 orthodontic. width inter-canine wires arch streptococci coliforms microbiology coastline pollution ca-alginate misoprostol mifepristone non-scarred uterus scarred uterus medical abortion undergraduate students health and physical development problems keywords: guidance and counselling services infertile women nucleic acid amplification test (pcr). tuberculin test genital tuberculosis diagnostic efficacy hadlock's formula. johnson's formula fetal weight bmd: bone mineral density. dxa: dual energy x-ray absorptiometry 25(oh)d: 25 hydroxy vitamin d congenital malformations vacterl association macroscopic anatomy of placenta placenta concentration memory attention stress intelligent medical processor evolution of medical processor units medical machines entropion syndactyly ectodermal dysplasia ectrodactyly syndrome astigmatism scheimpflug imaging bio-socio-demographic factors pterygium pregnancy outcomes. gestational diabetes mellitus (gdm) micro-albuminuria triglycerides cardiovascular disease (cvd) laparotomies surgical site infections (ssi) maâmora tablecloth bacterial contamination pollution of water sprouting media. growth of grapes cuttings. potting chlorophyll content soil mesofauna soil mites edaphic mites coffea arabica agricultural acarology cooperative societies. credit delivery efficiency phenomenological model. criteria diagnostic contact resistance boundary lubrication layer papua new guinea. fruit-eating-insects species diversity community composition orange peel biosorption biosorbent basic dyes safety. pharmacovigilance fluralaner dog cat microbiological content. benin city lettuce bacteriological assessment antifungal activity banana rachis leachate post-harvest diseases plant extracts nano particles green fungicides alternaria citri sensory evaluations physiochemical properties varieties banana figs and pod sod pal enzymatic antioxidants vigna radiata induced resistance substitution sensory quality composite bread wheat flour cashew nut physico-chemical rice flour milk chapati banana flour interpretive structural modelling (ism) marketing function model uup kopi ser crop-livestock integration system integration potato sustainability reduction radial development pathogen disease active ingredient terpenes mitochondria medicinal plant cannabis sativa cannabaceae losses marketplace per capita consumption zeolite membranes hydrothermal synthesis environmental application catalase immobilization wheat nitrogen grain yield growth parameters plants. non – coding rnas gene regulation sulfur growth and yield broccoli boron tonic effect leucopteracoffeela hemileiavastatrix ellipsometry. microscopy vanadium pentoxide surface modification aluminum powder single photon emission computed tomography. positron emission tomography magnetic resonance imaging computerised tomography electron imaging of human body electron tomography morocco. ouazzane lagoons epuration nickel-based filler metal. melting point microstructure brazing ca-alginate. sauce. soy sample preparation microwave-assisted derivatization liquid phase extraction 3-chloropropanediol lyapunov direct method. dynamic actuator omnidirectional wheeled mobile robot posture control ibvs response surface. nuclear power lead environmental analyzes chemical yield scour depth. open channels laboratory experiments abutments slope stability. factor of safety transient state. spinning neutron neuropathic pain spinal cord injury dog bites attitude and practices unicornuate uterus foetal death rudimentary horn ectopic pregnancy language. trisomy 21 communication age & sex association. peri-orbital region. medial rectus extra ocular cysticercosis taeniasis urban adolescent. addictions mental health menstrual hygiene reproductive health root heal therapy (rht). dermatology life quality index (dlqi) masi scores radiation therapy oncology group. volumetric modulated arc therapy nasopharyngeal carcinoma (npc) clinico-epidemiology. mantoux test lupus vulgaris cutaneous tb metastasis. prostate ptosis bio-socio-demographic factors. impaired glucose tolerance gestational diabetes mellitus reproduction fetotoxicity. gonadotoxicity sisal candida. fungal infection otomycosis aspergillus femoral artery. profunda femoris artery lateral circumflex femoral artery white sclerae genetic disorder perinatally lethal condition. osteogenesis imperfecta type 2 pneumonitis. pneumomediastinum paraquat aki chikungunya in children vesiculobullous lesions. viral fever temporal lobe chikungunya. encephalitis diagnostic hystero-laproscopy (dhl) diagnostic values. 3-dimensional shg (shg) iris haart hiv pml zoonotic hydatid cyst abdominal disseminated tsh lipid profile. subclinical hypothyroidism (sch) spinal cord injury (sci) resistance training and sham training. pulmonary function test micro-organism post-operative surgical site infection (ssi) ssi infection rate. organ donation willingness mefenamic acid acute generalized exanthematous pustulosis agep behavior food perimenopause kyphosis bone density lordosis. muscle strength determinants of ancs performance indicators of asha. masi scores. oligohydramnios amniotic fluid index fetal distress. oxidative stress malanodialdehyde and myocardi diabetic dyslipidaemia insulin resistance pregnancy outcomes iugr lbw babies seasonal variation micro-organism. pdr pcr idsp school children allergic rhinitis dental fluorosis personal hygiene nursing personnel. universal precautions practice whoqol-bref. dermatobiahominis cutaneous myiasis buccal mni dna damage genome instability formaldehyde exposure sacral hiatus. sacrum alcohol consumption. dementia partner homocysteine throat swab pharyngitis streptococcus pyogenes neoplasms gastrointestinal stromal tumors (gist) gastrointestinal system feminism functionalism marxism social constructionism foucaulian analysis glycolic acid peel acne peels salicylic acid peel acne scare daily activities of life. macronutrient level. nutritional status protein level asthma quality of life questionnaire (aqlq). root heal therapy (rht) asthma cell repair. phacoemulsification glycemic control diabetes mellitus type 2 corneal endothelial cells hypothyroidism gilford progeria syndrome hutchinson interpersonal relationship architecture health awareness promotion infant nutrition nurse education. student knowledge sexual knowledge sexual behavior university students sexual attitude depressive symptoms mental retardation daily parenting stress osteomyelitis bcg vaccine immunocompetent cyst excision monoclonal antibodies ulceration plaque mycosis fungoides neurological disorders autonomy competency blood pressure heart rate variability exercise sports medical comorbidity shifts duties common psychiatric disorders occupational risk factors hdr rectal cancer brachytherapy chemoradiation neoadjuvant tracheostomy maxillofacial trauma cases midfacial and panfacial traumatic injuries submental intubation body mass index dyslipidemia global prosthetic rehabilitation cad/cam surgical site infection joint replacement arthroplasty in vivo laser confocal microscopy meibomian glands dry eye intracervical dinoprostone gel cervical ripening intravaginal misoprostoltablets. induction of labour alcohol placebo neurocognition shisha haematology cigarette smoking arterio-venous malformations limb hypertrophy splenic lymphangiomatosis port-wine stain patient care doctors job satisfaction life- style factors. affluent families obesity/overweight adolescents hpv cervical dysplasia p16ink4a cervical cancer social activities oncological diseases speech communication speech therapy disability special educational needs liaison psychiatry dermatitis artefacta psychodermatology factitious disorders hepatitis b vaccination heart diseases pciol implantation closed globe injuries open globe injuries surgical outcomes traumatic cataract socio-demographic variables anemia adolescent girls integrated diseases survillance programme (idsp) urban area health status mortality morbidity epidemiology ms: metabolic syndrome cvd: cardio vascular disease nafld: non-alcoholic fatty liver disease nash: non-alcoholic steato hepatitis metastatic tumours diagnostic accuracy lymphadenopathy fine needle aspiration cytology (fnac) lymphadenitis antimicrobial susceptibility testing burn wound infection. methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (mrsa) methicillin susceptible staphylococcus aureus (mss spritual health medical research medical spritual dexa bone mineral density cerebral palsy fetal outcome maternal factors pregnancy related anemia (3rd trimester) zsy district hospital patient load situation analysis integrated teaching medical council of india (mci) spiritual intelligence intrapersonal characteristics spiritual quotient model interpersonal characteristics bone erosion gingival overgrowth peripheral calcifying/cementifying/ossifying fibro clinical attachment level periodontal disease serum lipid profile probing pocket depth maternal iron maternal zinc maternal copper low birth weight vulval cyst bartholin cyst cystic papillary hidradenoma skin adnexal tumors urban area. bio-social profile stds nursing personnel. reproductive duct infections diseases dtc cured rate category relapse failure supplementary nutrition icds hne awc aww anganwadis pse psycho physiological relation yoga meditation mind management hyperbaric bupivacaine clonidine adjuvants spinal anaesthesia caesarean section restrictive disease medspiror contraceptive method sterilization cure rate failure rate and case fatality rate hospital stay co morbidity influenza socio-demographic swine flu human immunodeficiency virus (hiv) voluntary and referred clients sti ictc suicidal ideation seasonal trend maternal deaths depression and glaucoma insomnia systolic blood pressure (sbp) 61- point relaxation training heart rate (hr) and respiratory rate (rr) diastolic blood pressure (dbp) care givers psychiatric illness chronic medical illness gaur’s socio-economic scale. b.g.prasad ses classification socio-economic status scales kuppuswami ses scale dental flrosis oral hygiene pr status er status gall bladder carcinoma prom elderly primigravida lscs pph pcecv and intra dermal rabies vaccination. animal bite arv
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