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Sharing Medical Research Through Twitter

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Social media messaging should always be tailored to fit the unique platform it's published on. Effective use of Twitter can direct your followers and your follower's followers to your agency's website for more in-depth information on breakthroughs in medical research, national health observances, and other health communication.

Download the tipsheet for best practices to keep in mind when creating new content for Twitter.


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Sharing Medical Research Through Twitter

  1. 1. Sharing Medical Research through TWITTER TIP SHEET Social media messaging should always be tailored to fit the unique platform it’s published on. Social media is a quick and easy way to share information and foster engagement with the public. Effective use of social media can also direct the public to your agency’s website for more in-depth information. Keep these practices in mind when creating new content: @ PHOTOS 62% NUMBERS OR STATISTICS 16% QUOTES 14% S M T W T F S 17% Suggested post frequency is 4–10 tweets a day. #Please #Follow #Great #10 #New blog post #Check it out #Social media “Retweet” 86% MORE! no links links Does your agency need more social media tips? Contact Lindy Dreyer, Digital Strategist, ICF International | lindy.dreyer@icfi.com | @LindyDreyer Last Update: November, 2014 Content Considerations Tweets that have fewer than 100 characters can get you up to 17 percent higher engagement. - Buddy Media, 2013 The following post content types can boost retweets accordingly. - Rogers, 2014 Boost in Retweets HASHTAGS 30% no more than two per tweet VIDEOS 14% Time and Frequency Tweets during “busy hours” (8 a.m. to 7 p.m.) receive 30 percent more engagement. Twitter engagement rates are 17 percent higher on Saturday and Sunday. - Buddy Media, 2013 - Buddy Media, 2013 Compose new Tweet Add photo Location disabled 94 Tweet Content Theme and Word Usage Considerations Tweets containing these words are most likely to be retweeted: - Widrich, 2013 #Retweet #You #How to Platform-Specific Features Specifically ask your followers to “Retweet”, it's 23 times more effective than asking for a "RT". -Buddy Media, 2013 Tweets with links get 86% more retweets. - Patel, 2014 TMS DG 1014 0326