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  2. 2. Adcore Technologies ABOUT COMPANY Adcore is a Full Service Comprehensive Interactive Digital Media agency with a wide spectrum of services including Web Design, Web Development, Search Engine Marketing, Mobile Web Design and Web Application Development, Content Development and Online Strategy Formulation. Our dedicated team of professionals includes web designers & developers, search engine marketing specialists and social media experts and account managers who work round the clock & offer tremendous value to our clients include corporate heavy weights and small and medium enterprises like:
  3. 3. Our Clientele
  4. 4. Then: ABOUT SEARCH ENGINES • First ‘’true’’ search engines: Google, Inktomi, Alta Vista and Yahoo. • Simple architecture/ meta data. • Search marketing platforms from Overture and eSpotting • Analytics mainly server-based • Platforms: Desktop search. Pre- broadband!
  5. 5. Now: ABOUT SEARCH ENGINES • Search Engines: Google, Bing, Facebook and Twitter, Google plus location/mobile. • Search marketing platforms Adwords, Yahoo & Facebook • Analytics: session/cookie based • Platforms: desktop, mobile and tablet.
  6. 6. What Is SEO? Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving visibility during a search based activity, by focussing information and signals. SEO FACT
  7. 7. Visability: • Search Rankings • Customer Reach • Overview Rating • Fan Following • Brand Value Trust • Authority • ROI SEO FACT
  8. 8. Search based activity: • Keyword • Profile interest/ hobby • Asking friends/ followers • Forum question • Automated recommendation • Location Information • Directory search • News or feed request • Online journey SEO FACT
  9. 9. Information: • Website structure • Blog post / web page • Profile • PR / White paper • Status update/ Tweets • Blog comments • Forum participation • Ad network • Product / service types • Map and directory entries SEO FACT
  10. 10. Signals: • Link quality • Link relevancy • Structural order / importance • Popularity • Authority/ quality • Likes / votes / sharing • Citations • Trending • Semantic information SEO FACT
  11. 11. Your online visibility is based around a network. RESEARCH People and search engines see this network and form an impression of you.
  12. 12. Google Research Google: ‘external keyword tool’ • Use negative filters • Tick ‘’only show...’’ box • Select location/ local searches • Good for ‘longtail’ Ads.youtube.com/keyword_tool Google: ‘Trends’ RESEARCH
  13. 13. Facebook Research Facebook.com/ads/create • Shows size of potential audience • Can target users of other pages, events, groups or apps • Based on likes and interests • Further demographics Facebook.com/search • Use ‘’show posts by everyone’’ for realtime global data RESEARCH
  14. 14. Local Research Whitespark.ca/tools/local- citation-finder • Shows local search algorithm influences • Use to optimise for any search pages that produce local/map results • Also use external KW tool • And google searches set to location RESEARCH
  15. 15. Twitter Research Search.twitter.com/advanced • Locality: use ‘near:’ • Search for  or  • Find people who need advice or services in your area • Look at messages to a large company from local people and offer your solution instead Hashtags.org Tweetbeep.com RESEARCH
  16. 16. BUILD A STRATEGIES Basic SEO #1: Structure • Content approach • Quantity no longer a factor • Navigation and linking • Inject rotating content into pages • Keep it simple and logical • Call to actions on each page
  17. 17. • www.xyz.com • www.xyz.com/accountancy/ • www.xyz.com/accountancy/services • www.xyz.com/accountancy/planning • www.xyz.com • www.xyz.com/tax/ • www.xyz.com/tax/returns • www.xyz.com/tax/advice No subdomains! Basic SEO #2: URL Formation BUILD A STRATEGIES
  18. 18. Title: Should not exceed 72 characters, at least 4 words. Include the keyword phrase in the title toward the beginning Description: The first and/ or meta description 165 characters, include the keyword toward the beginning. Body: At least 300 words. Each keyword should not represent more than 5.5% of the total words on the page. Including some content in a bulleted list is a good idea. Basic SEO #3: Content BUILD A STRATEGIES
  19. 19. Basic SEO#4: Tools • Use a good, open source CMS: Wordpress, Drupal, ModX • Use a fast server, UK Based with good IP address • Look at HTML 5 in place of flash or Java/ pop-ups. • Use Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics • Use 301 redirects if content is moved or site design is new. • Be nice, no tricks! BUILD A STRATEGIES
  20. 20. BLOGS Blog Guideline 1: Your Blog • Categories Design clear keyword rich categories to link to your web page structure – or make the categories your web page structure! • Permanent URL Ensure it is keyword rich and accurately reflecting post title • Tags Do not over tag! 10 – 15 at most. • Post footers: Include your commercial information here, leave the blog post to offer the value
  21. 21. Blog Guideline 2: Their blogs • Constructive commenting - gives you authority - link opportunities - social participation • Examine their posts and comments first - allows you to get a ‘feel’ for the audience • Promote your comments Tweeting about your comments and promoting other people’s blogs is cooler than pushing your own stuff • SEO Value Huge SEO value in your name and brand appearing across industry / interest related sites BLOGS
  22. 22. NEWS & PR Blog Guideline 3: News & PR • URL’s must: - be permanent - contain a 3-digit number - avoid date inclusion - RSS helps • Multiple Authors To differentiate your blog as a ‘news’ source • Correct length Press releases that are too short (150 words) or too long (500 words) will not be included • Pictures Are used in the Google News search results.
  23. 23. BECOME A SOCIAL Facebook Optimisation: Open Graph The Open Graph protocol enables any web page to become a rich object in a social graph. When a user ‘likes’ your web page, then OG information about the site, page, post, and picture ensures correct rendering within facebook. This leads to a higher ‘viral’ spread factor. Information about your page/ object is also stored appropriately in the facebook database, optimised for any search based activity or automated recommendation
  24. 24. Facebook Optimisation: Open Graph Example: og:title = "The Rock" og:type = "movie" og:url = "http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0117500" og:image = "http://ia.media-imdb.com/rock.jpg" og:site_name = "IMDb" BECOME A SOCIAL
  25. 25. Facebook Optimisation: Open Graph Object Types: BECOME A SOCIAL
  26. 26. Facebook Optimisation: Open Graph Implementation: 1. Research facebook interests 2. Add OG metadata to your site/page 3. Add ‘like’ button 4. ‘’Push’’ into facebook by ‘liking’
  27. 27. ADVERTS Benefits of Ads: 1. Gain early traction 2. Research tool 3. ‘long tail’ KW marketing 4. Acts as a ‘signal’ 5. Platform / location targeting 6. Good source of ROI when optimised
  28. 28. ADVERTS Main PPC Platforms: 1. Google Adwords 2. MSN Adcenter 3. Facebook 4. LinkedIn 5. Baidu
  29. 29. ADVERTS PPC Basics #1: Find the right people • Standard Google KW settings can trigger unwanted ad displays (broad-match) • Use ‘search string’ reports to understand actual phrases people use • Add negatives or set to exact match • 1 ad per 5 – 10 keywords • Be specific in your ad • Exclude unwanted locations/ times
  30. 30. ADVERTS PPC Basics #2: Pay less per click • Quality score is awarded to better performing ads • You can pay less per click than a higher – positioned competitor • Ensure relevancy in keyword, ad and landing page • A/B test ads continuously • Segment different keywords into campaigns with set daily budgets
  31. 31. ADVERTS New PPC Ideas #1: Mobile Targeting • Target iPad, iPhone, Android & Mobile • Geo-target ad delivery for location an map inclusions • Ads on mobile sites in a given area can be triggered. • Use click-to-call, no website required • Click-to-app, Itunes and Android Markets • Adwords stats will show performance for various platforms
  32. 32. ADVERTS New PPC Ideas #2: hunting lost conversions! • Install tracking code on your site and conversion pages • Build a cookie-identified audience of any visitor that starts conversion process but does not complete • Target ads across display network to this visitor • Set delivery frequency/ cookie length • Delay ad trigger for subscription reminders etc.
  33. 33. MEASURE AND IMPROVE Multichannel Marketing 1. Organic search 2. PPC 3. Twitter 4. Facebook 5. Email link 6. Direct visitor 7. App user 8. Referring website 9. Event / Show 10. Direct Mail
  34. 34. Conversions 1. Online enquiry form 2. Phone call 3. App/file downlowd 4. Purchase 5. Subscription 6. Email 7. Shop / event visit 8. Booking 9. Site visitors/ Ad servings MEASURE AND IMPROVE
  35. 35. Analytics: Tools • Google Analytics • Google Urchin (server based) • PPC Conversion Code • Goal Completion • Facebook insights • Google Alerts / Tweetbeep • Weblogs • Google Webmaster Tools • Ask visitors! MEASURE AND IMPROVE
  36. 36. Analytics: Google Analytics Setup • Correctly install code - Subdomains - Checkout pages - Events • Set up filters for internal traffic • Create multistep funnels and goals • Create custom segments • Tie in Adwords accounts • UTM Tagging • Compile master email report MEASURE AND IMPROVE
  37. 37. THANKS! Thanks for listening! Adcore Technologies 1898 A, 3rd Floor, Uday Chand Marg, Kotla Mubarak Pur, South Ext 1, New Delhi – 110 003 E: sales@adcoretechnologies.com E: info@adcoretechnologies.com M – 98911 50510, 98107 50188