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The Secrets of Inbound Marketing<br />Rick Burnes<br />Twitter: @rickburnes<br />October 23, 2010<br />How to use SEO, blo...
Agenda<br />About Inbound Marketing<br />SEO<br />Content<br />Social Media<br />How to Measure It<br />
Traditional Marketing (Outbound)<br />
Marketing Today (Inbound)<br />
Declining Traffic for Trade Publications<br />
But We’re Now a Trade Publication<br />
Best Young Companies? Inbound.<br />1950 - 2000<br />2000 - 2050<br />8<br />
Marketing With Budget? Or Brain?<br />Flickr: Refracted Moments<br />Flickr: Gaetoan Lee<br />
www.HubSpot.com/ROI<br />More:<br />
Why Inbound Is Cheaper<br />
What Is Inbound Marketing?<br />Website Visitors<br />Process<br />Tools<br />Get Found<br /><ul><li>Content Mgmt
Social Media
Analytics</li></ul>Get Found<br /><ul><li>Publish
Optimize</li></ul>Leads<br />Convert<br /><ul><li>Test
Nurture</li></ul>Convert<br /><ul><li>Offers / CTAs
Landing Pages
Lead Intelligence
Lead Mgmt
Analytics</li></ul>Customers<br />
SEO<br />Social Media<br />Blog<br />
SEO<br />Social Media<br />Blog<br />Flickr: Storm Crypt<br />
Agenda<br />About Inbound Marketing<br />SEO<br />Content<br />Social Media<br />How to Measure It<br />
How Do You Get to the Top?<br />
Pick Your Keyword Battles<br />Flick Photos: ExtraMedium & Simonstarr <br />Fight for “Ninja” …<br />or “Ninja Halloween C...
Two Sides of Optimization<br />On-Page<br />Off-Page<br />
How Do You Get Links?<br />Have something worth linking to.<br />
Blogging Means More Inbound Links<br />
How Google Weighs Optimization<br />On Page<br />(25%) <br />Off Page<br />(75%)<br />Off-page optimization is critical.<b...
SEO<br />Blog<br />Flickr: Storm Crypt<br />
Agenda<br />About Inbound Marketing<br />SEO<br />Content<br />Social Media<br />How to Measure It<br />
The Difference?<br />Data from website.grader.com and compete.com<br />
What Should You Write About?<br />(Holly Allison, VP, Marketing, Vico Software)<br />(Larry Berezin, COO, NYC Parking Tick...
Content Attracts the Right People<br />Neil Diamond <br />Flick Photo: Marciela<br />
Blog<br />Podcast<br />Videos<br />Photos<br />Presentations<br />eBooks<br />News Releases<br />What Content Channels Are...
Create Content That Fits Your Industry<br />
HubSpot.com/cartoons<br />
Get Into the Content Mindset<br /><ul><li>Make emails into blog posts
Turn forum posts into blog posts
Shoot videos at events
Interview customers for your blog
Repurpose company data for public reports
Share lessons you learn</li></ul>Flick Photo: Cindiann<br />
Agenda<br />About Inbound Marketing<br />SEO<br />Content<br />Social Media<br />How to Measure It<br />
Social Media Is Now a Staple<br />Flickr: anitacanita<br />Flickr: sierravalleygirl<br /><ul><li> Unmeasured
 Small scale
 No business impact
 But lots of fun
 Highly measurable
 Massive scale
 Major driver of leads, sales
 Still fun</li></li></ul><li>PR, Social-Media Style<br />Need to urgently speak with a business that is very actively leve...
PR, Social-Media Style<br />Elapsed Time:<br />50 Minutes<br />
Social Media Drives Leads<br />HubSpot Social Media Leads<br />Twitter is largest category, at >40% of HubSpot’s total soc...
How to Get Started<br />Listen <br />Share Your Content<br />Listen More <br />Build Relationships<br />
Places to listen<br /><ul><li>Search.Twitter.com
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The Difference?<br />Data from website.grader.com The Secrets of Inbound Marketing

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The Difference?Data from website.grader.com and compete.com

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