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Inbound Marketing Content Workshop

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Handout for the 1 hour Inbound Marketing Content Workshop companion to the Inbound Marketing Presentation embedded here & provided to Scotland's SMEs June 2011

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Inbound Marketing Content Workshop

  1. 1. Inbound Marketing WorkshopHow do you get online audiences to choose your site, blog & ultimatelybuy your product or service? By knowing your audience or persona,giving them remarkable content, taking chances, bringing value to theirlives and giving them a reason to convert.Content Strategy SUSPECT: Browsing, Attract MeDefine your persona:• What are their challenges & PROSPECT: Learning More aspirations? LEAD: Interested• How do they consume information?• What is important to them?Define your persona here: PAIN _____________________________ROLE___________________ GOALS____________________________DEMO__________________ INFLUENCERS______________________Define offers that resonate at each stageBrainstorm to identify blog posts & different content offers or ‘Calls toAction’ that would entice your audience to convert.1) Suspect – What Free Content Can Attract Browsers? • What FAQs do you ALWAYS have to answer? • What unique situation have you solved, tell a story. • What new technique can you simplify for ‘mere mortals’?List 4-5 blog or video ideas here:
  2. 2. Inbound Marketing Workshop2) Prospect – What Content is worth an email address? • Would your audience subscribe to a newsletter or blog? • Deliver value in less than a 10-page eBook or 30 min webinar.List 2-3 mid-weight content ideas here:3) Lead – What robust content, tool or assessment can youoffer in exchange for more detailed qualifying questions? • What would make someone give you their phone number or their unique pain point? • Content should have real meat & takeaways.List 2-3 content types & title ideas here:Congratulations – you’ve just built your first 2-3 months worth ofcontent ideas. Next: Try these out in your online marketing campaigns!BONUS: What did your group learn & debate about?http://www.hubspot.com/free-trial-uk/ Questions: Kirsten @kirstenpetra