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Build Your Twitter Presence and Promote Your Account

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Build Your Twitter Presence and Promote Your Account

  1. Three Steps to Success with Twitter for Your Business 
 Session 1: Build Your Twitter Presence & Promote Your Account !
  2. Meet Your Experts: Anne Mercogliano! SMB Marketing Manager! Twitter! @akmercog! Katie Burke! Inbound Marketing Manager ! HubSpot! @katieburkie!
  3. Housekeeping Notes Slides and recording will be available after! ! Interact with us on Twitter: #twittersuccess!
  4. Watch the full workshop here:
  6. Use Your Twitter Profile to Define Your Brand Personality!
  7. Profile Picture!Cover Photo! Enhance Your Profile with Images!
  8. @_____!YourCompanyName!
  9. Perfect Your Description!
  10. Customize Your ! Background Image !
  12. Who should you follow?!
  13. #!Discover!
  14. Twitter Lingo! @ Mention: Including a Twitter handle within a Tweet ! ! @ Reply: Starting off a response to a Tweet with that person’s Twitter handle ! ! DM: A private message between 2 people who follow each other ! !
  15. Favorite top Tweets you see or those you want to come back to later.! Favorite Tweets!
  16. Organize Twitter users into different categories using Lists. !
  18. How to ! Respond on Twitter!
  19. Automating Your Twitter Schedule !
  20. Tweets Per Day Best Practices!
  22. Help search engines find you by including keywords in your description and tweets.!
  23. Link Back to Your Website!
  25. Promoted Accounts!
  26. Promoted Tweets! Promoted Tweets!
  27. Determining Who to Target !
  28. Set Campaign Goals !
  29. Read the introduction. It will take you through a helpful walkthrough of the process of creating Twitter ads.!
  30. Select your target audience.!
  31. Create your promoted Tweet.!
  32. Decide how much to bid.!
  33. Review your campaign and measure your progress.!
  34. THANK YOU!
  35. Q+A

Hinweis der Redaktion

  • Can give a quick overview on the team
  • Can give a quick overview on the team
  • What you should use for each photo Profile pic: logo Cover photo: can change it up based on what you have going onAnne:Research: people makes a split decision to follow your account based on your profile– is it recognizable?
  • How to choose your Twitter handle/best practices: unique & professional, ideally your company name No numbers
  • Include your website URL, location, & keywords
  • Anne:Influencers in your industry, customers, import email lists, also SMB handles
  • Note you can make this public or private
  • When to reply What to say When to mention someone
  • Anne: This can be as low tech as writing them down on a whiteboard. Also doesn’t have to be specific tweets, but can be themes for each day of the week (Monday, what is new in the store, Tuesday sales, etc)
  • Importance of including inbound links to optimize & show up in search results Anne: Also helps you track success by looking at additional website traffic
  • Include:What they areWhere they show upWhy to use them
  • Include:What they areWhere they show upWhy to use them
  • Before you get started setting them up know….Who you want to target Include best practices for targeting
  • Set goals – what do you want to get out of your twitter ads?
  • Time to get started…Setting up your account
  • Anne:Talk about targeting optionsGeography- Make sure the right people see your Promoted Tweets. Reach your local community with city targeting or target a global audience with country targeting.Interest categories- People turn to Twitter to connect to their interests. Choose from over 350 interest categories to reach customers most likely to engage with you.@usernames–Find customers with similar interests to your existing followers or influencers within your industry. Talk about golf exampleDevice- Reach your target audience, whether they are at home on their laptops or on the go with their mobile device. Releasing an iPhone app? Target iOS users! Or have a discount for customers who are on the go? Add Android and Blackberry targeting as well.Gender -Have a product or a service more suited for guys, or maybe for gals? Reach either or both with gender targeting.Tip: Mix and match to create ideal audience size.
  • Six Tweeting TipsKeep it conversational-Tweet like you would talk to a good friend. This is a chance to show off your brand’s humor, wit and know-how.Seize the moment-Whether industry-based, seasonal or cultural, use events to tap into popular conversations and engage followers.Give the inside scoop-Offer exclusive content like employee profiles or behind-the-scenes photos your followers can’t find elsewhere.Share a picture- Tweets with images drive double the engagement.Think ahead-Make a list of upcoming events such as product launches, holidays or other seasonal events and use Promoted Tweets to amplify these messages.
  • Your daily budget means no surprises-We’ll automatically stop showing your ads once your daily budget has been met. You’ll never be charged more than what you want to spend on a given day.You set how much you want to spend-Our pricing system is based on bidding. You set the limit on how much you want to spend per follow or click. You may pay up to this amount but it will likely be less because you never pay more than a cent above the second highest bidder targeting the same audience group.You’ll only be charged for what works. Pay when:Targeted users engage with (click on, retweet, @reply to, or favorite) your Promoted Tweet or when targeted users follow your Promoted AccountTips: The more competitive your bid, the more likely you are to win the auction and gain impressions. When you set up your campaign, use the suggested bid. As you adjust your bid, you’ll see your estimated reach change.
  • What to measure-Different campaign goals mean different success metrics. Use the analytics in Twitter Ads to help you measure your progress. Consider other ways to track your success, such as:Follower quality: What types of users interact with your account?Traffic: Have you seen an increase in visits to your store or site?Conversion: Have you seen an increase in signups for your service or sales? How to measure it:Promoted Tweets: Monitor impressions, clicks and click rate in real time with the Promoted Tweets dashboard.Note:Impressions are the number of times your Promoted Tweet was served to your target audience (does not include organic impressions). Clicks refer to the number of clicks on a Promoted Tweet, including @replies, retweets and favorites.Promoted Accounts: Track all of the new followers you’ve gained, both through Promoted Accounts and on your own (unpaid), with the follower growth chart.
  • Marry paid + organic on Twitter
  • Q&A for both Lauren and Karen
  • Q&A for both Lauren and Karen