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How real and transparent are we really? We as humans like to believe that we are real, that we share our best selves all the time. However, the truth is we often build up imaginary fences in both business and life. We let people see over the fence, we want them to know what we are doing and why. However, we keep them within distance. What fences are you building in your life? Are they keeping you from success and deeper relationships that could be giving your life greater joy and momentum?

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  1. 1. #INBOUND14 The Fences We Put Up Pam Moore @PamMktgNut CEO / Founder Marketing Nutz
  2. 2. 50% marketing, 50% geek, 100% nut! #TrueStory @PamMktgNut PamMoore
  3. 3. #INBOUND14
  4. 4. #INBOUND14
  5. 5. #INBOUND14 We want people to see what we are doing.
  6. 6. #INBOUND14
  7. 7. We blame others for lack of intimacy and true human relationships.
  8. 8. Virtual fences make us feel safe and keep the “bad people” out!
  9. 9. #INBOUND14
  10. 10. #INBOUND14 We know we are missing out.
  11. 11. #INBOUND14
  12. 12. #INBOUND14 Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
  13. 13. #INBOUND14 Inspire –Connect -Achieve
  14. 14. #INBOUND14 What if we opened the gate?
  15. 15. #INBOUND14 Thank You!