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Hitex TexPrint

Imprinted Thermoplastic Coloured Surfacing Material ...
Hitex TexPrint is a hard wearing hot-applied wearing course consisting of blended thermoplastic polymerised resins,plasticiser, graded granite aggregate, selected fillersand pigment.

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Hitex TexPrint

  1. 1. ProductSpecification HITEX TEXPRINT Imprinted Thermoplastic Coloured Surfacing Material Quality management systems to ISO 9001:2008 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION TexPrint is a hard wearing hot-applied wearing course consisting of blended thermoplastic polymerised resins, plasticiser, graded granite aggregate, selected fillers and pigment. TYPICAL APPLICATION TexPrint can be applied to concrete, bituminous and most other substrates providing they are in a stable condition. Concrete, stone rich and polished surfaces require priming with an approved tack coat. Typical uses include traffic calming schemes, raised junctions, urban regeneration projects, parking bays, heritage areas, private drives, central reservations, speed tables, roundabouts and overrun areas. ADVANTAGES TexPrint has several advantages over traditional block paving. • Suitable for new and old surfaces • Better long term cost effectiveness • Maintenance free • High skid resistance – minimum SRV 60 when measured with a pendulum tester • Available in a range of patterns and colour combinations • No excavation necessary – quick to install • Improved safety over blocks COLOUR TexPrint is pigmented throughout to maintain the selected colour for its entire extended service life. It is available in a wide range of lead-free colours including red, light grey, medium grey, dark grey, green, blue, brown, fawn, traffic white and black. Special colour requirements can be formulated on request subject to adequate notice. Burnt Red Grey Brown Oxide Red Light Grey Fawn Red Sandy White Yellow Slate Blue White Buff Due to the limitations of the printing process the colours shown may not be an exact representation of the actual product. Please contact us for a sample. Hitex Traffic Safety part of the Hitex International Group
  2. 2. BINDER TexPrint binder is a blend of modified rosin ester, plasticiser, thermoplastic ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer and pigment. AGGREGATE TexPrint uses granite or basalt aggregate • Minimum Polished Stone Value (PSV) 60+. • Typical Aggregate Abrasion Value (AAV) 4.9 PACKAGING TexPrint is supplied in 25kg meltable polyethylene bags on 1.25 tonne pallets (50 bags per pallet). 1 tonne pallets are available by request (40 bags per pallet). All pallets are shrouded and stretch-wrapped for protection. PREPARATION Prior to application the surface must be sound and in good condition. It must also be clean, dry, and free from foreign matter such as de-icing salt. It is recommended that the surface be cleaned using Hot Compressed Air (HCA). The area should be battened to prevent overspill, cutting in where necessary. Tack coat may be applied by roller, brush or spray if required. APPLICATION The bags should be loaded into a preheater/mixer fitted with temperature control. If the mixer requires a colour change it should be thoroughly clean before adding the fresh material. The material must be agitated to avoid aggregate and binder segregation. Allow the pigment to disperse thoroughly before application. After melting and mixing within a temperature range of 190˚C - 225˚C the material should be spread on the ground, levelled by hot irons, sanded and then imprinted with the chosen design using a metal patterned mould. Average spread rate for a 15mm thick application is 37kg per square metre/27m² per tonne. PATTERNS AVAILABLE AFTERCARE TexPrint can be trafficked once it has cooled to 35˚C, typically 60 minutes after application. This period may need to be extended in very hot weather. DISCLAIMER: The information contained herein is accurate to the best of our knowledge and belief as at the date issued. The information and recommendations are offered for the user’s consideration and examination for the purposes of health, safety and environmental requirements only. It should not therefore be construed as guaranteeing any specific property of the product. It is the user’s responsibility to satisfy itself as to the suitability of such information for its particular use and to carry out their own COSHH assessment. HITEX TRAFFIC SAFETY LTD · CLOISTER WAY · ELLESMERE PORT · CHESHIRE · CH65 4EL TEL: 0151 355 4100 FAX: 0151 355 4171 www.hitexinternational.com For specialist advice, please contact Tel: 0151 355 4100 or email info@hitex.co.uk ProductSpecification Brick Paving Slab Cobble Stone Granite Sett 90˚ Herringbone 45˚ Herringbone Hexagonal Grid