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Can Tinnitus Hypnosis Help You

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Finally there is help for Tinnitus sufferers. Visit: http://tinnitus.acbmoney.info

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Can Tinnitus Hypnosis Help You

  1. 1. ==== ====Get your 5 part free video course today absolutely FREE!http://tinnitus.acbmoney.info==== ====Alternative and holistic treatments for various illnesses have always been surrounded incontroversy. The use of tinnitus hypnosis in particular is one such tinnitus treatment thats had itsshare of critics. Lets look a little closer and see if tinnitus hypnosis can help.There is a research study on the effectiveness of tinnitus hypnotherapy that showed a 73%improvement in tinnitus symptoms. The question is, if there is a higher than normal improvementrate in the symptoms of tinnitus, then why dont we see more people being treated by thisparticular therapy? Maybe its because there are skeptics out who dont believe that tinnitushypnosis is a legitimate form of treatment. Or it could be that hypnosis is seen by many people asjust another form of entertainment, not a form of treatment. Also, many of those suffering fromtinnitus might be afraid of trying tinnitus because of their belief of being under someone elsescontrol.You should know that hypnotherapy isnt anything close to whats being portrayed in the comedyshows you see on television. The actual tinnitus hypnosis treatment centers around placing thesufferer into a heightened state of awareness. They are completely awake and know whatshappening at all times. The first goal in the session is to induce the patient into what is known asthe "alpha" state of mind. The alpha state helps the person to recall old memories and is mucheasier for them to learn new behavior. The most important aspect of this state of mind for tinnitussufferers is that it can help them to reprogram the negative thoughts of tinnitus. More symptomsthat could be seen with tinnitus are: anxiety and stress, phobias and depression. Hypnotherapyhas been successfully used as a treatment for these conditions for a long time. Since there aresome positive treatment outcomes, it may be worth checking into as a possible solution.Before considering any form of alternative treatment, those suffering from tinnitus should see theirdoctor to find out the underlying cause for their condition. An important reminder about tinnitushypnosis is that its not a total cure and is more useful in the reduction of negative thoughts,stress, and anxiety thats often seen along with tinnitus.A few reminders to be conscious of before your tinnitus hypnosis treatment:1. You will never be imprisoned in a "hypnotic trance".2. Hypnosis cannot make you do anything against your will.3. Rather than being effective solely for the reduction of tinnitus symptoms, tinnitus hypnosis hasshown more promise in the elimination of negative feelings and stress caused by tinnitus.
  2. 2. If you need more information about tinnitus hypnosis or looking for the most effective tinnitustreatments, visit: Essential Guide to Tinnitus Hypnosis.This author is dedicated to and writes about helping other tinnitus sufferers find relief from theirsymptoms. He also maintains a website at http://turnofftinnitus.com.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Levi_Grant==== ====Get your 5 part free video course today absolutely FREE!http://tinnitus.acbmoney.info==== ====