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Innovation fund themed competition webinar - session 3

Revolutionise the human information relationship for Defence
27 February 2017

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Innovation fund themed competition webinar - session 3

  1. 1. OFFICIAL Defence and Security Accelerator Defence and Security Accelerator Defence and Security Accelerator Challenge 3 – military context Lt Col Shaun Lamb MBE
  2. 2. Challenge 3: Revolutionise the human information relationship for Defence an Army perspective
  3. 3. Challenge 3 To make effective use of operator cognitive capacity, particularly by human- machine teaming Key points for the Land Environment • considerable improvements need to be made in the interaction between people and systems • develop approaches that enable collaborative decision making and intelligence analysis to support planning activities and military operations
  4. 4. Real world considerations • we start from a brownfield site • need to straddle multiple branches • data is everywhere but what matters most? • there is no intelligence but information of specific value • essential enabling conditions & foundations? • we are we are still talking about the chaos of war • our enemies have a very real vote • our ability to operate over degraded networks and federated command and control
  5. 5. Mission threads • look beyond information exchange requirements (IERs) • gaps in our staff process/approach • information must be treated and consumed as an essential service • must be command-driven and anticipatory
  6. 6. Human information interaction OFFICIAL How can I (and my team): • rapidly and intuitively locate key information for my role • indicate that certain information is important, and why and when so I can find it again • record/create information without worrying where it is located and not being able to find it again • record key relationships between information • understand accuracy and provenance • be told if I need to know but don’t have permission to access • prevent being swamped by the scale and complexity of available information
  7. 7. Wider Defence Lines Of Development (DLOD) considerations • personnel – what key skills and experience do we develop? • doctrine – can we conceptually keep pace? • infrastructure - What is the technology readiness level (TRL) ‘aiming point’? • training • individual, professional and collective burden? • TRAIN AS WE FIGHT • interoperability – designed in at the outset
  8. 8. OFFICIAL Defence and Security Accelerator Defence and Security Accelerator Challenge 3 – technical detail Peter Houghton
  9. 9. OFFICIAL Aims OFFICIAL Obtain and exploit innovative ideas that: • Ensure that human cognitive capacity (which is limited) is applied to those parts of military problems that humans can undertake best • Reduce unnecessary consumption of human cognitive capacity on activities better supported by automation • Achieve the above by ensuring that human and automated parts work effectively in unison avoiding pitfalls and problems
  10. 10. OFFICIAL Human limitations • limited attention capacity • limited short term memory capacity • difficulty with rapid recall • difficulty in spotting patterns spread out over time • “law” of least cognitive effort • many cognitive biases • intuition and probability/statistics often conflict OFFICIAL© Crown copyright 2017 Dstl
  11. 11. OFFICIAL Typical limits of current automation • No self awareness • Typically have static behaviours • Can’t innovate, work or generalise to select appropriate approaches or generate new ones OFFICIAL© Crown copyright 2017 Dstl
  12. 12. OFFICIAL Human-machine teaming areas 1. memory 2. reasoning 3. relevant roles 4. individual and team Interaction OFFICIAL© Crown copyright 2017 Dstl
  13. 13. OFFICIAL Memory OFFICIAL Record and recall important information Interested in solutions to aid • rapid recall and finding related information • augmented human memory
  14. 14. OFFICIALOFFICIAL Reasoning Record and process reasoning related information • represent/store questions, hypotheses, assumptions and uncertainties • continuously check reasoning against incoming data stream • apply reasoning to generate new findings, create new questions and hypotheses etc.
  15. 15. OFFICIALOFFICIAL Relevant roles Illustration by Andrew Rae Tendency to automate everything or roles which humans can do better • for example abstraction, pattern matching across diverse input, self assessment/reflection, idiosyncrasy, creativeness Interested in • novel approaches which demonstrate more appropriate assignment of relevant tasks/roles to human and machine • approaches which keep human interested, engaged and workload at appropriate level (no under/overload) Overall Concept • team design based on SQEP of human and machine parts
  16. 16. OFFICIALOFFICIAL Individual and team interaction Tendency to stove-pipe human machine tasks/roles • no effective team-working between human and machine • teaming ‘capacity/behaviours’ is difficult Interested in solutions that • improve interworking based on a equivalent team member interaction concept • exploit team contextual information • dynamically vary what human/machine parts are doing • Overall concept • augment human teams with machine team members
  17. 17. OFFICIALOFFICIAL Summary We are interested in solutions: • which take account of team context • that don’t increase training load, are intuitive to use, and adoptable by non-experts operating in stressful environments • that can start small and simple, have rapid application, but have the potential to scale up We are not interested in solutions: • that replace the human component or relegate role of the human • which fail to take account of identified automation pitfalls • which might force people into unnatural ways of operating • that are stand-alone human machine interaction technologies
  18. 18. Joint Warfare DirectorateJoint Warfare Directorate Summary • challenges applicable across Defence • competition split into 3 challenges but solutions will sit across the challenges • interested in how we win through adapting our processes, people and technology • trying to ensure we don’t fight a fair fight