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ICIC 2013 New Product Introductions max.recall

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ICIC 2013 New Product Introductions max.recall

  1. 1. ® quantity analytics technology max.recall information systems GmbH Künstlergasse 11/1 • A-1150 Wien • Austria ICIC, October 2013 ICIC, October 2013
  2. 2. Quantities in tables: Headings contain units Cells carry the values Quantities in text: „PET recycling at temperatures < 100°C“ How to search for quantities and intervals? 2 ICIC, October 2013
  3. 3. Use quantalyze – the Quantity Analytics Technology Physical Quantities (>50) 1 Intervals quantalyze Server Quantity Context Table Semantics Makes quantities and intervals findable in text. Searching & Filtering Visual Quantity Analytics quantalyze Workbench 2 3 ICIC, October 2013
  4. 4. Advantage Without quantity: PET recycling Finds 3,665 patents Search Query Patents containing „PET recycling at temperatures < 100°C“ Standard Patent Search Tool Exact match: PET recycling 100°C in 100,000 patents Finds 247 Patents in 100,000 patents Finds 2,192 patents in 100,000 patents Reduces false hits by about 40% -1,473 9-times more relevant patents +1,945 Optimal: PET recycling < 100°C identifies open and closed intervals: • 10..110°C; up to 21°C; more than 15°C Supports different unit systems: • Up to eight Fahrenheit Processes different languages: • Drei bis 30°C 4 ICIC, October 2013
  5. 5. Integrate quantalyze 3rd Party Search Tool Users remain in their familiar patent search tool enhanced by the quantity analytics capabilities of quantalyze. 3rd Party Vendor Integration via API* 3rd Party Information System *Other Retrieval API Analytics API Server integration options available on request. 5 ICIC, October 2013
  6. 6. Use quantalyze stand-alone After you have registered at www.quantalyze.com 1. Create a project 2. quantalyze patents (quantities are extracted and analyzed) 3. Search patents with the quantalyze workbench 6 ICIC, October 2013
  7. 7. Try the quantalyze patents workbench patents.quantalyze.com − − − − − Runs in your browser Filter and keyword search Physical quantity search Interval search Print view Visualization: − Physical quantity distributions − Cross-tabulations (e.g. concepts vs. quantity type) − Different chart types 7 ICIC, October 2013
  8. 8. max.recall information systems • max.recall is a software and consulting company enabling enterprises to capitalize on the hidden value in the rapidly growing amount of textual data • Customized Solutions for – Intelligent data analytics – Vertical search • Products and Services – quantalyze: quantity analytics technology – smart.coder: open-ended question coding tool for market researchers • Founded 2010 and located in Vienna, Austria • Operates worldwide with int’l customers from sectors such as IP, market research, news and media, IT services 8 ICIC, October 2013
  9. 9. ® quantity analytics technology Sneak preview the table search capabilities? Integration options? Please drop by at the max.recall stand. Künstlergasse 11/1 • 1150 Vienna • Austria www.max-recall.com • office@max-recall.com ICIC, October 2013