components types pest and disease salt affected soils cultivation agriculture avoid irrigation uses methods introduction policies post harvest ipm disease fungi management exclusion eradication cul pathogen management disease air borne pathogen soil borne pathogen disadvantages advantages pmfby msp contract farming priciples nursery equipments and containers entrepreneurship in nursery management specimans defination tools fumigation biolog agronomic indicators of sickness objectives working principal materials used nano fertlizers chemical amendements rules fpo measures laws health benefits chayote leek sustainable resources camv tmv virology rhizopus mucor pilobolus mirna biogensis correlation studies hybridization chikpea role of ipm in sustainable agriculture gray mould alternaria leaf spot stem rot root rot weeding nutrient managent production technology of fenugreek leek and chayot major deficiency yield diseases and pest seed rate agronomic practices nursery management prblms lacunae social media marketing wood cuttings flowers iaa cuttings rose epidemiology lentil fusarium lentil yellows anthrocnose ascochyta blight botrytis rust collar rot wilt application of minimum herbicides etl consideration survey ecology biocontrol agents microbial interaction research quarntine best practices other quality traits biological quality traits quality trait post harvest shelf life sources of quality traits viral nucleic acids si rna dicer protein risc ds rna grading quality induce effects cost benefit ratio spillover effects economic consideration koh solubilty test urease test starch hydrolysis oxidase test citrate utilization test sulphate reduction test indole test biochemical tests rainfall economics pmksny key measures programmes related to agriculture agriculture policies key challenges isem immunosorbent electron microscopy indirect elisa elisa double difussion test micropreciptin test ring interface test serological methods crop residue management fym biofertilisers drought management mixed and inter cropping system tillage water conservation techniques irrigated rainfed area nested association mapping magic population near isogenic lines recomminent inbred lines double haploids backcross population f2 population resistance time of harvest disease escape date of sowing geographic area plant material avoidance inroduction decoy crops trap crops botanical mechanism disease resistance pseudomonas bacillus trichoderma biocontrol application of biolog microbial cell micro arrays identification system precautions safetycontrol sand bath water bath earthing wiring electricity bacteria test physiological meth various tests hydrolysis physiological test bacteria biochemical test annova application in agriculture experimental designs designs statistics soil sterilization soil treatment mixedcropping intercropping crop rotation viscometer thermometer e nam predators and parasitods biological control ferltizer dosage nipping passing of drums farmer producer organizations production technology of potato hazards diseases green house cultivation hybrids varieties lettuce cultivation non circulating method hydrophonics indian senario biogas surface runoff harvesting process need crop goat farming dairy breeds crop-dairy system ruminents types of sprayers types of nozzles nozzle qualities of a sprayer sprayers and functions coastal conditions needs integrated farming steps in composting preliminary treatment inorganic waste materials organic waste materials method of seed collection seed maturity seed collection seed storage seed germination seeding rate assessment referance research case studies sap suckers chafers grubs forest entemology pests pumpkin selection mass production predator mecanical mixtures developmental variations variety deterioation genetic conclusion classification methods of drying types of dryers crop insurance monitoring diversification causes boron availabilty in agroclimatic ones empirical equations and models boron and its forms carbon sequester microbial biomass methodlogy press mud case studies swot analysis farming system components background borewell recharge in india borewell recharge rainwater harvesting method nano particles nano terms properties nanotechnolgy salt water intrusion ground water contamination remote sensing gis land use system spatial variation orgainc carbon roles and advantages success story aquaculture and livestock aquaculture agriculture nutrient status and microbial load application preparation metods ingredients water management for salt affected soils reclamation alkali soil integrated approches container gardening procedure for plant hardening tissue culture structure of fpo case study challenges outcome government facilities fpo history hitech nursery tools and equipments grafting \budding knives pruuning knife poly bags rubber pots clay pots plastic pots types of containers value addition constraints importance scope recent trends floriculture penalities regulations spoilage of food rose gardens tests food adulteration categery functional foods ginger pest and diseases onion fenugreek minor vegetables english rubber aranya sasigalu kannada coconut ppt on potato in kannada potato
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