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Domain registration - Basics for Dummies by Haneef Puttur

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All information about Domain Name.
How to Buy
How to Sell
How to Transfer

My Blog : haneefputtur.com

Detailed Video Refer : https://youtu.be/oDANl0YzvX8

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Domain registration - Basics for Dummies by Haneef Puttur

  1. 1. DOMAIN REGISTRATION Haneef Puttur My Blog : www.haneefputtur.com www.digixonline.com
  2. 2. WHAT IS COVERED Domain Definition How to select How to register How to transfer How to Sell Points to Note
  3. 3. WHAT IS DOMAIN NAME? A domain name is the address where Internet users can access your website. A domain name is used for finding and identifying computers on the Internet.
  4. 4. STRUCTURE OF A DOMAIN NAME TLD : Is also called extension of the domain. Based on the nature of your requirement and geographical area you can choose a right domain. Example : .com, .net, .ae, .sa, .news, .info SLD : Second level domain is the name of your entity or business. Third Level or Sub Domain : This is the sub group within your company. An domain name have any number of subdomains.
  5. 5. CHOOSING A DOMAIN Decide the domain name Decide the extension Make sure domain name is meaningful and easy to convey Make sure domain name is not very long Make sure the domain name is not violating any registered trade names Search for Availability www.haneefputtur.com - www.digixonline.com
  6. 6. HOW TO FIND AVAILABILITY • Visit www.digixonline.com • Search for the desired domain name • System will show all available domain along with some suggestions. • Select the one which suits your needs. • If required select multiple domains which represent same entity.
  7. 7. HOW TO REGISTER • After selecting the domain. • Select register new account • Make sure to provide accurate contact info as this will be displayed as the owner of the domain. • If you want to hide the ownership info then Select Privacy Protect feature for an additional cost. • Make Payment ( Paypal / Offline)
  8. 8. FINDING OWNER OF A DOMAIN - WHOIS This is a service available in most of the domain service providers which will give you following information of any domains. • Registration Date • Expiry date • Entity Registered • Technical / Admin contact of the domain • Name Server [ Which gives idea where the website is hosted]
  9. 9. DOMAIN AS AN INVESTMENT • If you find good domain names [Premium Domain ]you can buy and sell / auction for a better price. • Price of a good domain varies from [10 USD to Millions of USD] • Short domains have high face value. • Check auctions.godaddy.com to see the selling price of premium domains.
  11. 11. IMPORTANT NOTES • Always make sure you own the domain username and password. • Make sure domain is locked for any unauthorized transfer • Make sure the domain whois shows the updated and accurate contact info. • Always renew at least 15 days in advance. • Make sure to deal with reputed domain vendors to avoid any issues in renewals.
  12. 12. TRANSFERRING DOMAIN – IN / OUT • If you are not happy with your current registrar you can move the domain to another registrar. • To move make sure of following: You hold the domain transfer key – [ EPP Key] Domain status is not locked Whois search shows the exact email id of registered owner Domain is valid for at least 15 days. [Plan movement in advance]
  13. 13. TRANSFERRING DOMAIN – STEPS • Login to your future registrar website • Create your account -Select Transfer domain -Enter domain name and EPP key - Make payment to initiate the process. • System will send an email to the current owner -> once current owner to approve -> system will send the request to current registrar. -> After 5 days if there is no cancel request domain will be moved to new registrar. • Note that pending domain validity will be added to expiry date.