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BrightonSEO October 2020 talk

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BrightonSEO October 2020 talk

  1. 1. Earning high-quality links with little or no content pieces Hana Bednarova #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB
  2. 2. We all love big content #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB
  3. 3. And we should, it’s great, we can do so much with it, right? #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB
  4. 4. But as with everything … #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB
  5. 5. Our larger pieces can take much longer to perform than what we planned for #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB
  6. 6. Or don’t reach results that we expected #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB
  7. 7. So, while we are creating or promoting our larger pieces, we should have a few more tactics going on. #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB
  8. 8. At the end of the day, we can’t rely on one thing! #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB
  9. 9. Building links with no content pieces #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB
  10. 10. Now, I am not saying building links for £0 – because you will be investing a lot of time in this and time costs money. #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB
  11. 11. Promote Service or Products #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB
  12. 12. All about research! Find relevant publications and get in touch with them #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB
  13. 13. React to journalists’ requests #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB
  14. 14. #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB
  15. 15. Introduce your clients to the press! #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB
  16. 16. And they will start asking for experts directly too! #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB
  17. 17. Remember this one? #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB
  18. 18. Remember this one? #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB
  19. 19. Remember this one? #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB
  20. 20. Remember this one? #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB
  21. 21. Comments #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB
  22. 22. Newsjacking
  23. 23. #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB
  24. 24. #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB
  25. 25. #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB
  26. 26. #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB
  27. 27. Awareness Days #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB
  28. 28. It does take a lot of time to create your own calendar #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB
  29. 29. So here is one for October, November and December 2020! bednarcomms.co.uk/awareness-calendar-2020/ #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB
  30. 30. And I’ll tweet one for 2021 in December! #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB
  31. 31. Re-use your older content (not old) #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB
  32. 32. #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB
  33. 33. You can use Awareness Days again! #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB
  34. 34. Little content / quick wins #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB
  35. 35. Quick analysis of public data #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB
  36. 36. We all love FOIs #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB
  37. 37. #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB
  38. 38. Don’t wait for ‘the right’ client, if you think of an idea, send out FOIs and get all data you need before you actually need it! #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB
  39. 39. Turn desk research into a quick piece #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB
  40. 40. It’s about having a few tactics to support (or replace, if there isn’t big budget) larger campaigns #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB
  41. 41. In the first two weeks of September with these (additional) tactics we secured over 100 links across just 2 of our clients #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB
  42. 42. Summary Promote your clients’ services or products React to journalists’ requests Newsjacking Introduce your clients to the press/comments Awareness Days #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB
  43. 43. Summary Re-use older content if relevant Use public data FOIs And desk research #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB
  44. 44. #brightonseo @Miss_HanaB