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How great organizations welcome new employees

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In some organizations, the onboarding process is limited to the employee’s first few days of work, and involves little more than filling out some payroll and benefits paperwork, and completing some training. In others, onboarding extends up to a year and is thought to start at the recruiting and hiring experience. And some still have no formal onboarding process at all.

Yet how you onboard a new employee can have a significant impact on both the employee’s and your organization’s success.

This eBook explores best practices that every organization should follow to build strong and lasting working relationships with new employees.

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How great organizations welcome new employees

  1. 1. How great organizations welcome new employeeseBook A complete guide to career management best practices
  2. 2. What kind of first impression is your company making on new employees?
  3. 3. Recent studies show that strong onboarding experiences can increase retention rates for new hires by up to 25%. Get the ebook: Download Now
  4. 4. Think back to your first day… Did you feel welcomed? Or did the experience make you wonder if you’d made a big mistake? Get the ebook: Download Now
  5. 5. A good onboarding program: • Lays the foundation for a strong, lasting and productive working relationship • Helps new employees quickly become high performing in their roles • Lasts longer than just a few days Get the ebook: Download Now
  6. 6. The benefits of a strong onboarding program Boosts new hire retention Increases customer satisfaction Increases employee engagement Improves year-over- year revenue per full-time employee Sources: Aberdeen Group and Corporate Leadership Council 3 4 1 2 Get the ebook: Download Now
  7. 7. So how do you ensure your onboarding process makes employees feel welcome and supported in their new roles? Get the ebook: Download Now
  8. 8. The eBook, How great organizations welcome new employees, can help! In the book, you’ll: Discover the onboarding best practices research says every organization should have in place. Learn how you can adopt these best practices in your organization using a cloud-based talent management solution. Read success stories from organizations that have implemented these best practices and are seeing some great results. A B C Get the ebook: Download Now
  9. 9. Onboarding Best practices • Extend onboarding activities beyond the initial three months • Communicate role expectations up front • Invite the employee to communicate his or her value, and to contribute early on • Integrate learning into the onboarding process • Set the employee up for success with 30-, 60-, and 90-day reviews Get the ebook: Download Now
  10. 10. Best Practice #1 Extend onboarding activities Initial activities: • Meeting managers, leaders and executives • Introduction to organization’s mission, vision and values • Completing HR forms and mandatory training Longer-term activities: • Meeting key organizational contacts • Creating a career development plan • Building a relationship with a mentor Get the ebook: Download Now
  11. 11. Best Practice #2 Communicate role expectations • Give the employee an up-to-date job description • Communicate organizational and departmental high-level goals • Explain how the employee’s goals help the department or organization reach its goals Get the ebook: Download Now
  12. 12. Best Practice #3 Employees communicate their value and contribute early on Let employees show how they can enrich your company culture by: • Soliciting the employee’s ideas and opinions • Asking about previous accomplishments and how the employee can repeat that behavior • Assigning tasks the employee can do right away to get a sense of accomplishment Get the ebook: Download Now
  13. 13. Best Practice #4 Integrate learning into onboarding Research shows that including learning at this stage: • Helps a new employee adjust • Has a positive impact on job satisfaction and retention • Can help accelerate productivity Get the ebook: Download Now
  14. 14. Best Practice #5 Include 30-, 60-, and 90-day reviews to: Help employees: • Get the early direction, feedback and coaching they need to succeed • Assess progress made in the new role • Build a strong relationship with their manager Help managers: • Quickly flag any potential learning gaps • Set goals and development plans • Start an ongoing, open dialogue with the employee Get the ebook: Download Now
  15. 15. It’s cliché but true: You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Make sure your company gives new employees a great first impression – and ensures the success of both your new hire and your business. Get the ebook: Download Now
  16. 16. Want to learn more? Get the full eBook! Explore more best practices for onboarding new employees. Download Now Visit our website: www.halogensoftware.com