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2016 HR Trends
2016 HR Trends
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  2. 2. www.thepworld.com info@thepworld.com +38925111350 Dear HR Colleagues, In the past 5 years with the P World we have held more than 20 Global HR Trends Summits in 8 countries in Central-Eastern Europe and the MENA region, with more than 150 speakers and 4000 participants in attendance. It has been a tremendous experience, and we are eternally grateful for the opportunity to bring together so many different cultures, experiences and HR knowledge and offer a great opportunity to our HR colleagues from around the world for further growth and development. To give back to our international HR community, we have decided to create a Global HR Trends Report 2016, containing the predictions of Global HR Experts on what the global HR community can expect to be the hottest trends in the upcoming year. Our esteemed body of global HR speakers has shared in their words what they think will mark and make an impact on the International HR Community, which trends will be predominant and how we can all prepare for what the future will bring in 2016. Thank you again for being a part of the P World family! Have a Great 2016! Sanja Popovska Global Event Portfolio Director The Proud Organizer Of The HR Experience Series Of Events
  4. 4. www.thepworld.com info@thepworld.com +38925111350 PEOPLE T A L E N T M A N A G E M E N T What could be part of the major HR trends in 2016 is first of all related to Talent Management. The business environment is getting less and less predictable. Future new jobs are unknown and somehow shaped out of the standard models, “indirect” workers (Uber drivers), fresh new expectation on work environment from the Z Gen, opportunistic global career steps built on “my” growing skills and experience vs. 40 years in the same company, over reactive succession of hiring and firing plans to address the market changes. Talent pools are more and more made of insiders and outsiders. We’ll talk about attraction, retention and contribution to feed the overall external talent pool. Consequences are more fragmented career paths and higher attractiveness of companies that are seen as career leverages. Diving further we may consider that we enter into a new era where the contractual relationship employer/employee progressively gains more and more flexibility. ” Xavier Molinié HR VP CMA, CGM Data-driven recruiting will definitely be a trend that will gain more traction in 2016. Access to data is getting easier and cheaper with new technology and professional network platforms. Talent acquisition leaders can arm themselves with data and become very strategic in their decisions. For instance, build talent pools using data helps recruiters enhanced their understanding of the market and be more efficient.” Maud Durand Strategic EMEA Sourcer Facebook Key aspect: Identification of talent and tailored development to accelerate readiness. Technology has brought in many new tools but we continue to have a rather ‘old fashioned’ approach to these two topics, especially the development piece. Content is now available everywhere, assessment tools allow you to be very specific in terms of what each individual needs. Why do we continue focusing on ‘off the shelf’ programs that apply a ‘blanket’ approach to learning? ” Arturo Poire Global Head of Talent Management Ericsson
  5. 5. PEOPLE T A L E N T M A N A G E M E N T www.thepworld.com info@thepworld.com +38925111350 Attracting and retaining the right talent within the organization will be key. As organizations need to be agile to adapt to changing market circumstances it means you need to have an agile workforce as well, people who can adapt, can work in a multicultural environment and can develop within the organization. The learning digitalization will continue, having the right knowledge at the right time and place is becoming more and more crucial. Learning will need to change further towards availability on demand anywhere using the latest technologies.” Ronald van der Molen Global Academy Manager Lely Industries NV I would like to highlight some appropriate HR trends for Azerbaijan and companies considering economic downturn: proper downsizing management and looking for outplacement opportunities, putting greater efforts on Managing Talents and having greater focus on Employee Engagement.” Matanat Babayeva Human Resources Senior Director Azerfon Focus should be on attracting the right talent and ensuring strong recruiting processes.” Torben Pedersen SVP HR Partner Novo Nordisk HR continues to be about relationships rather than programs and a deep understanding of the business. The key skill set for future HR people will be how to effectively understand and manage the impact of mergers, demergers and globalization. These changes have profound impact in the workplace. “ Jenny Arwas MBE Formerly Director BT GroupFunctions HRBT
  6. 6. PEOPLE L E A D E R S H I Pwww.thepworld.com info@thepworld.com +38925111350 Leadership, this topic will become more relevant as our world is getting more complex. I would probably focus more on leadership aspects. HR people have the tendency to follow a leader but they have to lead the way and take a stand for their principles more and more. I can also imagine that it would be interesting to have someone talking about their personal experience as a leader and how that person did overcome some challenges as leader. With that you would make it more personal and probably more relevant for people. Performance management systems in the 21st century – Many companies like Microsoft, Netflix, Diageo changed their traditional performance management systems and took away ratings and performance distribution curves. It would be great to hear how much it improved their productivity and how much more engaging this is for Employees. This is really a hot topic and many companies stick to old models whilst they know that they have to change one day. Benefit corporations- In the U.S. there is an initiative that is very successful and it’s getting traction in Europe as well. B-Corp companies sign a statement that they will not be the best company of the world but the best company for the world. They will balance interests of various stakeholders (employees, environment, customers and shareholders) in order to run a sustainable business. This is basically the same like what Fair-trade does for coffee. In the U.S. this is relevant and even Bill Clinton does speak about this in his key notes. It’s all about sustainability.” Albert Hakkers Former HR Director Europe, Diageo
  7. 7. PEOPLE L E A D E R S H I Pwww.thepworld.com info@thepworld.com +38925111350 The most important trend will be leadership branding, how to create authentic leadership behavior aligned to corporate objectives. Leadership learning & development and creating developmental interventions that have a sustained impact. Also Performance Management – rethink based on Deloitte’s case. (i.e. Measuring performance of developmental initiatives – linking engagement and business/leadership performance; Communication - as most organizations need to deliver more with less resources, enhancing communication skills and reduce distress.) “ Beat Lauper Director and Owner, Lauper Management Solutions Torsten Dalhöfer Former Head Leadership & Management Development Zurich Insurance Company ltd Maybe not glamorous but there is still lots of value to be gained by getting the basics right starting with selecting quality team leaders and equipping them to engage and get the most out of the teams they lead. The other trend will be the increasing use of big data analytics to help guide where leaders and HR intervene and focus their attention.” Jonathan Kohn, HR VP Qatar & MENA Russia Caspian, HR Operations Qatar Shell Organizations must acknowledge that the power is shifting towards talent as they will be more & more polarized to work for employers & not for others. This power shift will urge many organizations to redefine their strategy on how to appeal for more talent that can shape its future business ventures and maximize its possibilities. In the age of social media, LinkedIn and Glassdoor, the employer brand is not any more about the image projected to be a talent magnet but rather this comes as result of culture that can embrace talent expectations and maximize their value. Dear Leaders, it is the New Talent Economy, so buy yourself a share of the future. “ Haitham Samman, Former Global HR Director -Strategic Industries, Alcatel-Lucent Number one for me is emotional intelligence in leadership. Number two is truly leveraging reliable, intuitive and fit for purpose digital technology to enable great employee experience in the workplace throughout their time with a company. “ Mauro Tarrini, Director - Talent & Learning EMEA, Starbucks
  8. 8. PEOPLE E M P L O Y E E E N G A G E M E N T www.thepworld.com info@thepworld.com +38925111350 I think the strongest trend is to “Keep HR simple” With stiff competition in the market and challenging economy in most countries, HR will be challenged to make life simpler: by focusing on most critical business needs, creating simple solutions that have major impact, reducing internal bureaucracy, while keeping the HR team small and efficient. This will also involve using technology in a smart way and creating strong HR. Predictive measurements/analytics to drive employee engagement and enable achievement of business strategy.” Diaa Mohamed, Vice President HR Global Services, HP In 2016, keeping the skills of your workforce up to date in this fast-changing world will be more important than ever. Many companies immediately turn to an external training firm but it is worth thinking about the expertise and experience already in your company and how you can tap into this for the benefit of the rest of your staff. Your younger employees, for example, probably have knowledge of social media which an older generation might struggle with, reversing the traditional hierarchy of skills. Harnessing this peer to peer learning can be an efficient and cost effective way of increasing skills, and the knowledge transferred is likely to be relevant because it is delivered by people who understand your organisation's culture.” Anne Morrison Chair, British Acaademy of Film and Television Arts The things companies will continue to work on in 2016 will be: Engagement, keeping employees engaged and performing, Leadership learning and leadership development, Simplification of HR processes, Enhanced performance management, creating a change-ready organization, creating a corporate image and the recruitment process.” Barbara Wright-Avlitis Managing Partner the Wright Work Place “How to transform leadership into Inspiration by maximizing the 3 Ps: Passion Purpose and People to boost employee engagement.” Itziar Rabasa Baraibar, Vice President, HR T&D EMEA and PBC International, Deutsche Bank
  9. 9. PEOPLE E M P L O Y E E E N G A G E M E N T www.thepworld.com info@thepworld.com +38925111350 The new era of change is expected. Current economic climate demands smarter operational methods of business. The challenge to stay ahead of global demographical shift and growing competition seems to lean towards one common theme, Employee Engagement interconnected to Culture. The fact that Employee Engagement may have not been the center piece historically has a distinctive strategic place in business today. Executives must place Employee Engagement and Culture as their top most priority in 2016. This growing necessity has benefits and those that embrace will be victorious. Secondary to this theme is Leadership, having the right people that know how to lead teams, inspiring them on a journey to success and on the way creating an exemplary brand. Further, learning and development which forms the foundations of the brand has an equal foothold in this highly commercialized world. This triangulated theme is NEW revised HR Trend in 2016. Be in it to win it! ” Ravi Singh, Founder, Bluefin Consultancy [Bridging Knowledge and Performance] That’s an easy question for me to answer from my perspective. It’s going to be all about engaging all staff in the business strategy. Part of the challenge here is encouraging people to take a risk and try something new. The big enabler is creating the leadership environment that fosters the right behaviors.” Simon Watt, Former Head of International Organizational Development, Mattel I strongly believe it is more and more important for every company to offer personalized choices when it comes to attracting, developing and retaining our employees. In addition, I would point out the power of diversity we have to use differently, as well as attractive, flexible working environments, which allow a new chapter of innovation and collaboration. ” Matthias Kempf, Senior Director Human Resources, Adidas Emerging Markets I think employee engagement will continue to be a hot topic for 2016 and aligning career aspirations of employees with the aspirations and strategy of the business will be crucial. Understanding why people come to work, their motivations and career goals, will unlock their passion, their loyalty and their commitment to go the extra mile. A winning formula for everyone. ” Rachel Brastock MEd BA Chartered MCIPD, Talent Management & Career Coach, Understanding Talent Ltd
  10. 10. PEOPLE E M P L O Y E E E X P E R I E N C E www.thepworld.com info@thepworld.com +38925111350 I think that the biggest HR trend for 2016 is going to be employee experience. How to integrate emotions into the company's way of working and thus to create growth in business.” Sophia Boleckis, Head of Employee Engagement, Tieto I believe that HR is starting a new journey in terms of focusing. We have been dealing with HR transformation for the last 10 years, implementing new technology to streamline our processes. The time has come to focus on improving the Employee Experience. Marketing and sales departments have to improve & develop the customer experience in order to increase market share and revenue. Our employees at every level have seen this improvement and are now looking forward to seeing this improvement not only focus on external customer but also internally to improve their journey. Every function has implemented new processes without looking at the big picture in terms of employee journey and it has become a painful process between financial / HR / IT / Procurement / Benefits processes. All those departments are using different technology / workflow and documentation to perform the task that they have transferred in the last decade. Improving the Employee Experience in a challenging environment will drive engagement and retention. ” David Lamy, Lecturer Human Resources Paris-Sorbonne University One trend employers should focus on in 2016, in my opinion, (as trivial as this may sound) is on their employees. Working for Riot Games now, I see and feel how employee focus really pays off and makes a difference. Simple things like providing cereals and free drinks to employees, providing development programs and regular team outings boost morale, strengthen team spirit and makes sure employees go the extra mile whenever it is needed ...” Matthias Besserer, eSports - Senior Talent Operations Manager, Riot Games Hang on to your experienced people as tempting as it may be to cut costs - that is not the place to cut. ” Shari Casey, Learning and Development Professional, Shari Casey Enterprises Ltd.
  11. 11. PEOPLE W E L L B E I N G A N D R E S I L I E N C E www.thepworld.com info@thepworld.com +38925111350 Wellbeing and resilience continues to be a big area of focus for us. For us this means physical, emotional, mental and purposeful wellbeing. We even provide free counseling with an external expert provider for employees and their dependents. As Europe becomes even more volatile and uncertain in terms of socio economic indicators, the pressure on individuals becomes even more challenging. Individuals are pushed to deliver ambitious growth targets at work and at home there can be struggles with unemployment (partner or child), financial pressures like the mortgage, loans etc. ” Julie Hudtohan Global HR for HR Director, Unilever I think the biggest HR trends will be: Outstanding people development - finding ways of engaging, developing and equipping people to be more effective and driving results Culture change through people - there will be increasing scrutiny of corporates with performance measured in not only what they do but how they do it. Changing the culture through people will be a strong focus.” Vanessa Bateson Global Head Leadership Development & Culture Change HSBC Bank PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT I think the trend companies should focus on is employee wellbeing – helping their people to thrive and perform sustainably in a VUCA world. I believe this is critical to driving performance, engagement and retention. ” Fran Newman Leadership Development Director Unilever
  12. 12. PEOPLE W E L L B E I N G A N D R E S I L I E N C E www.thepworld.com info@thepworld.com +38925111350 Most organisations with the ability to thrive in today’s dynamic business environment are struggling because they don’t empower people or tap into their full potential. While success in the 20th century was driven by process, structure and encouraging people to function more like machines, success in the future requires us to make more of the human side of business. Humans have evolved to deal with uncertainty through collaboration, cooperation and using conflict in a construc- tive manner. Businesses need to encourage their people to develop mindsets geared towards connection, conver- sation and experimentation. Curiosity is crucial: we need to continually question whether we are doing things simply because that’s how they’ve always been done and seek new perspectives to identify potentially better solu- tions. While different departments and reporting lines provide clarity of role and accountability, they also create artificial barriers that block progress. Organising people into silos of similar skills and functions reinforces the patterns required to solve simple and even complex problems, but discourages them from working with other departments or people outside of the business. It does nothing to encourage the kind of conversations required to solve the major problems we face today. Businesses also need to redefine how they view fear and failure. Most of us allow fear to control of our lives. The key to eliminating it is to take back that control and look behind the self-imposed curtains our fears create. “ Annemie Ress Former Global HR Director eBay and Skype
  13. 13. “Identification of talent, and tailored development to accelerate readiness.” “Wellbeing and resilience.” “leadership branding.” “Benefit corporations.” “Engaging all staff in the business strategy.” “Passion Purpose and People to boost employee engagement.” “Executives must place Employee Engagement and Culture as their top most priority in 2016.” “Data-driven recruiting will definitely be a trend that will gain more traction in 2016.” www.thepworld.com info@thepworld.com +38925111350 QUOTES
  14. 14. TECHNOLOGY D I G I T A L I Z A T I O Nwww.thepworld.com info@thepworld.com +38925111350 Keeping compatible in a multi-device era is key and will continue to be important for companies in 2016; to avoid data loss and platform clashes when employees and consumers work and play across multiple devices. This goes from everything to reading a story where you want to unfold it watching video and pictures and reading text to applying for a job online from your mobile phone while on the go…” Anja Andersen, Brand Manager, Group Marketing & Branding, Maersk 2016 and beyond is all about the next Gen Traveler and Employee. The focus for HR professionals going forward is adapting to the next generation of employees and their needs where technology plays a crucial part and when it comes to the balance between private and work life, people need to remain connected and feel connected at work. 2016 and beyond is all about the next Gen Traveller and Employee. The focus for HR professional going forward is adapting to the next generation of employees and their needs, technology plays a crucial part and the balance between private and work life, people need to remain connected and feel connected at work.” Sergio Snyder, Area Director of Human Resources, Eastern Europe, Marriott Hotels International I think the biggest HR Trend 2016 will be predictive data analysis. We've talked about big data for some time and now it's time to start to act on that data and put it to use.” Johannes Sundlo, HR Controller, Spotify
  15. 15. TECHNOLOGY D I G I T A L I Z A T I O Nwww.thepworld.com info@thepworld.com +38925111350 Mobile Recruiting - you will use your mobile to apply for jobs. So you need to make your job board mobile and store your CV store centrally to enable one-click applications. ” Georg Schlotter, HR Manager Operations & Transformation, BP Lubricants Europe & Africa I think the key trend for me will be digital and digitization of the work-force. Globally the digital revolution is changing how we consume and how businesses can transact and serve their customers. HR needs to play a role in helping create digitally savvy workforces to deal with the challenges of the modern global economy.” Mike Thompson, Director Early Careers Personal and Corporate Banking, BARCLAYS Certainly a trend in future HR work will be to manage in the digital age and to manage digital natives.” Rainer Jensen, Former Director Organization Development and Executive Education, Coca Cola Erfrischungsgetraenke AGv
  16. 16. TECHNOLOGY D I G I T A L I Z A T I O Nwww.thepworld.com info@thepworld.com +38925111350 I think in 2016 some of the emerging trends we have seen will start to become mainstream and effect more and more businesses, and start to impact in some smaller and emerging countries and business sectors that have not been affected some far. The ‘Uber-isation’ of business will continue –increasingly capital and/or assets will not be needed in the way they have in the past. Obvious examples are Uber in the transportation sector, AirBnB in the Hotel/ Travel sector but this trend will scale. In our function we have seen this well already in with the move to creation and crowd sourcing content and expertise for Training and Development, so we have expertise and a point of view. This gives us a great leading vantage point, but typically we have been a ‘service’ functions rather than leaders – in 2016 the leading HR teams will become thought leaders in this area. The impact of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence will be immense – a recent Deloitte study predicts that 35% of all UK roles could be automated away in the next 10-15 years. HR and its specialist Centers of Excellent will start to adopt some of these ideas and tools to drive both efficiency and effectiveness - how about AI driven automated online HR Advisors? Increasingly the worlds of HR, L&D, Knowledge Management and Organisation Development are becoming very blurred and overlapping, and this convergence will continue. In many cases the whole People, Culture and Organisation areas will be reframed in organisations. Big data and analytics are providing many businesses with new and differentiating customer insights, the ability to respond rapidly and take new product to market. But, what of HR? It seems we haven’t been able to break out of our current thinking to be able to really harness the possibilities, but in 2016 emerging examples will become models for others. ” Stephan Thoma, Former Global Learning & Development Director, Google
  17. 17. TECHNOLOGY B I G D A T A A N D A N A L Y T I C S www.thepworld.com info@thepworld.com +38925111350 I think quick feedback will be key in 2016 – using short and quick response or “pulse” surveys in your organisation or company to measure what your employees are thinking( in no more than 4 or 5 questions), and gather “actionable” data, then using it quickly to make a difference in the workplace for them. We use such fast communication approaches in our lives at home (Whatsapp, instant messenger, etc.) yet at work we still use email and telephones and meetings – things we don’t use at home. Communication is becoming ever faster and more instantaneous so we need to find a way to bring some of that into the office, and I think gathering fast actionable feedback regularly from your employees is a good way to do that.” Lucy Lockwood, Systems Analyst & Monitoring & Informatics Section Leader CERN I think there are and will be three trends in 2016, HR & people analytics (people data), Leadership development acceleration and HR performance improvement. ” Rob Veersma, Global Director Training & Development, Gazprom International Increased usage of technology in addressing HR priorities: use of big data analytics to gain data-driven actionable insights into workforce trends; -using Social Media as a key tool in recruitment and company branding strategies; leverage mobile as a key platform for HR apps, etc.” Jan De Haes, HR Director Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures and Outsourcing - EMEA &APJ Hewlett-Packard Enterprise
  18. 18. TECHNOLOGY B I G D A T A A N D A N A L Y T I C S www.thepworld.com info@thepworld.com +38925111350 HR Analytics. Harvesting the vast amounts of data at our fingertips and utilizing this data as the basis for making stra- tegic HR decisions will become much more prevalent in 2016 and beyond. The challenge for HR will be to obtain the skills required to effectively work in a more data driven environment.” Dennis Kight Business and Technical Leadership Partner IBM Middle East and Africa In my opinion the number one trend in 2016 will be HR Analystics taking centre stage in managing Human Resourc- es. Organisations will look to ‘Big Data’ and Analytics to take informed and future focused decisions to gain competi- tive advantage in attracting, developing and retaining top talent. Analytics will permeate all areas of HR and will aid in external and internal employer branding, measuring and monitoring ROI in the HR spend across the board. ” Satya SR Pasi Director Global Employee Engagement TM&OD EMEA Carlson Wagonlit Travel
  19. 19. www.thepworld.com info@thepworld.com +38925111350 QUOTES “learning digitalization.”“Social media.” “Mobile Recruiting - you will use your mobile to apply for jobs.” “Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.” “Analytics will permeate all areas of HR.” “Predictive data analysis.”
  20. 20. ORGANIZATION W O R K P L A C E F L E X I B I L I T Y www.thepworld.com info@thepworld.com +38925111350 Workplace flexibility and mobility will become increasingly common. As more organisations move their technology to the cloud and embrace a 'work anywhere on any device mindset' employees will no longer be tied to the office in order to get work done. They'll have more freedom to 'work the way they want to' and therefore have an improved work/ life inte- gration. This is going to change the dynamics between managers and employees whereby managers are going to need heightened listening and coaching skills and high levels of EQ in order to help employees navigate change and optimise their performance. I think we'll also start seeing an increased value put on employee creativity and innovation as technolo- gy is able to take on more of the burden of manual repetitive tasks. I'm personally very excited and interested to see how machine learning and deep neural networks are going to develop in 2016 and how we might be able to use this technology in the workplace of the future.” Kim Wylie, Change and Transformation Lead, Google for Work I would say balancing the need to create an ‘agile’ workforce with the need to sustain the core strengths of the company; great challenge facing companies right now. ” Keith Robson, Former Senior Director, eBay Global Marketplaces If I think 2016 – I would say “complex organisations”, meaning working in a matrix, in virtual team, being able to self-manage, leading virtual teams and all that complexity that it brings. How can we become better in understanding the new ways of working with the “old kind of organizations” and old ways of managing/leading people? ” Sari EK-PETROFF, HR Director Finland & NOBA Talent and People Development Lead, Sanofi
  21. 21. ORGANIZATION W O R K P L A C E F L E X I B I L I T Y www.thepworld.com info@thepworld.com +38925111350 Our duty of care to the globally mobile employees. There has been a lot of focus on compliance matters relating to global mobility in recent years and rightly so. However, employee engagement levels whilst on assignment often depend greatly on their experience of moving overseas and the moving experience for the employee is something that organisations should focus on in 2016. Having a slick relocation process, great policies offering relevant support and a stronger sense of duty of care will help engage the globally-mobile workforce and increase return on investment. Areas of focus could include ensuring that basic medical and security support is in place for their overseas employees, identifying and supporting family considerations in the assignment planning stage, a smooth and efficient relo- cation process (including effective vendor management) and planning effectively for repatriation to ensure the employees remain engaged with the organisation when they return from assignment. ” Tim Wells, Partner, Abbis Cadres British Council Research (2015) shows that India will have the largest 18-22 year old student population by 2025, with 119 million students, and Nigeria will see the highest increase from 7.4 million to 23 million in students within this age group. Clearly global organisations looking for talent and wanting competitive advantage through Innovation and Research will need to think very differently over the next decade.” Indi Seehra, Director of Human Resources, London School of Economics and Political Science
  22. 22. ORGANIZATION P E R F O R M A N C E M A N A G E M E N T www.thepworld.com info@thepworld.com +38925111350 As for the HR Trend for next year I believe that Consolidation of Businesses will continue and the envrionment will stay challenging for most of the industries. As such HR effectiveness and effectivity paired with analytics on the one hand and on the other hand I believe we are going to have more and more challenges with Generation Y and how to become the most attractive employer for the future workforce. ” Kerstin Knapp, HR Director, Richemont My view on the most important HR trend we will see in 2016 is simplification: e.g. performance reviews: big companies like Microsoft and Accenture and many others are no longer doing formal performance evaluations. What they in fact do, is skipping the whole bureaucracy around it: we need to focus on the content of feedback, not on the evaluation document or process. This is happening in many ways: skip the heavy processes and forms and focus on the core element. It is in a way “back to basics”, or even better: “back to content.” Alain De Dauw, Divisonal HR Manager, Airtec, Atlas Copco I think the hottest topic now is reinventing performance reviews, including dropping performance ratings. A number of companies like Accenture, Deloitte and others have already done it. GE is piloting. Another one is abolishing individual bonus. GSK have also done some very interesting things. ” Bjarte Bogsnes, Vice President Performance Management Development, Statoil
  23. 23. www.thepworld.com info@thepworld.com +38925111350 QUOTES “HR effectiveness and effectivity paired with analytics.” “Machine learning and deep neural networks are going to develop in 2016.” “Workplace flexibility and mobility will become increasingly common.” “Reinventing performance reviews.” “Back to basics”, or even better: “back to content”.”
  24. 24. DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION www.thepworld.com info@thepworld.com +38925111350 I would definitely say Diversity and Inclusion. ” Jeff Turner, L&D Manager EMEA, Facebook I want to quote Josh Bersin from his recent article on ’Why Diversity and Inclusion Will Be A Top Priority for 2016: ’ “Sustainable business performance today depends on your ability to attract and engage a highly diverse workforce. Failure to do this well will impact your employment brand and your company's innovation. It will take a strategic level of focus and systemic investments in all areas of your people practices to make this happen” To say it in my own words: Diversity and Inclusion is not only a ‘nice to have’ anymore, it’s an absolute imperative for organizations to remain relevant. “ Gabriele Metz, Head of Talent Management RMEA, Ericsson A trend that HR should consider in 2016 is ‘Senior Accountability’. I’m referring to this from a Diversity and Inclusion rspective but it is also relevant for a number of aspects of HR. For a number of years now senior leaders have spoken about the importance of creating a more diverse and inclusive workplaces, however, not as many have converted those words into action. Research conducted in the City of London in 2014 should that although 84% of companies showed a clear commitment to diversity and inclusion at the senior level only 15% of employees saw their leaders acting upon those words. Employees are seeing through the fine words and challenging where action is not consistent. The trend should be moving more towards senior leaders being accountable for their actions, outlining what they have done to create more diverse and inclusive companies, the impact that action has had and what they will do in the future – being accountable and transparent will be a game changer for many companies and senior leaders.” Charlotte Sweeney FCMI, Founder and Director, Charlotte SwAeeney Associates Ltd. Specialists in Inclusion, Diversity, Wellbeing and Change
  25. 25. www.thepworld.com info@thepworld.com +38925111350 QUOTES “Diversity and Inclusion is not only a ‘nice to have’ anymore, it’s an absolute imperative for organizations to remain relevant.” “Moving more towards senior leaders being accountable for their actions.”
  26. 26. CONSUMER ORIENTED HR www.thepworld.com info@thepworld.com +38925111350 There are no candidates. 2016 will see further alignment and consistency to consumer branding. The removal of 'candidates' from Ferrero vocabulary has driven a more people-centric recruitment experience. Take care of your rejections, deliver a brand experience beyond that of your competitors and reap the rewards for brand, the hiring process and company profit. Word of mouth will rule as the supreme currency to buy in top talent over that of any marketing.” Kathryn Callow, Global Employer Brand Manager, Ferrero Consumer oriented HR is something that takes place more broadly across good companies. All activities are centered on employees, who are treated as ultimate consumers. In technology era the HR IT systems are becoming configured similarly to social media platforms allowing to share a lot information but also allow managers for direct access to transactional entries with very few touch points from HR. It creates more time for more strategic focus from HRBPs especially in the area of Leadership Development, potential development, succession planning, etc “ Darek Lenart, Senior VP Human Resources for Worldwide Finance, MasterCard
  27. 27. www.thepworld.com info@thepworld.com +38925111350 QUOTES “Take care of your rejections, deliver a brand experience beyond that of your competitors and reap the rewards for brand, the hiring process and company profit.” “Consumer oriented HR is something that takes place more broadly across good companies.”
  28. 28. SOCIAL ORIENTED HR S O C I A L E C O N O M Y www.thepworld.com info@thepworld.com +38925111350 From my perspective, I think that companies need to explore more the opportunities of social economy and how to connect knowledge and competencies, be it internally in international co-operations on special projects or even with a global mindset, bringing together talents within special fields to generate new great innovations on project basis. As a company you can create virtual teams working and work spaces on projects which will be the predominant way of working and free of geographic limitations. “ Bo Germansen, Business HR Partner, Novo Nordisk The biggest "cutting edge" trend we are seeing globally is the need for companies to strike the balance between "doing well and doing good". That is, being profitable whilst also paying attention to giving back to society, moving into "green" technologies, and being a value based company that " walks the talk" from top leadership role modeling on down through integrated, congruent company policies. CEO's and older workers are concerned with their "legacy" and Millennials want to work for a company that gives back to society and the planet. Some call this "conscious capitalism", but by whatever name, it is the trend that will create the most sustainable and beneficial economies of the future. ” Teddy Frank, Humanenergetics, Inc. "Transforming human potential" Dennis Frank, Humanenergetics, Inc. "Transforming human potential"
  29. 29. SOCIAL ORIENTED HR C U L T U R E A N D E N G A G E M E N T www.thepworld.com info@thepworld.com +38925111350 Over the last decades, the international leader community has grown, bred by university exchange students, international business "expatriates" and easy access to travel.Being agile across cultures is today an indispensable skill for internationally active people, which has become a significant and constantly growing community. Today, we all need to adapt to differences in languages, in non-verbal cues, untold rules for negotiating, power distances, gender considerations, relation to time etc. etc. Cultural Intelligence, that is being effective across cultures, is becoming a competitive advantage both for individuals and for companies who are able to foster this skill. ” Frode Hvaring, Head of HR EBU, Eurovision Culture and Engagement will be and should be the focus of organizations going forward. The future organization should work to align the business strategy through the lens of talent. HR must align business strategy with Human Capital initiatives in order to enhance the strategic results. “ Ron Thomas, Managing Director, StrategyFocusedHR Culture eats strategy for breakfast" (Peter Drucker). This vision is becoming more and more relevant to consider at a time when globalisation levels competitive advantages and organisations are left with differentiation through high performing people and teams. ” Sebastien Terral, Director, Denison Consulting Europe
  30. 30. SOCIAL ORIENTED HR C U L T U R E A N D E N G A G E M E N T www.thepworld.com info@thepworld.com +38925111350 I believe the HR function is about to go through the same exciting transformation journey as it went through 25 years ago when it moved from personnel to HR & business partnership. For 2016 the biggest trend I see coming is an increasing focus on corporate and social responsibility. That trend will be driven by sustainability goals, Gen Y-focused programs, outward focus and stronger connectivity beyond the corporate boarders in an increasingly connected world. Social and business agendas will not clash any more. They will mirror each other. HR is best positioned to lead that development. ” Yolaine von Barczy, Former Vice President Human Resources France, Bristol-Myers Squibb Given the increasing war for talent and their search for purpose, there is an increasing need for organisations to focus on culture and engagement. In 2016, businesses and HR leaders will need to gain a clear understanding of their organization’s culture and review every HR initiative as a way to better attract, engage and empower their people. ” Catherine MacGillivray-Prantl, Former Head of Global Talent Acquisition, Swarovski
  31. 31. www.thepworld.com info@thepworld.com +38925111350 QUOTES “Cultural Intelligence, that is being effective across cultures, is becoming a competitive advantage both for individuals and for companies who are able to foster this skill.” “The need for companies to strike the balance between ’doing well and doing good’.” “Social economy and how to connect knowledge and competencies.” “Increasing focus on corporate and social responsibility.” “Future organization should work to align the business strategy through the lens of talent.”
  32. 32. www.thepworld.com info@thepworld.com +38925111350 Oil & Gas FMCG Telecommunication Banking & Finance Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Media Hospitality Retail Automotive Electronics Construction Other We have held the Global HR Trends Summit in: Serbia 4 Turkey 2 Azerbaijan 3 Egypt 2 Croatia 4 Bulgaria 1 Qatar 2 Georgia 1 Predominant Industries Of Participants Oil & Gas 14 FMCG 13 Telecommunication 7 Banking & Finance 9 Pharmaceuticals 8 Manufacturing 9 Media 9 Hospitality 5 Retail 5 Automotive 6 Electronics 6 Construction 4 Other 5 100 Senior HR Executives 60% HR Managers 25% Partners 11% Other 4% Serbia Turkey Azerbaijan Egypt Croatia Bulgaria Qatar Georgia IN THE PAST 5 YEARS WE HAVE ORGANIZED MULTIPLE EDITIONS OF THE GLOBAL HR TRENDS SUMMIT WITH MORE THE 4000 DELEGATES IN ATTENDANCE PREDOMINANT INDUSTRIES OF PARTICIPANTS STRUCTURE OF ATTENDEES 0 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.6 HR Executives HR Managers Partners Other Series1
  33. 33. www.thepworld.com info@thepworld.com +38925111350 SOME OF THE COMPANIES THAT HAVE ATTENDED Asocijacija HR Profesionalaca Ateshgah Insurance Company Avus Capital Ltd Bel Medic BP Carlsberg Srbija Eaton Electric Ecolab PASHA Insurance Represent Communications State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic ULTRA Vzajemna zdravstvena zavarovalnica 24 sata A.T. Lease AAG Komunikacii AAW Consulting Engineers Abbott Laboratories S.A Representative Office AccessBank Accord ACE Group Consultants Acibadem Health Group Across Company d.o.o. Actavis d.o.o. ADA University Addendum Adecco Hrvatska Adel Kalemcilik Adidas Croatia Adidas Serbia Adria Media Serbia Adriatic Media Grup Adriatic Properties Adriatic Slovenica Adriatic.hr AFK AG Bank Agencija za komercijalnu djelatnost Agencija za obrazovanje odraslih Agito Agrokor AIESEC AIKON Construction Air Serbia AirTies Akrapovic Aksa Acrylic Chemical Company Al Ahly Capital Holding Company Al Mana Al Mansour Automotive Al Masry Al Youm Media Corporation Alca Trgovina ALD AUTOMOTİVE A-Level Alexander Hughes d.o.o. Alimex Aluminyum Allianz Allianz Zagreb Alpha Bank Srbija Amadeus M.A.J. AMCHAM AMERIABANK CJSC Amoun Pharmaceuticals Co. Amwaj Cathering Antal International Adriatic AO Sarajishvili Apatinska pivara Apple Turkey Arab Investment Bank Arenaturist Argentum Arkas Artis Rei ASA Holding ASCO Aspire Academy Asseco South Eastern Europe AstraZeneca Ata Bank AtaHolding AtaSigorta Atlantic Grupa Atria Group SEE d.o.o Autostar Kaukasus Avaks Avon Cosmetics Avus AXA MBASK Aygaz Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy Azerbaijan Fibro Cement Azerbaijan İnvestment Company Azerbaijan Marketing Society Azercell Telecom Azercosmos Azerfon Azernews B.I.M.ltd B.net Hrvatska Badel 1862 d.d. Baku Grand Prix Baku White City Baltika-Baku Bambi-Banat ad Banca Intesa ad Beograd Bank of Baku Bank Respublika Banka Varaždin BAPM BASF Basler BAT Turkey Bayt.com Belgrade in your pocket Beni Suef Cement Company Beohemija doo Big Bang d.o.o. BILLA d.o.o. BIPA d.o.o biznesinfo.az Biznis I finansije Black Sea terminal Blanchard International BNP Paribas BORICA-BANKSERVICE AD Bosch Siemens Home Appliances Bosnalijek Boulevard Hotel BP BriSA British American Tobacco South-East Europe British American Tobacco UK BSC-Group Bunge C.A.T. International Cairo Three A Calik Holding Cargill Cargotec Croatia Carlsberg Srbija Caspian Marine Services limited Caucasus Online" LLC CBS CONSULTING CEMEX Egypt Cemex Hrvatska Central Bank of Azerbaijan Ciceron Komunikacije Ciklopea Ciment de Sibline Citi Bank CitiBank Turkey Coca Cola HBC Hrvatska Coca Cola Hellenic Coca-Cola HBC - Srbija Coca-Cola Icecek A.S. Commercial Bank of Qatar Competo Comtrade Solutions Engineering Concern Bambi CONFLUENCE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT DOO BEOGRAD Constanta Bank ConsulTeam d.o.o Cosmo Bulgaria Mobile Ead CP Turkiye CRA Holding Credit Agricole Bank Credit Agricole Srbija Crnogorska komercijalna banka AD Croatian National Bank Croatian Post D Marin Isletmecilgi Turizm ve Yon Hiz Danfoss Trata Danone Nutricia DDLAR Group Dekra zapošljavanje d.o.o. Delhaize Delmax d.o.o. Deloitte Deloitte & Touche Delta DMD Delta Generali Osiguranje Delta Holding Delta Maxi DHL International Doğuş Holding Doğuş Otomotiv Dolphin Energy Dr Rantasa Droga Kolinska Dooel Drzavna lutrija Srbija Dubai Chamber Dubrovnik-Babin Kuk Dukat Dunav Osiguranje E kapija Easy Service Azerbaijan Eaton Electric EduCentar Egis EHRMA EKO Srbija-Hellenic Petroleum Ekonomska fakulteta v Ljubljani Elcon Geraetebau Electus DGS EMBAWOOD Energoprojekt Holding EnerjiSA Eni Croatia B.V. Enikon Composite EOS Matrix Erdemir Ericsson Ernst&Young d.o.o. Erste Bank a.d. Novi sad Erste bank A.D. Podgorica Erste Card Club d.o.o. ETEM Bulgaria AD Eurodesign Evyap Palm Oil Soaps Expertus solution expressbank Fakultet za medije i komunikacije Farmers'Ethanol LLC Fashion Company Ferrero Filaks FINCA Fircroft Engineering Services Fireworks  Forte Consultancy Group FP7 Franck Frankfurt School of Finance & Management Fruvita d.o.o. FX3X GARANTİ EMEKLİLİK VE HAYAT Gazakh Cement Plant GAZELLI GROUP Generali Bulgaria Gi Group HR Solutions GlaxoSmithKline Global  Gourmet Google Gospodarska zbornica Slovenije Gradevinska direkcija Srbije Grand Prom d.o.o. Grawe Hrvatska d.d. Groupone Grundfos Srbija Gun.az H&M H.art development centar doo Harburg-Freudenberger Belisce HAVELSAN A.Ş. Helb Hemofarm Hempel Paints Hewlett Packard HILL Zagreb d.o.o. Hilton Hotel Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik Holcim HoldINA doo HR Angels HR Blogger HR Centar HR Pro d.o.o. HRG Serbia (Philip Moris) Hrvatska banka za obnovu i razvitak Hrvatska Lutrija Hrvatski Telekom HSBC Human Consulting HUP ZAGREB HYPO ALPE-ADRIA-BANK IBM Hrvatska IBN Sina Pharma ICL Services IDEA Ideahub IDES  LTD IDS Borjomi Georgia Ikea Srbija Ilirija INA d.d. İnci Holding Inditex Turkey Info Lab d.o.o.
  34. 34. www.thepworld.com info@thepworld.com +38925111350 SOME OF THE COMPANIES THAT HAVE ATTENDED Infobip Infostud Innovation Institute Inovativni trendovi Insurance Company Aldagi BCI Inteltek Internet Teknoloji Intercomp Outsourcing İntersun Menecment Kompani MMC Intesa Sanpaolo Card Ipekyol IsBank Iskon Internet Italferr(Pars Consulting) Ivekovic savjetovasnja Iventa Croatia J.P. SRBIJAGAS Jadran Galenski Laboratorij Jadranka hoteli Jadranski Naftovod Jaidah Group Jamnica Janez Kostanjšek JobMaster Jobs.day.az  Johnson Wax JSC Silknet JT International Jurkovic savjetovanje Kadrovska Zveza Kamenitza GSs Kapital Karanovic&Nikolic OD Kaufland Hrvatska k.d. KAZ Group KBC Banka KCAD Tiefbohrgesellschaft mbH Kempinski hotel Adriatic Kim Tec d.o.o Knauf Insulation KOMTEC LLC Koncar Electrical Industries Inc Kordsa Global KPMG d.o.o. Kraft Foods Krka Kuća postignuća Kuehne & Nagel LLC LC WAİKİKİ LEDO Leoni Wiring Systems Southeast Liberty Bank Lidl Hrvatska Lidl Slovenia Limundo , Milentija Popovica 5b , 11070 Beograd, Srbija Linkedin LinQuality Translation Ljubljanske mlekarne Loging Electronics LOK Microcredit Foundation Sarajevo L'Oreal L'Oréal Adria Lufthansa Technik Sofia M SAN GRUPA Macedonian HR Association Magazine Boutique Baku Magneti Marelli Maistra d.d. mak.az Management Centre Europe Manpower Bulgaria Marbo Product Maridive Market Masrawy Matrix accounting office MBask McCann Erickson PR MECCA Consulting Mega Insurance Mellon Serbia Mentor Graphics Mercator d.d. Merck Serono MERCK SHARP & DOHME Merge Metro Cash & Carry MF banka MHR Microsoft Ministarstvo socijalne politike i mladih Ministry of Education Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia Mitsubishi Corporation MLEKARA a.d. Bitola Mobexpert group Mobitel LLC MojPosao Msheireb Properties Mtel Mtv Naftna Industrija Srbije National Bank of Abu Dhabi National Bank of Serbia NECTAR DOO Nelt co Nemetschek Bulgaria OOD Neoplanta Nestlé Adriatic Nestle Bulgaria New Europe Resourcing New Georgia Production Nexe Grupa d.d. NIS a.d. Nissan NIVEA Beiersdorf Turkey Nobel Ilac Nobel Oil North West construction Northern Border University Norwegian Humanitarian Enterprise Nova Europa Zapošljavanje d.o.o., Nova TV Nurgun Group OFFICE PLUS Oglasnik OJSCo Azercosmos Omega Pharma OMV Hrvatska d.o.o OMV Srbija d.o.o One2grow Oracle Orbico Organik Kimiya Orion telekom P&G Azerbaijan Pasha Bank Pasha Holding PD Elektrovojvodina PE Electric Power Industry of Serbia Peak Games Turkey Pedersen & Partners PETROLEUM INDUSTRY OF SERBIA Pevec Pfizer Turkey Philip Morris Services Philip Morris Zagreb Phoenix Pharma PIK Vrbovec Piraeus Bank Piraeus Bank Belgrade PKC Wiring Systems DOO Smederevo Šalinačka bb, 11300 Smederevo Serbia Pliva Croatia Ltd Podravka Poliklinika Identalia PORR BAU GmbH Posao.hr Poslovni turizam Prag d.o.o Press dnevne novine PricewaterhouseCoopers Privredna banka Zagreb Pro Plus ProConsulting Organisational Development PSP Pharma Qatar Foundation Qatar University Qlobeks Racio razvoj Radio 3 Radio and television station "Studio B" Raiffeisenbank Austria RAMIRO Raya Contact Center Raya Holding Reckitt Benckiser REWE GROUPnn Croatia
  35. 35. www.thepworld.com info@thepworld.com +38925111350 SOME OF THE COMPANIES THAT HAVE ATTENDED Tau On Line TBC Bank TBC Kredit Tehnologica Telekom Slovenije Telekom Srbija Telenor Temsa Global Texas A&M University Tez Tour The Caspian Shipping Company The HR Company (HRC) The Regent Esplanade Zagreb The State Oil Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan TISAK d.d., Tockapromjene Topaz Marine Toyota Otomotiv Sanayi Trend News Agency Trident Triglav Osiguranje Troop HR Solutions TTE Petrofac Turan Bank Turk Telekom Akademi Turkcell Global Bilgi Turkish Airlines UBER UEDAŞ  UGE Azerbaijan UNHCR Unibank UniCredit Bulbank Unilever Unimac Az Uptitude Makdessi Valamar Hotels and Resorts Valoviti papir Dunapack d.o.o Vast.com doo Veneto Banka Veyseloglu Vibilia Victoria Group a.d VIP Club Concierge Vipnet d.o.o. Vision Fund AzerCredit Visteon Tunisia VIVACOM Vodovod-Osijek Vojvođanska banka a.d. Vzajemna Wabtec MZT Westum Wrigley Rhea d.o.o. Rio Sava Exploration Riviera Adria d.d. Romantic Roto RSL Rudnap Group A.D. S&T Macedonia SABANCI HOLDİNG SABIC Salveo Sanofi-Aventis Santral Elektrik Savola Group Sberbank Srbija SCIB Paints Sedam IT Selectio Kadrovi Senior Consultant ICAP Srbija Serbia Investment and Export Promotion Agency Shaker Group Shaya Shell Sheraton-HUP-Zagreb Shinwon Shlumberger SHRA Siemens Siemens Silatech Simbrella Smart Flex Smart Resources SOCAR Societe Generale Bank Srbija SoftTech A.S. SOS Children's Village Croatia SPAN Splitska Banka Standard Chartered Bank State Oil Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan Stedilnica Moznosti Strabag Studio Moderna Styria Hrvatska Suez Steel Supreme Council of Health Svan Consulting Swatycomet T & K Restaurants Ltd. (Mcdonald`s Georgia) Taboo Takeda Ilac Talentor Hrvatska Tarkett Zagrebačka banka d.d., Zagrebacka Pivovara Zavarovalnica Maribor Zdravlje – Actavis Zerkalo Zito Luks AD АссеssВаnк Chelopech Mining EAD Wuzzuf Xalq Bank Xalq Sigorta Xella BH Yapi Kredi Bank Azerbaijan Yıldız Holding Youngculture d.o.o YU POINT d.o.o ZAGREB AIRPORT Ltd Zagreb School of Economics and Management
  36. 36. www.thepworld.com info@thepworld.com +38925111350 CARLSON WAGONLIT CWL_07_0774_Logo_Carlson_Print 22/02/2007 ÉQUIVALENCE PANTONES ÉQUIVALENCES QUADRI PANTONE 320 C CYAN 100% JAUNE 40% PANTONE 485 C MAGENTA 100% JAUNE 100% Ce fichier est un document d’exécution créé sur Illustrator version 10 ou ultérieure). http://www.seeklogo.net
  37. 37. www.thepworld.com info@thepworld.com +38925111350 ABOUT THE P WORLD P World is all about changing reality. With presence in over twenty countries, our aim is to create a positive change in the global business world. Whether it is through our events, our TV shows or innovative branding campaigns we are all about creating a more responsible business world. At P we do not manufacture events. We create experiences. We work closely with the movers and shakers in the global business world to develop programmes aiming to change the world we live in. Whether it is a workshop, master class, exhibition or a conference, signing up for a P programme will set you up for a success. Our events are all about interaction. P events are a combination of latest case studies, interactive discussions and exercises. Our events help the companies to create unique business strategies and stay ahead of their competitors. As a result of our hard work, today, some of the world’s most innovative and biggest business events are happening in countries such as Azerbaijan, Georgia, Egypt, Morocco, Qatar, Jordan, Turkey and Ghana. Today, human resources executives from Central Asia and the Middle East, for the first time in modern history, have the unique opportunity to meet experts from super brands such as Facebook, Google, Spotify and eBay, right in their own neighborhood.
  38. 38. www.thepworld.com info@thepworld.com +38925111350 EVENTS IN 2016 Successfully Implement A CSR Business Strategy & Master Sustainability Reporting 10-11 February 2016 Cairo, Egypt Global PR Summit Accra 18-19 February 2016 Accra, Ghana Global PR Summit 3 Istanbul 25-26 February 2016 Istanbul, Turkey Global HR Trends Summit 2 Cairo 28-29 February 2016 Cairo, Egypt Marketing Kingdom Morocco 10-11 March 2016 Marrakech, Morocco
  39. 39. www.thepworld.com info@thepworld.com +38925111350 EVENTS IN 2016 Global HR Trends Summit 2 Doha 20-21 March 2016 Doha, Qatar Marketing Kingdom Baku 4 14-15 April 2016 Baku, Azerbaijan Global PR Summit India 21-22 April 2016 Mumbai, India Marketing Kingdom Beirut 17-18 March 2016 Beirut, Lebanon