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Hagan Lawrence Resume

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Hagan Lawrence Resume

  1. 1. Hagan Lawrence 3970 Dulcito Avenue Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70820 (318) 547-3034 hlawre3@lsu.edu EDUCATION Louisiana State University(LSU), Baton Rouge, LA Fall 2010-Present Major: Civil Engineering Major GPA: 3.25 Emphasis in Environmental/Geotechnical Graduation: Spring 2015 EXPERIENCE GeoEngineers May 2014-Present Baton Rouge, LA Intern  Ran Pile Drive Analysis (PDA) tests, MSE wall coordinator, and pile drive inspector for timber and concrete pile driving operations, in Lake Charles, Louisiana during the Cove Lane Interchange Project  Worked closely with contractors from Johnson Bros, and DOTD to ensure that work quality and safety were upheld  Ran cone penetration test (CPT) soundings south of Belle Chasse, LA for a marsh creation project  Conducted an inclinometer test at the Lauberge Hotel and Casino in Baton Rouge, La  During the school semester I worked closely in the firms Lab running various Geotechnical lab test such as: UU’s, UC’s, Sieve analysis, Atterberg limits, and also extrude 5 inch boring samples to be further tested  Worked closely with engineers in the office conducting: bearing calculations for containment dikes that would be used in a marsh creation project, used Settle 3D to perform settlement calculations for containment dikes, created spreadsheets via Microsoft excel for boring data C-K Environmental Consultants and Engineers LLC May 2013-May 2014 Baton Rouge, LA Intern  Manage project data using Microsoft Office  Review lab results and create extensive excel spreadsheets in which the data is sorted and analyzed  Review and create soil boring logs with the programs Winlog and Logplot  Review maps and create excel spreadsheets
  2. 2. LSU Dean’s Office of Engineering Aug 2012-May 2013 Baton Rouge, LA Student Worker  Create spread sheets on Microsoft excel to help keep up with the financial donations submitted to LSU’s College of Engineering  Help employers do any other miscellaneous task needed in the office Pennington Biomedical Research Center May 2012-Aug 2012 Baton Rouge, LA Student Worker  Worked with the labs daily to make sure supplies were up kept, Liquid Nitrogen was properly stored and transported.  Worked in the stores selling items and helping to meet labs needs SCBW Law Firm Feb 2011-Sept 2011 Baton Rouge, LA Runner  Ran daily errands for attorneys such as banking, courthouse work, general upkeep of the offices, and personal tasks E.R. Lawrence Construction May 2008-Aug 2010 Monroe, LA Laborer  General contracting company performing road, sidewalk, drainage, and sewage construction  Worked with general contractors, engineers, and other labor hand on-site daily  Job consisted of using a jackhammer, sledgehammer, and everyday tools shoveling concrete and dirt, laying frames for road repairs, and other miscellaneous labor hand operations COMPUTER SKILLS  Microsoft Office  Solidworks  Digital portfolios  Winlog  AutoCad  Logplot HONORS/ ACTIVITIES  Tuition Opportunity Program for Students (TOPS) Award recipient  American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) student member  Tiger Athletic Foundation (TAF) student member  Kappa Alpha Fraternity Alumni  LSU Intramural football, softball, and basketball
  3. 3. References  Bill Corbin, Senior Environmental Scientist at C-K, 225-456-6323  David Ealey, Principal Engineer at GeoEngineers, 225-293-2460  James Hoogland, Project Engineer for the state of LA (1960-1996) , (318) 436-1643  Keats Everett, Realtor, (318) 366-7601  Alan Breithaupt, Attorney at BDDSW, (318) 322-1494