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  1. Yulu By: Gurucharan Gannavarapu Regd. No: 22470 I MBA
  2. What does Yulu do? • Yulu is a technology-driven mobility platform, enabling integrated urban mobility across public and private modes of transport. It was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Bengaluru, India. Yulu operates in Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurugram, Mumbai, Pune, and Bhubaneswar with 18,000 single-seater vehicles across 2.5 million users. • Headquarters- Bengaluru • Areas served- Bengaluru, New Delhi, Gurugram, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune & Bhubaneswar • Number of employees- 400 • In January 2018, the company began operations in Bengaluru and Pune, followed by Mumbai and Bhubaneswar at the end of 2018. In September 2019, they expanded to New Delhi and by March 2020, they were in Ahmedabad, covering 6 major cities in a span of three years. • Yuluʼs mission is to make urban mobility in India seamless, shareable, and sustainable. What started off as an initiative to reduce traffic congestion and pollution in Indian cities, is now redefining urban mobility across the country by using Micro Mobility Vehicles (MMVs) through a user-friendly mobile app.
  3. Founders and team From left) Hemant Gupta, Amit Gupta, RK Misra & Naveen Dachuri Founded in 2017 Yulu in Chinese translate to simple. The team at Yulu believed this aptly describes their products as they are simple and convenient to use.
  4. Yulu work culture • In the words of Amit Gupta- “We prefer to spend quality time with the team in explaining the “WHY” and discuss the "WHAT” and leave “HOW” part of them. Another thing we value a lot is the sense of ownership. If someone is passionate and is taking ownership, the success rate of that mission increases significantly. Last but not least, we believe that someone works hard, nothing is impossible to achieve.”
  5. Services • Miracle GR • DeX GR • DeX NV • Miracle CT • Yulu Move
  6. Miracle GR • Built on a new & revolutionary platform developed with Bajaj Auto Ltd
  7. DeX GR • Developed and manufactured by Bajaj Auto Ltd on an all-new platform, the DeX GR is India’s first electric vehicle purpose-built for making last-mile deliveries comfortable and profitable. Powered by technology, loaded with features that matter, and backed by Yulu’s efficient operations, this 100% Made in India vehicle is the perfect partner for last-mile delivery needs. • Tagline- Deliver More. Save More.
  8. DeX NV • Yulu DEX is a debonair addition to the Yulu fleet. It is specifically designed to be cost-effective for gig economy workers. DEX comes with a goods carrier, tail light, and a mobile holder for easier and safer deliveries, anytime, anywhere. Battery indicator Horn Tail light QR Code
  9. Miracle CT • It was the first model in the e-scooter range to be launched by yulu after its cycles.
  10. Yulu Move • Yulu Move is a smart lock enabled bicycle which effectively solves the first mile, last mile and short distance commute challenges. Take a Move to run errands, travel short distances or use it as a fitness friend. Pedal the change for a clean and green environment! • Tagline- For the movers and shakers!
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  12. Startup Challenges • changing the mindset of the people • need for partners of the ecosystem to think alike • Government help and funding
  13. Funding Details •