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Your Guide to Your Author Profile and Author Dashboard on Goodreads

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This brief presentation will help you set up and customize your Goodreads author profile, as well as help you navigate your author dashboard.

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Your Guide to Your Author Profile and Author Dashboard on Goodreads

  1. 1. A Guide to Your Author Profile, the Author Dashboard, and Widgets on Goodreads
  2. 2. As soon as your book is listed on Goodreads, you have an author profile, but to be a “Goodreads Author,” you need to claim your profile.• Claiming your profile means that you take control of how your profileappears. It’s your first step to becoming an active Goodreads Author.• To claim your author profile, search for one of your books and clickon your name as it appears beneath the title. Scroll to the bottom of thepage and click the link next to “Is this you?” Can’t find your book on the site? You can manually add it to get started.
  3. 3. Your author profile is your home base on Goodreads Tip: If it doesn’t say “Goodreads author profile” here, you’re not yet in the program. Click here to find out how to join.
  4. 4. Make your author profile stand out! Add your blogAs a Goodreads Author, you can add your blog to your profile. Whenever you post something new, your fans and followers will see the post on Goodreads. Readers can also receive an email digest of all new posts by their favorite authors. Shelve some books Goodreads is primarily a site for readers. Our members expect to see bookshelves and reviews on a profile. Create an influences shelf and add your favorite books or the books that have inspired you as a writer. Post your events Post your events and invite your friends. Author Lisa See has gotten excellent results by messaging friends located in each city she visits on tour. This kind of focused outreach is exactly what you should be striving for, as it is far more likely to produce results than a mass mailing.
  5. 5. Your Author Dashboard contains many useful links widgets & buttons To view your Author Dashboard, click here. your blog edit books & stats
  6. 6. Encourage your fans to add your book with widgets Adding a widget or button to your Web site is easy. To see all of the widgets or to add one to your site, visit your Author Dashboard.Add to My Books widget Reviews widgetThis widget lets Goodreads Show off your reviews.members add your book totheir shelves directly fromyour Web site.Books widgetThis widget showsoff your books andtheir ratings. Goodreads buttons