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Epm dimensys introductie gvk

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Dimensys EPM/Planview roadmap

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Epm dimensys introductie gvk

  1. 1. Enterprise Portfolio Management ConceptConcept presentation of EPM Business unit and Specific business case.
  2. 2. Network of EPM / PPM Business Partners
  3. 3. Project/Enterprise environments
  4. 4. De oplossingPPM Project Portfolio Management
  5. 5. ERP Integration Budgets Client Contracts Claims/Invoices PROJECTS Receipts General Ledger Purchase Orders Subcontracts Accounts Payable Claims/Invoices Payments Accounts COMPANIES Browser Timesheets Receivable Plant Group Financials Quotations Procurement Cash Management Documents PEOPLE Payroll Drawings REPORTING & ANALYSIS 5
  6. 6. Portfolio Management Services Project Portfolio Management Project Program Management Management Project related Change Management4-1-2013
  7. 7. Portfolio Management services Project Portfolio Management Program Management  Set up, implement and manage the company wide project  Set up, implement and manage a large program (multiple portfolio management processes, tools and templates projects)  Define the project portfolio risk-, benefit and inter-dependency  Assess the program management processes incl. tools and measurements templates  Define reports and decision-making aids  Train in program management  Assess the requested projects  Manage the portfolio Portfolio Management Services  Set up and implement a company based project management  Set up and implement project-aligned change management methodology incl. processes, tools and templates activities  Assess or implement the project management processes incl.  Set up company-based change management tools and templates in a running project  Assess or implement the change management processes incl.  Train project management tools and templates  Lead varying projects  Train change management Project Management Project-related Change Management4-1-2013
  8. 8. Project Portfolio Management four main phases Executive Management Executive Management Project Stakeholders Project Portfolio Manager Project Mgr. Project Manager Review & Report Record Prioritize & Optimize Mobilize  In the first stage, all current (and in the  With the recommendations list the  The mobilize stage involves making  This stage involves measuring and future every new project) are captured, executive management can prioritize the sure that the realigned project portfolio reporting the projects progress. giving an overview of the current portfolio projects inside the portfolio. information and the action plan are Discrepancies to the goals are analyzed status.  The selected projects can be then optimized implemented . and corrective activities are proposed The Repertory phase includes key in area like resources, deliverables, costs  and benefits.  Project mgrs. optimize efficiency by information such as project size, benefits, cont. analyzing the value of projects costs, progress and resource  It is also during this phase that corrective activities are analyzed and approved / against corporate objectives, timelines requirements. rejected and resource available and define a  With the information gathered, a first  At the end of this phase, project can be course of actions recommendations list is proposed to started, stopped or accelerated executive management4-1-2013
  9. 9. Project industry
  10. 10. ETO and MTO
  11. 11. Branches of Professional Services Automation architecten/ingenieurs research & development consulting & engineering Project ontwikkelaars Knowledge-intensive reclame/marketing ICT-dienstverleners advocaten/notarissen Construction & Engineering accountants/admin.knt adviesorganisaties Material-intensive detacheringsbureaus onderwijsinstellingen Media and education omroeporganisaties evenementenbureaus tv- en filmproducenten 4-1-2013
  12. 12. Gartner Maqic Quadrant for IT and PortfolioManagement
  13. 13. Our Solutions – Industries focus PLANVIEW WORKBENCH TRIMERGO Banking  Civil Engineering  Machine manufacturers Insurance  Construction  Shipbuilding Professional Services  Professional Services  Steel construction Public sector  Yacht builders  Interior design & wood Healthcare  Contractors construction Media  Off shore  Maintenance & Repair Retail  Industrial automation Pharmaceuticals Energy & Utilities Manufacturing
  14. 14. Our main project based solutions 14 PLANVIEW WORKBENCH TRIMERGO  Prospect management  Prospect Management Enterprise Portfolio Management  Estimation  Quotation Project Portfolio Management  Quotation  Budgeting Financial Management  Budgeting  Project administration Contract management  Project administration  Purchasing and Project inventory Service Management  Cash flow planning  Capacity planning Business Process Management  Purchasing & Project Inventory  Equipment Management Project administration  Equipment management  Service Management Time & Expense sheets  Service Management  Project Planning Invoicing  Project Planning  Contract Management Project planning  Contract Management  Subcontractors Resource Management  Sub contractors  Document management Document Management  Document Management  Production orders  Drawing register  Make & Engineer To Order  Day sheets  Time and Expenses sheets  Time & Expense sheets  Invoicing  Invoicing
  15. 15. Our SAP Business One Project Management Solutions – MARINGO WORKBENCH TRIMERGO  Civil Engineering  Machine manufacturers Civil Engineering  Construction  Shipbuilding Construction  Professional Services  Steel construction Professional Services  Yacht builders  Interior design & wood Contractors  Contractors construction  Off shore  Maintenance & Repair  Industrial automation
  16. 16. Our Own PPM and PSA references Financial Services Oil and Gas Telecom Automotive Healthcare & PharmaConstruction & Engineering Food Airlines and Logistics
  17. 17. Workbench References Construction _Project Development Professional Services Engineering & Contractors 174-1-2013
  18. 18. Planview references Banking Media Public Sector Insurance RetailEnergy & Utilities Manufacturing Healthcare Pharma Other
  19. 19. Planview TOP customers
  20. 20. Trimergo References Steel construction Offshore Interior design Equipment manufacturers & Shipbuilding Machine manufacturers Piping High Tech
  21. 21. Primavera_Oracle ReferencesMachine & Steel Construction Utilities AeroSpace & Defense Chemicals Construction & Engineering High Tech Oil and Gas
  22. 22. Wat is Planview Strategic Requirements Profit & Planning Management Loss Demand Resource Management Management Strategic ROI Capacity Projects Voice of the Planning Customer Total Cost of Financial Ongoing Ownership Planning Operations Forecast and Total Cost of Roadmapping Development Actuals Analytics Reporting© SAP 2009/ Page 22
  23. 23. xxx Proces overzicht. Manage Investment Portfolio Add Demand SAR Initial ApprovedDemand Promotion Demand Registration Validation Approval Manage Organisational Capacity Iterations Iterations Manage Financials Manage Project Portfolio - Status Reporting Add Main Organise Project & Define Manage Resources Design Track Time Add Sub- Manage Project Portfolio Imple- Project Status Reporting ment Deploy Manage Resources Demand Management Track Time Sub-Project Operate Delivery Main Project Delivery© SAP 2009/ Page 23
  24. 24. Algemene bouwstenen en interactie. Capex Spend Opex Spend Benefits Funding Sponsoring Org Unit 1 Balancing Capex Spend Resource Capacity Opex Spend Resource Costs Tenneco Corp Demand A Benefits Non-Resource Demand/ Costs Demand Side ROU Hierarchy 1 Supply Side Supply ROU 1 Balancing ROU 2 MOU Hierarchy % POU Hierarchy MOU 1 POU 1 Project A1 Resource A Project B1 Resource B MOU 2 POU 2 Resources are assigned to work Project A2 Resource And report actuals through timesheets C© SAP 2009/ Page 24
  25. 25. Portals en Gebruikers • We hebben binnen de applicatie specifieke portals voor specifieke gebruikers profielen, in algemeen kan je het als volgt samenvatten: • Tijdschrijvers* • Project Managers* • Resource Manager* • Demand Managers* • Directors- Reporting • Board Members- Reporting© SAP 2009/ Page 25
  26. 26. Tijdschrijver© SAP 2009/ Page 26
  27. 27. Project Manager- Dashboard© SAP 2009/ Page 27
  28. 28. PROJECT DASHBOARD 1Project Manager/Lead Notifications Portlet - Project specific notifications Project Dashboard navigator Portlet -Dashboard used for identifying where you are in the project flow Project description Portlet - description of project field Project Overview Portlet - Generic rolled up Project KPI’s Time reported on Your Work Portlet - shows Project timesheet and effort actions and reported data28
  29. 29. PROJECT DASHBOARD 2Project Manager/Lead CRI Categorization Portlet- Graphical CRI overview (Drilldown option enabled) CRI for Project Portlet- Detailed overview Phase Effort Portlet- Project Plan Effort KPI Phase Overview Portlet- Generic KPI dashboard29
  30. 30. PROJECT DASHBOARD 3Project Manager/Lead Project Financial Plan Analysis Portlet - Graphical financial KPI dashboard Project Milestones Portlet - Graphical timetable driven milestone overview Slipped work Portlet - Overview of calculated slippage of tasks of a project Unfilled requirements Portlet - Resource requirement overview by project Work Portfolio Health Detail Portlet - Project Trend KPI indicator.30
  31. 31. Resource Portal
  32. 32. Generiek Resource Portaal
  33. 33. Demand Manager (strategy)
  34. 34. Demand Portfolio DASHBOARD 1 Notification Portlet - Shows notifications for portfolio only Demand Dashboard Portlet - Shows the Demands within the portfolio and their lifecycle status Scoring and Eligibility of Demands Portlet - Shows the Scoring of demands that are up for approval Total AOP Budget usage Portlet - Portfolio driven rolled up AOP values of portfolio AOP Budget Usage Inv. Portlet - Shows a AOP drilldown of AOP data Budget Usage Investment Portlet - shows the budget usage drill down34
  35. 35. Demand Portfolio DASHBOARD 2 Strategic Baseline Performance Portlet - Graphical Demand performance KPI graph Portfolio Measurements Portlet - Variation and Demand status indicators Investment in Analysis Portlet - Shows non approved Demands and its KPI’s within the portfolio35
  36. 36. Financial Management
  37. 37. FINANCIAL MANAGEMENTIntegrated Financial Management - Projects Lifecycle Project (Governance) Comparison with Baseline baseline financials provides financial Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun...... governance control Financial Plan Forecast Period Capex/Opex Revenue Actuals Forecast Benefits Financial Plan load based on LOAD weekly/monthly Schedule (Plan) timesheet submission Phases Activities Manual load at anytime Milestones Daily Submission Timesheets Resource Assignments Timesheets Weekly Timesheets Signing/Processing
  38. 38. FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Financial Reporting Financial Plan versions manage different sets of financial data associated with a demand and project and variance reporting Versions hold forecast baselines ACTUALS (LOCKED) FORECAST TIME NOW Historical periods Future periods report Summarised forecast; report actuals; •Timesheet Hours into Financial •Forecast resources and Costs Plan hours and costs from schedule LOAD LOAD Timesheet Planned Actuals Tasks and Effort© 2010 Planview, Inc. | 38 | Company Confidential
  39. 39. FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT A Demand Financial Plan Strategy > Financial Planning, from Action Menu, Open Financial Plan against the Demand39
  40. 40. FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT A Project Financial Plan Work > Financial Planning, from Action Menu, Open Financial Plan against the Project40